Friday, May 30, 2014

Sister is 11 Months Old

well.. I totally dropped the ball on Sister's 10 month post so let me sling out some 11 month stuff before she turns ONE! 
Time really flies by the 2nd time around!

Sister still is not crawling, much less walking or pulling up on things. I am really surprised because I figured she would do all of this faster than Fenn did since she is not as big as he was ( although she is still in 90%). She makes some good solid attempts but gets SO fired up when nothing happens. I know crawling will be a game changer so I have not tried too hard to push it.

She is eating table food about 75% of the time now. She has 2 teeth on top and 2 teeth on bottom and I think is working on some new teeth based on drool and the constant chewing on her fingers. She prefers real food most of the time and eats what we eat, and sometimes random stuff like ritz crackers or goldfish. Mash packs still eaten at least once a day.  She is only nursing twice a day still ( morning and night) but she is completely disinterested in it so it will be no problem to drop those I think, but I do want to keep her hydrated! 
She has finally started feeding herself both small and big things. Very exciting stuff!! Fenn always remarks now " Look!! he's eating his own cracker!" ( he always calls sister " he/him" )

She has begun babbling about the day she turned 11 months old! It is very cute and not super often but can be pretty loud.  She does not get much of a chance to talk, as you can see from this video. I have heard him many times sounding out things to her like his name to try and teach her to talk. Super cute.

Thankfully my girl is still a good sleeper ( terrible napper, but can't win 'em all!). She goes to bed about 6pm or 6:20ish and wakes up around 5:30/6am but stays happily in her bed babbling and playing with her toes till I retrieve her. Brother always BURST into her room like a wild hurricane of loudness and bright light every morning and says things to her he has heard me say " Good morwning seeeeester. Did you have a good sweep?!" etc. 

My girl loves water. Baths, pools etc. LOVES. She also loves other kids. She does almost continual noise making/fussing at home and I think that is because she is bored. When she is with or around other kids she watches quietly and happily. She loves carbs like her momma. 

She makes TONS of faces and expressions!

I am thinking sister may be able to wear cloth diapers the whole time she is in diapers ( Fenn got too big and none would fit his waist !). I am so happy about that cause I love using them. She wears Costco size 3 or 4 for she is at a public nursery etc. 

She still has a yucky skin rash. The pedi has discussed it and has 2 things he thinks it might be, but either way I really would like to clear it up. It is like dry skin bumps but red and all over her knees and arms. We tried this special lotion in Finishing Touches ( a gift shop in my home town Monroeville, AL) called Baby Pibu and it was a remarkable improvement but I only had a sample so my mom has purchased some for us and we are waiting to get it and try to heal her once and for all. It does not bother her ( just me), but if any of you deal with eczema related stuff this is supposed to be the miracle cure. ( You can call to order 

Finishing Touches in Monroeville, AL - 251-575-2066)

So my sassy little princess is doing great! 

Challenge of having 2 kids currently: Still going pretty well (all things considered) but the most aggravating thing at this time is that Fenn is starting to bother sister. Anytime I am not looking, and someone times when I am! 
For instance when I am feeding her in the high chair he will fun by and yank her hand kinda hard, which makes her cry. Even when he is playing with her he inevitably makes her cry ( within 30 secs) so just refereeing that situation is tiresome. 

All in all a good report on some sweet kiddos! Stay tuned for birthday parties!

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Coralie Anne Farish Scott said...

Anna Clarke is the cutest, most mild-tempered thing. I could just eat her on a biscuit! I can't believe she's almost one!

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