Thursday, April 23, 2015

Updates on the Tudor Reno!

I always worry about jamming up everyone's feed with house pics, but then people ask me for them a lot and my favorite pics online are Before/After House type pics so here we go! Round 2! We are about 2 weeks into the renovation. It has been going really well and fairly fast. 
A quick rundown:
- Demo ( removing all the carpet, old floors, and wallpaper and some walls, and all the existing kitchen and bathrooms)
- Building up the living room floor
- replacing the old subfloor ( it was not suitable for laying hardwoods. )
- rebuilding one of the stair cases
- can lights installed
- Hardwoods have started going in. Office, dining room, and power room are complete. Living room, kitchen and hallway are partially complete.

Unexpected Expenses:
- old Termite damage
- plumbing in a wall we were removing
- stairs not built properly so once carpet was removed we had to rebuild them

You can compare most of these pics to the previous post. 

Living Room: Building up the recessed floor. I liked the recessed vibe, but for safety and re-sell reasons and overall better flow , we decided to bring it up to the other floor.

Kitchen: No more cabinets, floor removed, lights in, wall gone. 

Playroom: MAJOR difference without all the wallpaper and chair rail. 

Guest room. Painted, carpet removed. 

Dining Room : Painted, hardwoods in. 

Office : hardwoods in, wet bar removed. 

Master Bathroom : Gutted. Walls removed to create more space and add a shower. This room is gonna be crazy different. YAY to having a tub again :)

A look coming down the foyer stairs. New floors, and chair rail gone.

New stairs coming out of the playroom/bonus room. These stairs are SO pretty! From the top of the stairs everything looks new and bright and light and I love it! 

Coming Up : 
  • Bathroom Fixtures being installed
  • Dry wall/framing work
  • Fireplace stonework
  • I can't remember the rest!

Over all we are really enjoying everything and watching it come together. I don't anticipate being done by the time we move in. I think we will be lucky to have cabinets and unlikely any countertops. I didn't want to order anything until we closed so that time frame was just too tight. I am OK with that because I think we kept our expectations realistic, and let's be honest... ain't much cooking going on around here these days anyway... 
I underestimated how many tiny decisions would be involved. I have a million pinterest pics and I can say " I like that" but then when asked a detailed question like, what type of tub, what size, what brand faucets, this stone or that one.. etc.. it's pretty overwhelming. Mostly because I just worry if I am making the right decisions but I guess time will tell. 

If anyone has any recent appliance shopping experiences or feedback I would love to hear that as I am ordering those this week . 


Coralie Anne Farish Scott said...

Laura, if you're getting a French door fridge- think long & hard about the ice & water dispenser in the door. It takes up a lot of room in the actual fridge. My mother-in-law just has an icemake f in the freezer drawer & I like it better bc her fridge has more room in it. We have all GE gold appliances. They're great. My mom just bought a kitchenaid fridge on clearance at Lowe's that's also lovely. And I know this might sound crazy but also, think about getting 2 dishwashers... my aunt has 2 in her beach house & at first I thought that was silly but it didn't take no time to realize having 2 dishwashers is the bomb & I will def be getting a second one the next time we remodel. And by the way, when are y'all coming to the beach & we're def doing Ttown- trying to figure out if we can do Nashville.

Nicole & Nick said...

This is so exciting! It's coming along so fast! Looking good!

grizaham said...

good times so far!

melissa said...

I am SO impressed with the speed at which you're knocking this out! I have a billion projects I'd like to undertake in our house and can't get any of them started. I think finding a decent contractor (if I ever do) will help... I love seeing these pictures - hope you'll keep sharing updates!

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