Sunday, June 12, 2016

25 Weeks with Baby #3

I think I have ZERO posts about this pregnancy :( which is so sad but I have been too busy with the other 2 who are outside the womb! 
 I am almost 26 weeks and almost to the 3rd trimester PTL!  It was going by really fast till I hit about 22 weeks and started getting bigger and more uncomfortable. and I am gaining weight like WOAH!  up 6 lbs in the last 2 weeks. 
I cut out lots of my usual beauty products on this pregnancy(due to the chemical content ) after reading some studies of the chemicals found in those and how they effect fertility and pregnancy. 

Other Notable Pregnancy Symptoms:

  • Pregnancy Cold ( swollen sinuses etc)
  • MAJOR Braxton hicks contractions that feel like mu stomach filling up with concrete.Lots of heavy pressure.
  • I can't keep my iron up. I have been taking supplements but am still anemic on last blood draw
  • Baby is up to 2 lbs now and measuring big which is no surprise. I predict him to be as big as Fenn with a gigantic head and some hair like sister :)
  • Pretty tired and pretty irritable 24-7 ( yikes) 
  • Eating ice cream daily which is weird for me because it normally makes me sick and I never buy it. I hope it ( craving) goes away once i have this baby !

I don't think I have mentioned on here but we are having a BOY and we were all very excited about that!  Fenn especially wanted a brother. Due date is Sept. 23rd. 

Still have not settled on a name yet but right now we are leaning toward 
Radnor Michael Graham (and calling him "Baby Rad") . 

 He has no nursery as of yet and not even an idea of what that will look like yet ( yikes!)

I think my favorite thing about this pregnancy has been the fact that Fenn is old enough to understand and talk about it all. He has been so excited and so cute about it all. He wants to kiss my belly all the time. He fills my prenatal vitamin box every Sunday and each night will bring my pills to me with water to take. He also told me this week several times " Momma anything you want me to do , I will do it because you are Preg-a-NANT" ( **melt**) 
I just love hearing him talk about it all and am glad that I am getting to experience what it is like for a sibling to understand the whole birth process. This morning on the way to church he told me " When we move to our 4th house, we can have our 4th kid" HA and I reminded him how long it takes to get a kid here and that maybe 3 was enough for our family. Not sure he absorbed it HA


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You are gorgeous and amazing!!

Abby Flynn said...

Love this so, so much! Hope that you start feeling better, but you are looking stylish as always anyways. :) And the name is perfect!

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