Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Tudor Renovation Updates #2

Lots of updates! If you follow me on instagram then you see these more in real time with more detail. This is just a highlights reel and not in a very orderly fashion either but I am too tired to organize it! HA

So .. fireplace has been redone entirely. New gas logs, firebox, stone, and reclaimed mantle. If I ever need another side business it will be re-claimed wood cause they cost dolla 
dolla billz y'all!

 Drywall repair and you can see the floor is raised now and all the hardwood is down.

I want something like this by the garage door. 

Built ins are started and all carpentry stuff. I originally wanted them on the sides of fireplace but they could not be recessed so the fireplace would have been stuck between and further back. 

The closet that we turned into a guest bath, or as Fenn calls it "The guessing room" aka Guest Room. :) Tile is in on shower and floors. Toilet is in and now frameless glass ordered.

Master bath : quite the transformation. Walls down, shower tile in, tub in, and marble hex floors. I am SO excited about this room!  That floor is my favorite!!

The giant storage closet is has been added to the playroom. We needed some storage space and this will be perfect! Plenty of room for holiday decor etc and then the door on the far right will have floor to ceiling wood shelves for toy storage. 

This was a half wall on the side of the staircase but I was so worried about Fenn trying to climb over it and a friend suggested building it up and making and L shaped desk/homework space here. Once I saw the wall up I knew that was a good move. I will have a nice art work area now for Fenn and upper cabinets that I can hide marker and such so sister is not decorating the place in her spare time.

Kid's bathroom tub/shower is in. Floors are tiled.
 Master shower tile. I really struggled with the tile pattern but after studying the pics I liked on pinterest, I loved the clean look of tile without any pattern and am happy with that choice now that I see it up. Who KNEW how many tiny decisions would be involved in this. I also went with small grout lines and epoxy grout in a platinum color.

Laundry room tile is in. Color is hard to see in this pic but it's kind of an oyster white-ish color.

Kid's bathroom tile floor. Our tile guys listen to dub step music all day which I love. (That is their phone plugged in there , playing their jams).

Unexpected expenses since last report :
- I made a large error in the master tub selection. I let the tub guy talk to me about a tub that was not in stock " but was like what I picked out" except when it was delivered it was much more shallow than the one I wanted. I tried to just get over it since it was in , and then it was installed but the more I thought about it the more I knew it had to be changed. Then I had to pay for 2 tubs and the installation/removal etc. UGH! But when the new tub was in I knew it was the right decision. Just a painful one.

- Added a few more things to the carpenter list.
- raised that half wall in the playroom

We have 2 weeks left till move date! 
- hardwood will be stained and finished
- carpet will be put in
- paint will be finished
- cabinetry installed in kitchen and bathrooms
- plumbing fixtures put in
- electrical finished

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