Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sister is 13 Months Old!

My little princess has had a great month. Seems the further from 1 she get's the happier she becomes. It is unbelievable how #serioussister has become so happy and sweet since her birthday. Everyone around her has noticed the change. 

Weight: 23lbs ( Fenn weighed 30lbs at this age)
Clothes: 24 mos - 2T depending on the brand. 

Eating: eating really well and most anything. She recently got like 4 new teeth that are helping with that. Finally is holding her own cup and drinking from a sippy cup. ( whew). She LOVES ritz crackers. 

Diapers: Still size 2 and still fits in cloth diapers easily.

Milestones: She is def so different than Fenn in the talking department. She says Momma, and Dada, regularly, and has attempted to say " cracker" and " doggy" a few times. She makes tons of noise to communicate and has "signed" more a few times in desperation. Most recently she signed " more" to me when a song she likes to listen to was over. She kicks and carries on for me to turn that song on over and over.  
Crawling like mad. She's def got that under control, and has started pulling up on her knees but she has yet to stand on her feet or cruise or even think about it. When I stand her up on her feet she gets pretty mad.
Drinking from her sippy cup. 

 Sister has not been sick in quite a while, Thankfully! She has not had an ear infection since April. She had a temp & sore throat in June but since then all has been well. I am a little surprised by that because she has been to so many public kid places and day care and such. ( I still use probiotics and essential oils for both children to strengthen immune system). She is teething up a storm and drooling with runny nose because of that but otherwise all is well.  Teething has made her cranky on occasion and def gives her nasty diapers but it does not keep her up at night and over all has not been terrible.     

Books : 
She does not get near the reading time that Fenn did at her age. When she does she loves those JellyCat books that you can touch the different textures.

Jack in the Box, a Vtech Walker thingy from her aunt jade, Minnie Mouse anything. She really reacts to Minnie Moise, Jelly Cat Bunnies. She loves , loves loves them and chews on them more or less like a pacifier. She sleeps with 2 of them.

This is my favorite outfit of sisters, and you probably have noticed since she wears it all.the.time.  

This pic cracks me up. Any day that sister is in daddy day care with the 2 guys, she always looks pretty rough,tired and scrompled when I come home. 

1 Year Check Up

This picture IS EVERYTHING. Perfectly captions most days/moments. Sister has zero personal space and gets squished, squeezed and kissed 24-7.

And another great shot from daddy day care. Not sure why everyone was so saddddddz.

 #sleepingsister is so sweet and cute. If all babies slept as good as sister I could have a dozen more. Reading that book " Raising BeBe" was one of the best parenting choices I have ever made. Learning the pause was huge. Thanks to that, this sweet sister will just relax and play in her bed when she wakes up till I go in and get her. Amazing compared to her bro.

Baby Picnic. They all really liked looking at and touching each other. It was cute.

Finally mastered the Sippy cup. She still expects me to hold it for her 50% of the time, but she def knows how to use it and will guzzle her milk in one sitting like it's a bottle.

Getting ready for football season! We never have any access to Auburn clothes up here so I snagged this from Smocked Auctions soon as I saw it. My girl loves TV. She especially loves Baby Einstein, but also big kid shows. I turned on the movie " Frozen" today for Fenn and she started smiling and clapping and dancing, totally tuned in.

 Sister is all about the plundering these days! Dog food dish is her FAVORITE and she moves at lightening speed to get to it. She loves to get into anything she is not supposed to and looks so proud while breaking the rules.
She loves baths and is still battling her dry skin bumps. If I made stronger efforts to keep her constantly moisturized it would be much better. It is hard to get her to stay still long enough to get lotioned up.

One interesting thing about sister, is that for some reason I feel bad to get on to her. I noticed in my old blogs about Fenn I was correcting and disciplining him with no problem. I don't know if it is because she is a girl or what but I feel so bad when I make corrective noises at her for trying to say, plunder my china cabinet. She is just so much more tender then he ever was it is an interesting predicament. 

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