Sunday, January 15, 2017

2016 Home Projects Completed

2016 was  full of HUGE goals and lots of progress over here on the home front! I can't believe all we got done! I tried to set a goal for each month and get it done little by little and it was very effective.

New molding in Playroom, bathrooms. (Previous contractor had not done a good job with molding and patched it etc so that it was messy looking and drove me NUTS. so we changed it in the rooms that drove me the craziest. Would love to do the whole house but... 

Cut down Trees ( Lots of trees in the front and back for cosmetic as well as practical reasons)

Patio - This was a BIG one. The before was a completely unusable sloped yard and creepy old deck. We painted the deck and that didn't make us want to use it.  We wanted something that would give us more usable yard and patio space like we had at the old house and we have used the HECK out of this patio since we put it in. I had a gas fire pit for convenience but wish I had made a wood burning one because its much warmer and more fun.

 Porch Swing - Our screened porch is so small and we finally found a better use of it. Erik painted the ceiling a "Haint blue" and we hung a small swing bed in there. Love it. Kids get it filthy but is really nice to swing on while they play in the yard.

Sand Box - Erik built a new sandbox like our old one but bigger and with seats. Kids have loved this especially sister and I had forgotten how annoying and messy sand is! BUT its good for all their sensory stuff so we did it anyway.....

Fence - We fenced in the back yard so that we could let the dogs out again without a leash ( key before the new baby arrived) especially since Ralphie's diabetes means he pees a lot. Unfortunately they escape constantly no matter what we do. ( Erik lined the fence with chicken wire on both sides) and I get regular phone calls from people who find them out roaming. Oh well.. it  keeps the kids corralled and it looks pretty.

Landscaping - The entire outside of this house desperately needed a facelift to match the inside and this took ALOT of arm twisting to get Erik on board. Eventually a landscaping supply place close to our house had all the shrubs and bushes 50% off so we pulled out all the overgrown bushes and planted lots of new ones. They look manicured now but need to grown in. 

Exterior Painting - My all time FAVORITE project yet because I think it has had the biggest impact. We had have TONS of compliments on it from neighbors , even postman and the bus drivers. It just looks so much more modern now. 

Replaced Front Porch Lighting :

Stained the Old Garage Doors:

New Porch Planters which I LOVE. There is a neighborhood here in Nashville called Westhaven that has beautiful landscaping and porch planters everywhere and that inspired me to get some. My mom has a major green thumb so once a quarter she styles them for me with the appropriate plants. They really show up great now with the new exterior paint color.

Removed the Juliet Balcony rail and replaced it with a Board and Batton Shutter:

Lots of other little things like light fixtures and such too, and then some big changes in the playroom too but those are not ready for after pics yet so stagy tuned!

Add to that all our work from regular jobs, school activities and having a new baby and we are some TIRED peeps! ha My word for the year last year was " motivated" and the word for this year is SURVIVE ha just kidding, it's balance b/c we are gonna slow it down a bit and just learn how to gracefully manage 3 kids. 

2016 was a great year for some fun projects!! 

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