Saturday, October 1, 2016

What is it Like with 3 Kids?

That was my biggest question toward the end of my pregnancy! What would it be like and what would be the hardest parts? 
I will have to say initially, it was pretty overwhelming, but mostly bc of work. I always have that in the back of my mind pressuring me to get it together quicker so I can get back to work, and that was stressing me out. That and the lack of sleep were my biggest challenges ( and healing from childbirth. That is always a doozy for me). 

I am so thankful to have had my momma here for pretty much 3 weeks, and Erik to have paternity leave. He has been holding this house together single handedly.. for weeks. That last leg of pregnancy almost did me in. I had a sinus infection for literally... 3 weeks! and I was so huge, and hot, and ill and TIRED. So Erik took over and it's pretty amazing what all he has been doing. When he goes back to work I may fall apart... time will tell. But for now, we are surviving and starting to get a new routine. 

Baby Rad is a pretty good little buddy thank the good Lord above. I was nervous he would have sister's dairy allergy issues etc. He eats good ( and OFTEN) and he sleeps.. OK. He does not spit up or have any complaints so far which is amazing, we just gotta get this kid to sleep longer and to be Ok when we put him down. For almost the entire 1st 2 weeks he would wake up and cry as soon as we would put him down, so I was sleeping sitting up right holding him all night.  Now he sleeps for about 3 hours at a time for his longest spurt  and does the best when he has been bottle fed with pumped milk and is swaddled. i.e. when his daddy is taking care of him. I think he can sense the weak link when I am in charge HA We are getting up with him about 3 times a night, which isn't bad but he is the 1st of all my kids that doesn't go right back to sleep once he gets full. There are times when he will stay awake for 1.5 hours after he eats YIKES.

I am refreshing on Moms on Call for my schedule for him and also on the Toddler version for sister b.c she needs some good rules. When I was super pregnant and worn out I let her get away with way too much and she has been having some good ole tantrums as a result so gotta reign all of that in. 

Both kids are adjusting well to him. Fenn LOVES him and is always asking to hold him and looking out for him. " Mom, baby rad needs his paci" etc. Sister doesn't pay too much attention but she will be very alarmed if he cries out " OH NO!! BABBBY!" she wants me to immediately tend to him. She does like to push his swing when he is in it, or try to put the paci in his mouth. 

I didn't buy too much for baby #3 but one of the things I got was a DOONA infant car seat and I will say it was worth every penny. Even Erik, who was super annoyed with it when I first got it, thinks it is awesome. I wanted to make it as easy as possible when out and about with 3 kids, and I don't know that it gets easier than a car seat that has pop out wheels for strolling!

So far we are thinking baby Rad looks like Erik when he was a baby! 

Moms of 3 lemme hear ya! Any tips or advice that I need to know?

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The Macons said...

Only 2 for us but he is adorable and Fenn looks so proud!!!

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