Sunday, April 10, 2016

Disney World 2016

Disney 2016 was a good time! It was not without it's challenges going during spring break, while pregnant with sister being at a wild age/phase and wanting to run wild through the crowd :) 

This year we stayed at the Carribean Resort and it was awesome. The rooms were pirate themed and nice! The bathroom was really big and had a curtain to separate it so we let that be sisters room for the pack n play. 
The pol area was very cool, and the cafeteria was good too. More interested food choices than the usual resort food courts.

These guys were good travelers. We stayed in a hotel one night while in route ( we usually drive down because flying is harder to me with uncontrollable schedules and environments and hauling car seats and waiting on rental cars.)

We had a good trip but I doubt we will go back to Disney anytime after February again because of the crowds and line lengths. Both kids really enjoyed it and I think trips like that really expand their little minds. An italian girl working in Epcot taught Fenn to say Ciao! and he loved that and still says it. I heard him hollering to a friend when he got off the bus last week " CIAO!!" HA so they pick up lots of odds and ends when we travel.

Oh and a few other extras :

The Disney App has had some nice upgrades. You can now sell all of your pictures within that app ( they are traced through your magic bands to your account on the app)
- You can also see wait times in that app.  If you schedule your 3 fast passes back to back in the morning, you can then go to kiosk and get more. I never knew that before this trip.
- If you have an apple watch, you can download the Disney Wait Times app that is compatible with the apple watch and check wait times that way.

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grizaham said...

I'm ready to go back!!!

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