Monday, May 23, 2016

Gold Hardware in the Kitchen!

One of my current clients has the coolest gold hardware in her kitchen and it really inspired me to try it in my own kitchen. I have a billion pulls and knobs so I really wanted to avoid buying all new hardware, which lead me to a little trial DIY  run. 

I read THIS post and THIS post about spray painting gold hardware and got inspired. 

I bought this spray paint from Home Depot for $5.97

Painting it was super easy and the finish and color turned out great! 

However, even about 2 months later it still looks exactly like this because I can't make up my mind which one looks best. :)

I did a poll on instagram and Facebook and got some excellent feedback! However I am pretty sure it was 50% for Gold and 50% for silver.....

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Summer Schedule for the Kiddos

I have spent the last week pouring over the internet late at night to come up with a great schedule and activities for summer break. My boy loves some school and will soon be missing all that activity. Also with all of sister’s stuff she has going on we need to implement a “ Sensory diet” annnnnd then there is the thought in the back of my mind about how baby #3 is coming and we better get things as organized as possible before he gets here ( and get everyone more self sufficient  too) . 

Start with some Goals:

  • Get Sister potty trained
  • make sister use words to request anything and everything. ( No giving in to cries or demanding noises)
  • Teach Fenn to put his own seat belt on and off ( so I can move him to the 3rd row when baby #3 is here)
  • Get both kids involved in chores/responsibilities ( ones that help me out like making their own beds)
  • Take some day trips or fun activities to keep them engaged and educated. 
  • implement a currency system ( I learned this from kindergarten! See below)
  • Get Fenn to stop coming in our room at 3am ( plagued by bad dreams lately )

Set up a Schedule.

Routine is important for all kids, but especially mine with the sensory stuff. It is challenging for me as I have never been very routine and Erik and I both have very unconventional work schedules . Since Erik, Rose and I are all running this circus and need to be on the same page a routine will be super helpful.  Also gives kids an idea of what to expect so I don’t have to deal as much with badgering about whatever they want like say breakfast at 5am. “ The chart clearly says Breakfast no earlier than 6:30 AM” HA  We will see if that works. 

Copy of our new schedule:
( I am sure I will tweak this once we get going and see how it works out/fits)

Currency System:
I picked up  this sweet little trick from kindergarten. I bought a roll of raffle tickets from Party City and I call them “ Mommy Feathers” (at school they are called Eagle Feathers). I hand them out for each completed chore. I amp up the feathers for things I really want to encourage. Every thursday they can turn in their feathers to buy things from my store and I have a chart showing how many feathers it takes to buy things they want like fudge pops and pokemon cards HA.  

Then I searched pinterest for any fun arts and crafts or interesting activity we could do and made a list of those so that each Sunday when  I do menu planning etc I can plan out their activities and what supplies are needed and have that sorted out so whoever is in charge that day has everything they need. 
Most of my problems in life from from indecision… like not knowing what I want to cook all week, or how to do something so If I dig in and plan and make it easy for myself then I should be able to stick to the plan.

Also sidebar: I took all of these schedules and such to Fed/Ex and laminated them so we could use dry erase markers. While I was there I printed out and laminated THIS road trip scavenger hunt and it was great for our recent drive to Alabama. Fenn LOVES scavenger hunts and this kept him busy for quite a while. 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Back Yard Project / Porch: Before and Afters

When we bought this house, one of our biggest objections was the sloped yard, and leaving what was still ( IMO) the most beautiful backyard in all of Brentwood.  We spent so much time out there and it was really hard to give that up. But as it goes with any move, you don't get everything on your list, and I had plans of creating a better space at this house.
Here are some great BEFORE Pics:

Step 1: Get rid of Tree and Brush. We did that in January or February. There were 3 or 4 large " Trash Trees" back there that made that black film on your outdoor furniture.

Step 2: Down goes the Deck. I always hated that thing but Erik loved it so we kept it for a year and never used it once. We did paint it during that year which you can see from the pics. :) . Losing the deck was a game changer because it made it seem so much bigger back there and opened up lots of flat space. ( Don't worry, the upstairs door will become a window)

Step 3: Stained Concrete patio, Retaining Wall, and lots of underground drains added just incase.
Step 4 : Landscaping, grass seed,  and Furniture. This is all our same furniture from the old house.  We made sure to leave room enough for Fenn to play basketball and for the kids to ride their little cars around and play with sidewalk chalk etc.

Still lots of projects left but oooo mmmm geeeee we are so thrilled to have an outdoor space again and we spend so much time out here.


We are currently working on my little granny porch. Before and After pics of that to come soon! 

Friday, May 6, 2016

Why I Love My Apple Watch

My dad bought me an apple watch last fall and I have really been enjoying it. I get lots of questions about it so I decided to just do a blog with some highlights for all you guys asking about it :)

Reasons Why I Like It : 

  • It is really comfortable on my arm. I never liked wearing a watch before e-watches came out. This watch is very low profile which I appreciate.I love the silicone band instead of a heavy metal one. 
  • I have all my alarms set on it. It vibrates my arm every time one goes off , for instance time for Ralphie's insulin, or time for Fenn to go outside to get on the bus. Life is busy these days and I lose track of time so I like these reminders. 
  • It shows my calendar appointments on the face. Love that. I glance at  it all day to see what is next. 
  • When using the maps on my phone, my watch face will reflect those directions( and vibrate to remind me to turn) so when I am driving I can just see my directions on my wrist on the steering wheel.
  • Shows the weather. I love glancing down and seeing what the outside temp is every day when I am getting dressed, or getting he kids dressed.
  • It makes a great remote control when you have your phone playing through a blue tooth speaker and want to control the music. 
  • I like monitoring my calls and texts on my arm so that I can see if its worth sprinting down the stairs to answer a call or not :)

Fav Apps for the Apple watch 

  •  Weather
  • Magic Guide WDW
  • Nike+
  • streaks
  • Cheatsheet
  • CityMapper

and the Not so Good.... 

I really really REALLY wished that fitbit would make a compatible app for the watch ( even if it was pricey). I like their platform and am currently wearing one of those too which looks ridiculous because i have on 2 watches. HA

The battery life is weak. I have to charge my watch EVERY night and that suck since I keep so many alarms on it. It is much more pleasant to wake up with your wrist vibrating than to a  harsh noise, but I can't sleep with it on and charge it at the same time.  Also extra chargers are very pricey.  

I bought this charging stand off Amazon for my nightstand and I love it. $10 and it keeps it on the charger all night and turns it into an alarm clock with that horizontal display. It also controls the cord mess. 

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