Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sister's 3rd Birthday

I was in such denial of my girls 3rd birthday that the first invitations i ordered said “2nd Birthday” and only when I emailed them to  Erik and he said “ those are great but she is 3 not 2” did it really sink in . HA 

My wild and opinionated little Diva is a lot of fun these days. and a lot of WORK.   She gets into more messes and trouble than you can imagine. All she needs is a good 10 seconds to get started. She adores her big brother and tries her best to be just like him!

Some Stats:
Weight 38lbs
Clothes Size 3T or 4T depending on brand and I think she is moving to a sz. 9 shoe.

What she is into right now:

  • Peppa Pig. Peppa anything. We loooooovvvvee PEPPA. That was what kind of party she had. (She still likes Curious George, Blues Clues and Teletubbies to watch on TV but for toys she loves Peppa. )
  • Dancing and singing. This girl has loved to dance from the beginning. She especially loves “ Florida - My House” and The Weeknd.  She loves nursery rhymes too like “ Daddy Finger, Thumpkin, Wheels on the Bus, ABCs and Twinkle Twinkle. She sings all the time ( kind like her daddy) and in general makes a good amount of noise. 
  • She loves to pretend play a lot. Stinky Bunny ( her lovey )is always part of her cast. She will also make regular objects  like a spoon, talk and act out things.  
  • She LOVES any kind of water play on the patio and we usually spend at least 1 hour a day out there for that. 
  • When I asked her daddy what he thinks her fav things are he said “ she likes to move furniture so she can get into stuff, she likes to spill drinks, she likes to play with the water hose, she likes to make lots of noise without words, she likes to jump when we dance and go to the pool, and play zombies and hide and seek.” lolz
  • She does love to run through the house playing chase, and hide and seek and ANYTHING her brother does. she copies him move for move.
  • She probably still loves art stuff but I have had to restrict that a ton because she refuses to follow the rules.

Favorite Foods: She is more adventurous with food than her brother and boy are we thankful for that. She won’t just eat anything but she has a nice rotation of normal kid foods and what not. Her favorite thing in the world is ICE CREAM. she looses he rmind over ice cream and follows me around the house with a gallon of bluebell hollering at me to give her some.
I still give her a daily probiotic and feel like she has some sort of food allergy that we have not yet figured out. 

Accomplishments & Milestones

This is a hard one to quantify with her still not being 100% talker. She has improved her talking ALOT lately but still does so much non-sense talking. Her receptive language I would say is now 100%, so she KNOWS what we say, and acts accordingly, but she can not express her own feelings properly and that leads to lots of hissy fits.  If I ask her questions, “ Which one of these is pink” she answers all of that stuff correctly, by pointing, but it is hard to see if she really knows her ABC’s or how far she can count without speaking. I try to remind myself to always talk to her as if she understands everything and to expect of her to use some words instead of catering to her because when you have a  non verbal child it is easy to sort of treat them more like a baby than a 3 year old, that is my natural  reaction to it and I am always practicing to break myself of that. 
Her frequent words that she says (without prompting or repeating after us) are : Momma, Daddy, Bubba, Ralphie, Flossie, More, Juice, Awe Mannnnnn, No, Where are you, hello, there you go, Thank you, sit, there it is, bubbles, peppa, Okay!, Yes, stinky, bye bye, see you later, poo poo, TT, and she sings, a few songs but doesn’t know all the words so sings the words she knows. 
We are so blessed to be going to a pre-school in the fall that will provide her therapies there so she can continue working on catching up and I won’t have to drive her all over the world 5 -8 times a week. She will actually be riding a school bus that has 5 pt harnesses. That thought scared me at first, but I know how much she will LOVE riding a bus bc. she sees her brother get on one each morning. School will be 4 mornings a week which will be a nice consistent schedule for her. 

Transition to Big Girl Bed : went really well! My family was in town for her birthday and Aunt CC worked her magic on turning sister’s room into a big girl room. The first night or 2 we had no barrier for the door and that girl got up 1000 times ! Finally Erik reversed her door knob and hung the video camera so we could keep an eye on her and once she realized she coldly escape she stopped getting out of the bed.  She will still ask to nap in her old baby bed, (which is now set up for baby Rad) and sometimes I let her b.c I am too pregnant to argue with her HA 
She sleeps from 7:30 PM - 6 AM. Naps from 1PM-2 or 3PM depending on the day she has had. She is a girl who really needs her sleep and sleeps well thankfully.  We pushed her nap back over the summer  ( used to be 12) b.c I knew her new school would get out around lunch and I didn’t want her taking her nap on the bus 😃

Potty Training - I tried to start that around June 1 since she was turning 3 on the 20th and she was somewhat agreeable, but didn’t ever initiate it at all, and one day we went to walmart and she peed her pants and didn’t even mention it which I thought was a bad sign. So I pumped the brakes a bit. Then one day, about a week after her birthday, she was with me in someone else’s house and she just ever so casually went in their bathroom, and peed in the potty, all by herself from pulling her pants down to getting on the potty. I was flabbergasted! So that moment is when I decided we were gonna go back to potty training and she has done marvelously. Right now we are in about 1.5 weeks and she is averaging about 1 accident a day, and I have begun to remind her less and take her less often as I can tell she is getting the hang of it. I saw her take herself to potty twice in one day and realized she was ready to sort of take over.  Using pull ups at bedtime only ( or at the pool) for now but hoping she will do like her brother did and just one day tell me no more diapers and that can be that. We are taking a road trip this week and that should be an interesting test!  I have been using this app called “ Perfect Potty” for recoding her progress and I love it.

She has had a fun 3rd year with Mothers Day out at Harpeth Hills, Disney World Trip, Beach Trip, Murfreesboro Science Museum, Birmingham Adventure Science Museum, the Zoo, The Pool, Trips visiting various friends and relatives, some quality time with all my family. I can’t really remember where all we have been ha 

Sister has no idea that she is about to be a BIG sister. Not sure how that is gonna go for my girl.... or me HA I imagine it will be complete chaos. 

At the moment my biggest worry is being able to keep a sharp eye on sassy sister while caring for the baby ( nursing etc).. 

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