Tuesday, April 19, 2016


It has been Busy Busy Busy around here lately!! So much happening and so much fun! 

Sister had her spring program. I can't say that she " sang" the songs but she sure put on a show! Lots of hollering and some sort of odd football touchdown dance at the end of each song. It was awesome. 

And Then Fenn was " Scientist of the Day" at school. He had to prepare and present a science project to his class. I had to work but Erik went and watched and took a video and it was awesome. His teacher provided the coat and goggles :) He did a great job and was so proud of himself. One of the best things about Kindergarten has been seeing him gain so much confidence through independence. Now if he would just dress himself every day we would be set! ha

Sister has been such a mischief maker lately! I mean 5 seconds is all she needs to bring down the world. I could write a book about all her shenanigans but this particular day, she managed to turn that buggy over while I was paying in the checkout line. Scared me to death !
She has been doing really well with her talking lately , and I feel like we may finally be turning the corner! Praise JESUS. She has been saying some new words like :
"two, three"
"more juice please"
"open please"

and young bro! ( aka Little Stevie) at PROM! We have not seen him in forever ! He is a busy teenage these days with a job and school and a band and a girlfriend! I can't believe he is about to graduate!  Also he is in this band called " Bad Life Choices" which I think is one of the best band names ever!  

Erik and Fenn had their first daddy/son race for the Moosic City Run. Fenn enjoyed it all but I don't think he totally gets what a race is about.  He looked super cute running to that finish line though! He is also in running club at school. Erik has run about 1000 marathons this year as it was one of his resolutions.  I need to figure out something cool and craft to do with all his medals.

And Erik loves to take these jokers hiking. You will probably NEVER catch me taking them hiking because that sounds super challenging, especially with the wild, runaway child sister. He is a good hands on daddy always spending quality time with them and keeping them active. 

I really need to do a post on baby #3. Sad that I have not done that yet but I just do not have the time to document everything like I once did. Really trying to revive the blog this year because I miss being able to look back at these posts and seeing them grow. 

Stay Tuned!

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