Friday, May 6, 2016

Why I Love My Apple Watch

My dad bought me an apple watch last fall and I have really been enjoying it. I get lots of questions about it so I decided to just do a blog with some highlights for all you guys asking about it :)

Reasons Why I Like It : 

  • It is really comfortable on my arm. I never liked wearing a watch before e-watches came out. This watch is very low profile which I appreciate.I love the silicone band instead of a heavy metal one. 
  • I have all my alarms set on it. It vibrates my arm every time one goes off , for instance time for Ralphie's insulin, or time for Fenn to go outside to get on the bus. Life is busy these days and I lose track of time so I like these reminders. 
  • It shows my calendar appointments on the face. Love that. I glance at  it all day to see what is next. 
  • When using the maps on my phone, my watch face will reflect those directions( and vibrate to remind me to turn) so when I am driving I can just see my directions on my wrist on the steering wheel.
  • Shows the weather. I love glancing down and seeing what the outside temp is every day when I am getting dressed, or getting he kids dressed.
  • It makes a great remote control when you have your phone playing through a blue tooth speaker and want to control the music. 
  • I like monitoring my calls and texts on my arm so that I can see if its worth sprinting down the stairs to answer a call or not :)

Fav Apps for the Apple watch 

  •  Weather
  • Magic Guide WDW
  • Nike+
  • streaks
  • Cheatsheet
  • CityMapper

and the Not so Good.... 

I really really REALLY wished that fitbit would make a compatible app for the watch ( even if it was pricey). I like their platform and am currently wearing one of those too which looks ridiculous because i have on 2 watches. HA

The battery life is weak. I have to charge my watch EVERY night and that suck since I keep so many alarms on it. It is much more pleasant to wake up with your wrist vibrating than to a  harsh noise, but I can't sleep with it on and charge it at the same time.  Also extra chargers are very pricey.  

I bought this charging stand off Amazon for my nightstand and I love it. $10 and it keeps it on the charger all night and turns it into an alarm clock with that horizontal display. It also controls the cord mess. 

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