Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Fenn Turns FIVE!

Woah! How did that happen?! Kindergarten this fall! Crazy times and I am sure I will cry cry.  Mostly though we are having SO MUCH FUN right now. Fenn is in a great place where he is easy to go places with and fun to do most anything with. He has hilarious and great conversations, remembers everything and is interested in everything. Lots of laughs these days.  In the past few months he has hit what we call the SPONGE stage. He just absorbs and assimilates everything. Every phrase, mood, word, etc. 

Interests: Dinosaurs, Any kind of art or craft, cartoon movies, swimming, fishing, board games
Size Clothes: 6 
Shoes 13.5 or 1. 

His new thing is commercials. He is really listening to them and believing everything and wanting to tell me all about it. This month he has talked to me about buying blood pressure medicine, the amoped foot thingy, "Lightsol" ( lysol), oxi clean, cloud pets , ZIPPY SACK ( he really likes this one) on and on. It is hilarious. I try to video them but if I don't act fast enough he will not repeat.

He is VERY into Dinosaurs and knows everything about them and fossil finding and what have you. Since he was born he has educated me on all types of things like this. Trucks, planets, dinosaurs, .... 

He still loves all art and crafts. He is always after me to do some sort of craft. 

He is so into "Marble runs" Domino runs" etc. Check those out on you tube if you want. I am amazed at his ability to watch you tube videos and absorb and create. It is hard to explain but he makes those mazes go up and down and sideways and it's very scientific. He also enjoys physics videos on you tube. He has officially surpassed me on intelligence. 

This boy has a fierce joy and love of life which I enjoying watching. It doesn't really matter what you are doing, he just enjoys doing something all the time, with everyone. When I ask him about his day he always says " it was AWESOME" and then I say " well what was your favorite thing you did today?" and he says " EVERYTHING!"

I have been watching all of his old youtube videos this week and I am amazed at how much he has really grown up since sister arrived. It made me kind of sad to be done with his baby talking phase, but on the other hand that was a HARD stage for us with all his developmental stuff so I really enjoy how easy things have been with him now. 

He has developed some sass mouthing lately. This morning, I can't remember what I denied him but he told me that " his spirit animal didn't love me anymore!" I don't know what this spirit animal is, or where it came from but he told Erik his spirit animal was a lion and lived in his heart. Today he told me first thing he said when he woke up actually, was that he has a new spirit animal and it is a T-REX. I asked him where he learned about "Spirit Animals" from and he told me GOD. That is always his go to answer when we ask where he learned something. 

He learned about video games over the 4th of July and is really loving "Subway Surf" and " Temple Run". I hated it at first because he gets so absorbed, but it has created some nice leverage when punishment is needed lol. He has never really been bothered before by the taking away of anything. 

He is more emotionally mature these days, and actually cries during a sad part of a Disney Cartoon movie. I have never really seen a kid cry in one of those, but he is my sensitive boy! 

He loved the construction process on his " Fird house "( 3rd house).Every time we would go check out the progress he would fill his pockets with saw dust and non sense. 

 A bear picnic. BluBear still makes an appearance here and there. He no longer needs him to sleep, but sometime he will spend a day mothering him. Putting him in the high chair, down for a nap etc.
He still likes dressing up and does it regularly. 

and LOVES his momma ! He tells me 100 times a day how much he loves me or how great I am. I know this will end one day and I will certainly miss it!

Fishing with PawPaw. He loves it and asks me to take him fishing every time we drive by anything bigger than a rain puddle. HA

Fenn & Cousin Chloe

We celebrated his birthday at Chuck E Cheese. He loved his party and cake and friends and presents. He was really aware of all of it this year and was SUPER proud about turning 5! He tells me " It's OK Momma. I am a grown up now " ha probably b/c bubs and I made so many jokes about him growing up too fast. 

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The Macons said...

My gosh he is a DOLL BABY!! Love ya'll!

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