Thursday, April 28, 2016

Fenn at almost 6 years old

Just some updates on my sweet sweet son! 

He will be 6 in July and it is blowing my mind. Erik and I are both loving everything about this phase we are in right now with him. He has LOVED kindergarten. Turns out all that consistency and scheduling was his love language and he has thrived in that environment more than we could have ever expected. We started him in Kindergarten early, ( I think he is the youngest in his class), so we were not sure how that would work out. His pre-school teachers thought he would do well, so we gave it a try and it was awesome. 
The amount of stuff they learn in Kindergarten is mind blowing. He has an amazing and fun young teacher and he hangs on her every word and cares about whatever she cares about. :)

His biggest interest right now is basketball. Below is a picture of him at Disney World Animal Kingdom with all of the animals he won shooting hoops in the arcade section. He was very proud of them. He plays in the backyard all hours of the day and night, in between most activities. 
It is refreshing for him to have a hobby like this because one of his other loves is playing Clash of Clans on the iPad and were are so happy to see him up moving around and staying busy and playing outside.

Breakfast with Sister. He generally goes to bed about 7:30pm and wakes up anywhere from 5:30am - 6:30 am. He has been visiting us in our bed about 3am lately due to bad dreams. I don't know what to do about them and have tried to discuss it but they are a result of playing a scary game on the iPad. I mistakingly didn't realize we were at the age that we needed to monitor and limit what he plays and sees on the iPad. We have since installed parental controls and a browser security called " Covenant eyes" that we learned about in Sunday School. We also do not allow him to play " electronics" away from home so that we can monitor what he is seeing.

He is still really particular about what he will eat. Bless his heart though because he has tried, several things over the year and just can not make himself swallow it. :( 

His current foods are Ramen Noodles, plain pasta, Cheese Pizza, Apple Sauce, Turkey Sandwich, Waffles, Lucky Charms, greek yogurt with honey and he LOVES milk ( much to my dismay).

He still loves any kind of arts and crafts. He made this in Sunday School.

Another shot of my handsome dude before school. He has started making some small commentary about his clothing. He likes sporty looking outfits & shoes. He is wearing a size 6 in most clothing and size 2 in shoes! He is about 47" Tall and weighs approx 60lbs. 

We recently hit a big milestone! Loosing TEETH! He lost his first tooth about 2 months ago. He woke up one morning and told us " Guys I had a dream my tooth was crooked and I woke up and it still feels crooked" . This went on for a few days until finally I caught on that "Crooked" meant " Loose". He ended up swallowing it sometime at school, but on tooth #2  he let me pull it when it was hanging on by a thread. Afterward we called all our people on FaceTime to show them his new gap and his tooth! HA

Another reason why I have been wanting to update the ole blog is because I have been talking to other moms in the TEIS system and going over our journey and I thought it would be encouraging for them with 2 year olds to see how much that has benefited Fenn, and our family.  It is hard to really understand that progress without seeing detailed updates at different ages and watching videos to show behaviors and skills.  Fenn has changed so much in the years that I have been blog slacking and I wanted to be sure and document his incredible change and turn around. Its hard to reconcile this sweet dedicated student with the non verbal aggressive 3 year old he once was. I praise God every day for it! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


It has been Busy Busy Busy around here lately!! So much happening and so much fun! 

Sister had her spring program. I can't say that she " sang" the songs but she sure put on a show! Lots of hollering and some sort of odd football touchdown dance at the end of each song. It was awesome. 

And Then Fenn was " Scientist of the Day" at school. He had to prepare and present a science project to his class. I had to work but Erik went and watched and took a video and it was awesome. His teacher provided the coat and goggles :) He did a great job and was so proud of himself. One of the best things about Kindergarten has been seeing him gain so much confidence through independence. Now if he would just dress himself every day we would be set! ha

Sister has been such a mischief maker lately! I mean 5 seconds is all she needs to bring down the world. I could write a book about all her shenanigans but this particular day, she managed to turn that buggy over while I was paying in the checkout line. Scared me to death !
She has been doing really well with her talking lately , and I feel like we may finally be turning the corner! Praise JESUS. She has been saying some new words like :
"two, three"
"more juice please"
"open please"

and young bro! ( aka Little Stevie) at PROM! We have not seen him in forever ! He is a busy teenage these days with a job and school and a band and a girlfriend! I can't believe he is about to graduate!  Also he is in this band called " Bad Life Choices" which I think is one of the best band names ever!  

