Sunday, January 15, 2017

Radnor is 4 Months Old!

Buddy Baby Raddy is 4 Months old and boy is it flying by.  He is a sweet baby and is his own little person, completely unlike the 2 that came before him. We don't have a good nickname for him yet. Aunt Juliel calls him " Squirt" and I call him "Little Louie" cause he reminds me of Erik's uncle. 

He is uninterested in being a " 3rd child" and wants to be in the mix at all times. He likes to be the center of attention and get lots of FaceTime.  His siblings are obsessed with him and invade his personal space at all times and he is pretty patient with it all. ( see video)

After taking these pictures I decided that bean bags make the best photo props for little babies !

Weight: 18lbs 4 oz. 
Size Clothes : 9 months
Size Diaper : 3

Our pediatrician thinks he has a milk allergy like sister had, but thank GOD above he doesn't fuss about it like she did. We still use the Gerber Soothe Probiotic drops and I think they help him a lot with that. 
He had his 1st illness right before turning 4 months which was an ear infection. He had been making real progress on sleep training and then BAM he started waking up every 30 minutes or screaming when you put him down and on night 2 around 3am it occurred to me maybe his ears hurts so off to the pedi and sure enough he had an infection. He is on 10 days of Amoxicillian and it really messes up his tummy. I am also not sure its working well because he is still trying to rip his ear off his head. 

He has had terrible excema since he was a week old and I have tried lots of things but you will never believe what fixed it! Vaseline! My aunt sent me an article about how good vaseline is for Eczema and so I bought some of the baby version ( so it smells good) and slather  it on him every night before bed.  It doesn't stain his clothes and it makes his skin so squishy perfect and smooth and he smells like a dream.

He is drooling tons these days so his clothes are getting soaked on the front. He is still somewhat taking a paci but he is pretty passive about it like his siblings were. He is very good about taking bottles and nursing and we are using both. I was getting pretty worn down from pumping all the time when I work so decided to buy some formula and it is such a relief mentally for me to not have that stress to factor in to everything. My supply is still good and I'm not getting engorged etc when I leave for a few hours so things are good there. He is pretty partial to his momma, so if I feed him he will eat 4 oz or so, but if I am not here he will eat and eat trying to get some snuggles. 6+ ounces.                   
He loves to be sitting upright when awake and hates the bouncy seat and most times won't tolerate the swing either so he hangs in the exersaucer or this cool little "Sit me up" chair from Fisher Price. He has better control of his arms and hands now and is grabbing toys and things. Also is scratching his poor little face to death. Its so hard to keep his nails trimmed b/c he keeps his fists clinched so when I try to trim his nails he starts flailing about. 
He has rolled over a few times but we don't spend much time on the floor due to our very helpful older sis who tries to use him as a pillow. 
He is making the cutest cooing and babbling sounds lately. 

Whew man! This kid doesn't want to sleep. Sister was so easy to get sleep trained and I thought that was bc I was an expert parent by round 2 but this one is giving me a run for my money. We have been on a pretty long stretch of bed at 7:30pm wake at 3:30 am and wake at 5:30 or 6:30 am then finally we had 3 random sleep all nights in one week, and then EAR INFECTION. So I have been either holding him upright while he sleeps all night, or waking up every 30 minutes etc. Once I get the all clear from the doctor on his ears we are gonna CIO. 

He is still sleeping in his Magic Merlin suit which is hilarious. We borrowed it from friends and the reviews are outstanding and it has helped. It is very similar to a swaddle in that it keeps them snug and tight and restricts reflexes. He was beating his way out of a swaddle from basically day one so this was nice. 

I use Moms on call for scheduling etc but honestly we don't have a good schedule which makes it hard to plan a day or leave instructions for him when I am gone :( It is on my immediate list of things to resolve!

Below is a perfect sample of what is happening over here anytime all the kids are home. Rad is the hottest ticket in town and they fight over him regularly! 

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Krista said...

Nail trimming idea: I usually cut baby's nails while they are nursing. I just get them propped up good with a boppy then trim their nails. They are focused more on nursing and pay less attention to me messing with their nails.

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