Thursday, October 27, 2016

More Curb Appeal Projects: Exterior Painting

 Here is a somewhat before picture. Remember we already had cut down 2 trees from the front yard and cleaned up the landscaping.

and the back after we have added the patio and done some tree removal ( door to nowhere soon to be removed )

and After :

Next up: Painting the Porch, The porch rail, adding a shutter, and new exterior light fixtures! 

Now for the FAQ:

1.) What colors did you use? These are Benjamin Moore Colors " Titanium" and " Briarwood". I had a designer choose the colors so that I didn't mess up. Totally worth it because she did a good job! And because she was able to choose colors that worked with my existing roof color, and advise on what parts of the trim/doors etc should be painted what color. 

2.) What Kind of paint did you use? The brand was Sherwin Williams Luxor which is a paint made for brick. First was 1 coat of primer and then 1 coat of paint. Coverage was excellent. Initially he attempted just 2 coats of paint/no primer but the brick was drinking up the paint too fast. So I would recommend a coat of primer and a coat of paint for anyone looking to paint brick. The finish was satin on both trim and brick paint.

3.) What all did he do? ... Basic Steps :
  • Pressure wash the whole house ( wait 3 days for that to dry)
  • Repair any wood trim/ caulk where needed.
  • Paint trim
  • Prime and paint brick
  • touch up trim work
4.) Aren't you worried about maintenance on painted brick?
No. The paint has a lifetime warranty and was done well. I think that was more of a problem in the past when painted brick was not properly,  But even if I had to re-paint the whole house in 30 years, it was still well worth it :)

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