Sunday, January 15, 2017

Christmas 2016

Christmas really flew by this year :( Life was just in full force and nothing like a newborn to really make life fly by.  Fenn and Sister both had a great time. Sister mostly just loved opening gifts regardless of what they were and Fenn said it was the best Christmas ever HA.

This was also the 1st year that Fenn would get into the elf. Previous years he ignored him and this year he came home from a friends house and wanted to know when our elf would arrive.. well wouldn't you know it Possum showed up the next morning! HA

 Fenn got a hatchimal!

and lots of cast signatures

And grand brother spent the night! We hardly ever get to see him anymore b/c he works constantly but he came to town for 24 hours! 

Cousins on the Graham Side

and since it was HOT on Christmas day we played outside ! 

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