Erik and Fenn had their first daddy/son race for the Moosic City Run. Fenn enjoyed it all but I don't think he totally gets what a race is about.  He looked super cute running to that finish line though! He is also in running club at school. Erik has run about 1000 marathons this year as it was one of his resolutions.  I need to figure out something cool and craft to do with all his medals.

And Erik loves to take these jokers hiking. You will probably NEVER catch me taking them hiking because that sounds super challenging, especially with the wild, runaway child sister. He is a good hands on daddy always spending quality time with them and keeping them active. 

I really need to do a post on baby #3. Sad that I have not done that yet but I just do not have the time to document everything like I once did. Really trying to revive the blog this year because I miss being able to look back at these posts and seeing them grow. 

Stay Tuned!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Disney World 2016

Disney 2016 was a good time! It was not without it's challenges going during spring break, while pregnant with sister being at a wild age/phase and wanting to run wild through the crowd :) 

This year we stayed at the Carribean Resort and it was awesome. The rooms were pirate themed and nice! The bathroom was really big and had a curtain to separate it so we let that be sisters room for the pack n play. 
The pol area was very cool, and the cafeteria was good too. More interested food choices than the usual resort food courts.

These guys were good travelers. We stayed in a hotel one night while in route ( we usually drive down because flying is harder to me with uncontrollable schedules and environments and hauling car seats and waiting on rental cars.)

We had a good trip but I doubt we will go back to Disney anytime after February again because of the crowds and line lengths. Both kids really enjoyed it and I think trips like that really expand their little minds. An italian girl working in Epcot taught Fenn to say Ciao! and he loved that and still says it. I heard him hollering to a friend when he got off the bus last week " CIAO!!" HA so they pick up lots of odds and ends when we travel.

Oh and a few other extras :

The Disney App has had some nice upgrades. You can now sell all of your pictures within that app ( they are traced through your magic bands to your account on the app)
- You can also see wait times in that app.  If you schedule your 3 fast passes back to back in the morning, you can then go to kiosk and get more. I never knew that before this trip.
- If you have an apple watch, you can download the Disney Wait Times app that is compatible with the apple watch and check wait times that way.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Easter & Easter Brunch 2016

We had a great Easter this year. We got home from Disney the day before and still managed to pull off our annual Easter Brunch N Hunt! The food was fantastic this year and the hunt was a good time. I had forgotten that I bought a bunch of Easter stuff on clearance last year to be the prizes for this year's hunt and that went over really well. 

Sister was thrilled with her Kit Kat and sidewalk chalk.  She has since colored the entire house inside and out with that chalk.

Candid shots. It never fails that I am always too busy or too hungry to take pics!

We were still working on our back porch this month so the yard was pretty rough looking but it was still good for some egg hunting. Every year the daddies all hide the eggs for the kids while the ladies lunch and watch the kids. Next year I want to get Erik a bunny suit. I think that would be awesome and hilarious.

The Kids group shot was so hilarious and chaotic. I love sister over there directing the choir. She did NOT appreciate being told to sit still and smile.

 Forgot to get a before pic!

I did a (mostly) monochromatic tablescape on one of my tables this year and I like how it turned out. Sadly we didn't have any real flowers this year since we were late getting back to town :(

Food was so so good this year! I added THIS new recipe Huevos Rancheros Casserole and we all loved it!

Thanks to everyone for coming! Let's do it again next year!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Before & After Bathrooms..

Really trying to catch up all the house posts on the blog. I am SO behind in blog world. I am gonna shoot off a couple of quick before and after posts on the renovation,  but everything is always still a work in progress. 

Downstairs Powder Room 

During Demo:


( hardwood floors, new bathroom vanity, mirror, light fixture, toilet, molding.)  I still have not found the right mirror or artwork for this bathroom and have updated molding and window treatment since this pic but you get the idea :)


 ( YES it had carpet!!)

It also had a tub shower combo with this gigantic jetted tub.

During Demo:
( found some mold and termites. treated and repaired for both). Also knocked out that wall behind this guy and made room for a new tub spot. put a shower where the garden tub was.


(Basically new everything. Several things I would change about this now but at the time I was super stressed with work and didn't have time to spend mulling over design decisions)

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt Walls
Quartz Countertops from LG in " Cirrus" ( looks like a light marble with very faint veining)
Polished Chrome Fixtures
Marble Hex Floor

I have updated the molding in this bathroom since these pictures were taken. 

New Master Shower with frameless door/walls

New Soaking Tub


BEFORE: ( more carpet :) Fenn told me when I was posting these pics that he misses that old bathroom. I said " Oh really? ... why?" and he said " because I liked those fancy sinks!" LOLZ

Kids Bathroom After: 
( new everything and more sea salt wall color :)

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