Thursday, October 23, 2014

Disney Ice/ Chappells & Warrens Visit /Titans Tailgate.

I don't know if life has ever been as busy as it is these days! We are having a good time and packing in some great stuff. I am a few weeks behind with this post, (which should actually just be an assumption from here on out since I have to sat that every time!)

We went to FROZEN ON ICE with Fenn which was awesome fun! It was nice to do something just with him and give him some special attention from both parents. The show was great and we ended up being there at the same time/show as Cousin Chloe! She was dressed up in her Elsa gown and having a blast.

Then our college buddy Martin P Chappell made it to town with his wife, son and new baby and we had a wonderful time catching up and eating dinner. I will never stop being shocked seeing our kids with our friends kids. I still can't believe we have TWO kids! ha
Fenn and Sister were excited about baby Arden.

Fenn and Everette. They were too funny! This boy is definitely my son because he loves when we have guests and especially if they have kids that sleep over. He always gets sad when they leave. Nothing like a  built in buddy for a few days.

Then some more of our favorite AU peeps came to town the next day, Wade & Andrea. We call Wade "BW or Brother Wade" and Fenn now calls him " Brovver Wave" HA and Andrea always brings trinkets for everyone, including the dogs so you know Fenn will never forget that she brought him some CHOCOLATE EGGS. (In fact, Marty and Eli brought the kids stuff too so it was like Christmas up in here. No wonder he likes houseguest so much ;)

Brovver Wave and Andrea also cooked dinner for us on Saturday and everyone hung out and grilled out and had a camp fire for the Auburn game with a beautiful LSU Victory. The Kelton clan ever came by for part of the game so Fenn had " his ladies" to play with as well. 

Sunday we did the big Titans Tailgate which was fun. Somehow we didn't get any good pics :(

 This picture CRACKS me up cause brovver wave ain't down with da babies.

Thanks to everyone for coming to visit and all the fun! 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Pearl Jam in Cincinnati

Big shout out to BeBe and PawPaw for sponsoring this 24 hour Parents Gone Wild Get Away. Erik and I zipped over to Cincinnati for less than 24 hours to enjoy one of our favorite bands, Pearl Jam. Mom and Dad made the long trek up here to watch our little peeps and  I think they all had fun and were exhausted by the end of it. 
(After the chaotic dinner time scene over here my dad did say I was an amazing woman, HA.)

It was made even more fun by the discovery of a casino! It was not a regular casino but we managed to find a similar game to my 1 penny fish slots in Vegas and spent some good time playing with 2 $20 bills. Erik won , as always. 

Avett Bros on the Riverfront and friends from Austin!

My pro little blog is sorely neglected, but there are only so many hours in the day! So just doing a little catch up for scrapbooking sake. Recently one of my best Auburn gals came to visit with her family and we had So.Much.Fun. Linzy, Adam, Maia, and Townes came all the way from Austin, TX!

 Shrinky Dinks! If you don't know what a shrinky dink is, please do yourself a favor and google it. 

Supper on the patio with glowing silverware !

Beautiful venue for an awesome band! Still love the Avett Bros. SO much. Excellent song writers and musicians

These guys were too cute. Poor sister was napping but she thought it was neat having another baby around. Fenn asks for Maia to come back at least once a day and this was like 3 weeks ago!

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