Thursday, May 1, 2014

Easter 2014

Sister only cared about her mum mums! 

 You can tell she loved the Easter Egg Hunt LOLZ

Doing a slow blog catch up so this is brief! Easter was great. Fenn was in a weird mood that day and was completely uninterested in his Easter Basket and also didn't want to stay in his class at church so he went to big church for the 1st time. He LOVES church so that was super strange but I didn't feel like battling him over it. He did pretty well. Not too much talking. The loved all the singing and music and clapped energetically after each song.

Family pictures were kind of a disaster but my beautiful table settings made up for it! I loved the one on the patio so much I almost could not take it down!

The day I was decorating and setting all the tables Fenn said to me  " It's my birthday" 
and I said " no... its not your birthday that is for Easter Brunch." 
And he said noooo.. it is my birthday 
and i said noooo that is not about Fenn but about Jesus
 and he said, very emphatically, " NO mom mom, Jesus is for school with Mrs. Jessica, NOT for home"
So you can see his school is doing a great job with him and me.. not so much.

and those precious matching Easter outfits I got them? Ugh not one single picture of them together so I am totally gonna wash, iron and pose them in the backyard and pretend it's Easter again! ha #notevenkidding


grizaham said...

Some great pics here! Easter was great!

melissa said...

You guys are adorable! The kids looked precious in their Easter outfits. I sort of love the "real life" pictures - that's what it's like with kids. Rarely picture perfect. At least at our house. Your tables were so pretty too!

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