Sunday, August 14, 2016

Creating some Curb Appeal!

The front of this house has been driving me crazy since Day 1 but we are slowly tackling that and crossing things off the list, which is super satisfying! This month the project was landscaping and a few things to add some curb appeal. 
I still have plans to paint before the end of the year but working with a designer to get just the right colors picked out. Since that is such a huge change I want to make sure we get it right! 
Below is my inspiration pic:

Now for some before and after yard pics. A local nursery marked all of their shrubs and trees 1/2 off so we took advantage of that and got to work. All the previous landscaping was outdated and had not been maintained so there was not much we could do to bring it back to life. Most of it had to be cut down and pulled out. Bubs spend an entire day clearing the Canvas! 

Pics from when we bought it :

Before Pic ( remember we cut down the trees in front yard in march)

Front Porch Before:
Front Porch After:

Front Right BEFORE pic:

And After :



And then we also copied a tutorial from Pinterest where we used Gel Stain to update the finish on our  faded garage doors. Those garage doors will soon be gone ( in a few months) so I didn't think it would be to risky to try this out. Overall it worked well and I like it better, however it has a slight sheen that I don't love. I wish it were a flatter finish. Thank goodness BeBe was here to help us knock that out! :) Erik likes to point out that I am more of a foreman than a helper these days on our projects :) HA

And one last detail... drainage. Y'all !!!
 I am shocked how much this comes up on home inspections when I am at work. It is recommended that you keep all gutters clean of debris/properly draining, AND to extend the downspout  at least 5' from your house with these plastic pipe extenders you can buy at home depot. Super easy thing to do and trust me, what might seem like a maintenance pain or unimportant is actually VERY important and could save you thousands of dollars down the road. In the pic below we buried the pipes in the flower bed so that they don't look ugly. (If you look real hard you can see the end coming out at the end of the flower bed.)

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Fenn's 6th Birthday

I think this is the part where the years really start flying by!:(

 Once he hit 5 he became so easy to take care of do stuff with that everything goes by much faster now I think! It is really hard to believe we are celebrating 6, and starting 1st grade!

Time Hope is killing me lately!! Look at this little HUNK!
 Birthday's all through the years!

We celebrate at home on the actual day with a Breakfast family party.  We also celebrated this year with family in Alabama with an awesome fishing cake! 

Since he and bubs almost have the same birthday,  they spent the whole day together all over town. This was at Cummings falls where they did some hiking and swimming.

The " Puff-Puff" Golf over by Opry Mills. Fenn got a hole in one! 

Then a Sounds Baseball game! 

While they were out I picked up the special birthday cake Fenn designed himself. He told me he wanted  " 3 levels, chocolate with chocolate icing with white writing that says " Happy Birthday Fenn" and will have 3 candles then a #6 candle , then 3 more candles on top " HA Unfortunately , Diabetic Ralph tackled this cake while I was giving sister a bath. Obvi that was pretty infuriating.

Snocones and Ice-cream after golf!

And per his instructions a Pokemon Party at Chuck E Cheese.  He LOOOOOVES Chucky Cheese and had a wonderful time. He got 2,071 tickets HA 

Sister was pretty sure that was her party too. She loved it and ate at least 2 cupcakes.

Our boy is an excellent 6 year old. Smart as a whip and sweet and determined. He loves fishing, basketball,dancing, pokemon, the pool, playing with friends, catching bugs, fudgecicles, and any kind of science experiment or project. He likes to stay busy like his momma. He is also a very sweet big brother and enjoys his sister so much. ( not to say he doesn't give her bops on  the head, but for the most part, he is kind to her).

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