Sunday, May 8, 2016

Back Yard Project / Porch: Before and Afters

When we bought this house, one of our biggest objections was the sloped yard, and leaving what was still ( IMO) the most beautiful backyard in all of Brentwood.  We spent so much time out there and it was really hard to give that up. But as it goes with any move, you don't get everything on your list, and I had plans of creating a better space at this house.
Here are some great BEFORE Pics:

Step 1: Get rid of Tree and Brush. We did that in January or February. There were 3 or 4 large " Trash Trees" back there that made that black film on your outdoor furniture.

Step 2: Down goes the Deck. I always hated that thing but Erik loved it so we kept it for a year and never used it once. We did paint it during that year which you can see from the pics. :) . Losing the deck was a game changer because it made it seem so much bigger back there and opened up lots of flat space. ( Don't worry, the upstairs door will become a window)

Step 3: Stained Concrete patio, Retaining Wall, and lots of underground drains added just incase.
Step 4 : Landscaping, grass seed,  and Furniture. This is all our same furniture from the old house.  We made sure to leave room enough for Fenn to play basketball and for the kids to ride their little cars around and play with sidewalk chalk etc.

Still lots of projects left but oooo mmmm geeeee we are so thrilled to have an outdoor space again and we spend so much time out here.


We are currently working on my little granny porch. Before and After pics of that to come soon! 


The Macons said...

Wow L that looks fantastic!

grizaham said...

Totally radacious

Coralie Anne Farish Scott said...

I love the fire pit!!! Tell me it's gas with just a key or switch! And that sectional is awesome too.

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