Monday, November 14, 2016

Labels for Kids from Kidcals!

On sweet baby #3 I made a list of things I would need which was literally about 5-7 items long and one of the things on that list was labels. I LOVE the dishwasher safe kids labels for things like bottles, clothes lovies etc. I ordered a set for Sister and Fenn when they were born and I am still using them now! Perfect for Lunchboxes, and jackets, gloves etc at their ages. 

Here are the ones I picked out for baby Rad.

KidCals has a big selection for styles, sizes, and mixed use packages as well as better prices than most sites so check them out if you need some labels for the little one. 
Oh and I need to point out that these are not just for babies who go to daycare.  Stay at home mommas/babies will use them too! ( more than you realize: church nursery, family events with multiple kids, traveling etc)

Little Robots for Rad & our phone number. You can choose what you put on them but I like to put our phone number so that if we lose something important ( like the time we lost stinky bunny in disney world) people have a quick and easy way to get in touch with you.

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