Monday, July 28, 2014

Fenn's 4th Birthday Party

I resolved this year to be better with birthday parties, and failed miserably on my boy's special party. The week of his "party" my neighbor reminded me.. " you know Saturday is the party right?! Have you called and found a place etc?" and it hit me like a ton of bricks!
I was late to plan, invite, reserve a place , blah blah blah. I originally planned to have a water party at our house, but as luck would have it, that weekend in JULY it was COLD and rainy.
So week of the party I ordered a "Sunshine" Cake per Fenn's numerous requests for a " Sunshine party" ( which reminded me of how he wanted to be a "butterfly" on Halloween when there is no such boy butterfly costume available. ) That kid knows what he wants, let's just say that!

Anyway... long story long.. the sunshine cake was lost in translation ( literally...person who took my order did not speak great English. ) so we ended up with red cupcakes with ants on them and a party at Monkey Joes. I forgot to invite probably 1/2 of our friends ( sorry guys) but it's hard when I am working 15 hour days to be that productive at night! 


Fenn loved his party, and was surprised I think, when he realized it was HIS party. I will never forget him coming into the party room to hug me and tell me thank you for his "parwty" and then he told me later in the bathroom " Momma! you reawwy surprised me with my parwty"! Cutie

He has been telling me ever since that party something about "sitting in the coach" which i thought was some Thomas reference.. but turns out he was referring to the inflatable THRONE that he sat in at the party table LOL

Paw Paw and Sister having some fun!

These twin beauties are from Fenn's class at school and the one on the right was his best friend this year. She is the female version of him and wide open and SO cute! 

The arcade was a big hit and paw paw loved seeing the kids go so crazy. I got to practice my old school skills at the grab machine and won't at least 5 if not more spiky balls. Not gonna lie... I was pretty proud! ha

Cousin Chloe with the ball her daddy won! 

and sister missed her nap that day so she took a quick snooze in the Ergo Baby Backpack. She is a good sport that sister!

So I guess the end of these story is , I didn't have any decorations or balloons or the chalkboard or even a cute cake for heaven' sake or a nice outfit for my boy , BUT he loved his party and we all had a great time. SO I guess it worked out OK, but one day I would like to have him a planned party, with a legit them and goody bags and all that fun stuff. 

Fenn got a bike for his birthday, but he was SO not interested so I am thinking of returning it. He got this cool car for his birthday earlier in the month and prefers it to anything else. 


Unknown said...

You are an awesome mama!

grizaham said...

Happy bday Fenn!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Didn't realize you had a blog, saw you commented on Natasha's blog! Fenn is so precious and how cute he thanked you for his party! He's a sweetie!

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