Thursday, April 28, 2016

Fenn at almost 6 years old

Just some updates on my sweet sweet son! 

He will be 6 in July and it is blowing my mind. Erik and I are both loving everything about this phase we are in right now with him. He has LOVED kindergarten. Turns out all that consistency and scheduling was his love language and he has thrived in that environment more than we could have ever expected. We started him in Kindergarten early, ( I think he is the youngest in his class), so we were not sure how that would work out. His pre-school teachers thought he would do well, so we gave it a try and it was awesome. 
The amount of stuff they learn in Kindergarten is mind blowing. He has an amazing and fun young teacher and he hangs on her every word and cares about whatever she cares about. :)

His biggest interest right now is basketball. Below is a picture of him at Disney World Animal Kingdom with all of the animals he won shooting hoops in the arcade section. He was very proud of them. He plays in the backyard all hours of the day and night, in between most activities. 
It is refreshing for him to have a hobby like this because one of his other loves is playing Clash of Clans on the iPad and were are so happy to see him up moving around and staying busy and playing outside.

Breakfast with Sister. He generally goes to bed about 7:30pm and wakes up anywhere from 5:30am - 6:30 am. He has been visiting us in our bed about 3am lately due to bad dreams. I don't know what to do about them and have tried to discuss it but they are a result of playing a scary game on the iPad. I mistakingly didn't realize we were at the age that we needed to monitor and limit what he plays and sees on the iPad. We have since installed parental controls and a browser security called " Covenant eyes" that we learned about in Sunday School. We also do not allow him to play " electronics" away from home so that we can monitor what he is seeing.

He is still really particular about what he will eat. Bless his heart though because he has tried, several things over the year and just can not make himself swallow it. :( 

His current foods are Ramen Noodles, plain pasta, Cheese Pizza, Apple Sauce, Turkey Sandwich, Waffles, Lucky Charms, greek yogurt with honey and he LOVES milk ( much to my dismay).

He still loves any kind of arts and crafts. He made this in Sunday School.

Another shot of my handsome dude before school. He has started making some small commentary about his clothing. He likes sporty looking outfits & shoes. He is wearing a size 6 in most clothing and size 2 in shoes! He is about 47" Tall and weighs approx 60lbs. 

We recently hit a big milestone! Loosing TEETH! He lost his first tooth about 2 months ago. He woke up one morning and told us " Guys I had a dream my tooth was crooked and I woke up and it still feels crooked" . This went on for a few days until finally I caught on that "Crooked" meant " Loose". He ended up swallowing it sometime at school, but on tooth #2  he let me pull it when it was hanging on by a thread. Afterward we called all our people on FaceTime to show them his new gap and his tooth! HA

Another reason why I have been wanting to update the ole blog is because I have been talking to other moms in the TEIS system and going over our journey and I thought it would be encouraging for them with 2 year olds to see how much that has benefited Fenn, and our family.  It is hard to really understand that progress without seeing detailed updates at different ages and watching videos to show behaviors and skills.  Fenn has changed so much in the years that I have been blog slacking and I wanted to be sure and document his incredible change and turn around. Its hard to reconcile this sweet dedicated student with the non verbal aggressive 3 year old he once was. I praise God every day for it! 

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The Macons said...

OMG he is Erik's TWIN!! Love that sweet boy and can't believe he has lost teeth! Scarlet is SO jealous that Emma has lost teeth and she hasn't!

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