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The Last 6 Months!

Yikes! Can't believe I have not blogged in 6 months. Life just keeps getting busier I guess but I am sad that I have not been as good at documenting the kids stuff. Gonna try to do some small catch up's and some blogs on the house progress before the end of the year!

Sister is now 2.5 years old. That is really hard to believe! She 
 is going to Mother's Day out twice a week and loves it. She ( like her brother) is never sad to see me go. They love to go and do and be with people. 
She weighs about 35 lbs, wears a six 3T all of a sudden and size 7 or 8 shoe.Not sure about height as she will never be still long enough for that measurement.
Thankfully she has been in good health since last fall. Last fall and winter, we all 4 were sick constantly. This year we have not had any colds, stomach virus, flu or ear infections ( can I get a Hallelujah?!) I still give them both a powder probiotic that I secretly mix into juice.

Sister is about to turn a corner with her talking I think ( Praise be to God) . She started speech therapy a few months ago and we are considering amping that up from once  a week to twice a week ( which was originally recommended) . She has always been a noisy kid and talking in gibberish so I never thought she would be a late talker, but here he is... 2.5 and about 10 words and phrases that she uses. In the past 2 weeks I have noticed her starting to mimic what we say or repeat us ( when she can) and that is major so I feel like she will start reciting poetry soon ( naturally) HA .. 
She says: Momma , Dadda, Bubba, No, Yes, Thank you, You're welcome, there ya go, good job, here it is, two, santa, and sings twinkle twinkle little star all day long.
She also started physical therapy to correct her pronation. They had some tiny little pink plastic braces made for her that she wears anytime she wears shoes. They help her with balance and control so she likes them and is falling so much less than she was. She is also starting to step over things and jump, which she could not do before so I know they braces are doing their job.  She has started lots of climbing recently too with her new found confidence.They are cute too but it is hard to get her shoes on over them. Anybody have any tips for that or brands that work well with braces?

Also, just a sidebar.... recently I have had 2 people ask me " So why do you think both of your kids have had these developmental problems?" um guys... RUDE. What the H do you want me to say to that? I have no idea! Genetics? Life? So in case you were thinking about asking me that... don't. 

Sister is also super sassy ( no idea why ?!) and independent.  She LOVES music and dancing, and any art project. The only problem is she has colored almost everything in this house. I have a really hard time keeping her away from pens and such.  She also colors her face and body.

She loves Bubble Guppies, Dora and Curious George. She has started pretend playing with her stinky bunny and wraps him up like a baby and kisses and rocks him and such. It is SO cute. She's a good little momma. 

I think I am supposed to be potty training her but I have no idea how to do that. Fenn was so easy, and I  think she will not be. Also will take any advice or tips for that.

Fenn started Kindergarten in the fall and is LOVING it. I mean like never wants to miss school and always wants to do his homework and try to get ahead of his classmates.  He has done incredible with his site words and can write and spell lots of basic stuff and sentences these days. Blows my mind how much they teach them in kindergarten, how fast they do it and how much he studies his teacher. He comes home using all of her vocabulary words and body language and inflection re-teaching us all of his lessons and such. He always worries about her football team doing well. ( Michigan). I am so thankful he has a great teacher since she influences him so much.

He started off the year being obsessed with dinosaurs but now that we have read about them for 6 months and know all there is to know he has moved on to some new things. He loves to learn about states and capitols, state flags,  ( Except he calls them "lands" instead of states) and he is OBSESSED with sports and memorizes all the scores every week for college and NFL. He was driving me crazy asking me about scores all the time so I taught him how to ask Siri and now that is the 1st thing he does when he wakes up " Siri, what was the score or the Bulls game." He can't pronouce certain teams right ( He calls Cornell " Cornhole" and Alabama "Ourbama" etc) and so that confuses Siri and makes him crazy. 

He is about 48" tall, wears a 5 or 6 in clothes and a size 1 shoe. Weights about 60-ish lbs. Been a while since he was on the scale. He is so skinny now and I miss his baby does and thickness.  He is still a super picky eater.  We have been making him eat school lunch in an attempt to get him to try new things. I thought if all his friends were doing it he might too, but not so much. He puts it all on his tray as instructed and then most of it goes to the garbage (which sucks that we are paying for that every day) but I am not giving up hope.  He came home so proud yesterday telling us he had tried a new food and guess what it was.... a "push pop" sucker ?!?! He didn't like it either though.... 

He played soccer this fall at our church and he really loved it! and we really enjoyed it as well!

He was super kid at school which means all sorts of things but each parent has to come one day and talk to his class and such and eat lunch with him. Erik was MUCh better at this than I was and all kids everywhere love him. I was traveling when he went and sent me these pics and I was so proud of how he rocked it!

One of the bajiillion theme days of Kindergarden, my boy dressed like what he wants to be when he grows up.. a Paleontologist. :) ( as typical of most of the theme days I remember or Fenn reminds me that morning then I am scrambling to try and pull it all together before the bus comes! This outfit is hilarious and a little ala napoleon dynamite with those boots! Here he is with his best buddy Pierce! We are so excited to have neighbor kids to play with. 

And this is the class buddy JoJo. Everyone gets to bring him home for a weekend and scrapbook about his days with us. :) Fenn got to pick out his clothes to bring home which were Harley Davidson gear and a sports jersey! LOL

Bubs and I have had some good adult time and travels too! Beach trip with all our B'ham besties. June with Matt, Scott, Millie & Seth and September with The Warrens. 
September I had one of my dearest friends Linzy's wedding in Alpine Texas. Trying to find pics from that because it was such a cool town and fun trip. 

November was NYC for another dear friend's baby shower for her 1st baby. For this child I have definitely prayed and am rejoicing in God's answer to prayer and a beautiful pregnant little momma. Another great trip seeing some of my college girlfriends and their mommas and eating lots and LOTS of good food.

2015 is winding down and has been really awesome! Looking forward to 2016!

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The Macons said...

OMG I miss you!!! All of you! Sister is a doll and she is huge! Love her little braces. On potty training, I got nothing. Scarlet was so easy. Annie is going to be my troublesome one. She already is. Gruntin', hollering, whining all of the time. Ugh. Fenny is too cool for school dude! He is an old soul, I don't even understand how he knows so much and retains so much! Anyhow, that's it for my novel, love seeing updates from you!

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