Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sister's 9 Month Report!

**only a month late :( **

Sister is now 9 months old. I feel like I just did one of these updates last week! Not too much has changed from 8 - 9 months... 

She now has 2 teeth. ( barely) which really confuses me as to what I should do about feeding her and stuff. I want her to try lots of things and textures, but I don't know how well she can really eat them with only 2 Teefs.

She does seem to prefer real food to baby food for sure. But sometimes I give her things and she just swishes them around in her mouth without ever actually swallowing them, then like 10 bites later you see her mouth is FULL because she shows her chipmunk stash from her cheeks.

She is sitting up really well and moving all over the place without ever crawling. She rolls and pushes her way about.  She makes a few attempts at crawling but then like after 2 seconds decides its not worth all that work. HA

This guy here could NOT love her more. He is so dang sweet to her and she smiles and laughs at him every time she sees him, or even when she just hears him coming down the hall! Lately he has been interacting with her just like he sees me do and its so funny to see a mini me taking care of her. 

Sleep: The time change has really messed us all up! She is now sleeping from about 7pm-7am on a good day. On a bad day 6:20pm - 5:30 am.  She has also woken a up once a night a few times here and there. No idea why. Sometimes i go to her and nurse and sometimes I just let her work it out. She started sleeping on her stomach around 8.5 months ( even in her sleep sack)

Food: Still nursing exclusively but now only about twice a day ( morning and night) which I am happy to be at this point. Breast feeding kind wears me out, especially with this no bottle havin baby. She eats a mix of baby food and people food at each meal time. Sometimes I give her a mum mum or puffs for a snack in between meals if she seems interested. She still can't or won't really feed herself! Fenn did this at such a young age so its an adjustment with sister! I can't wait till she can feed herself!

Measurements "
Weight : 21lbs 8oz (89%)
Height : 28.75" (72%)
Head 17.91" ( 82%)

 Sister has been keeping me on my toes these last few weeks and been especially fussy. I took her to the doctor b.c she had a runny nose and woke up at night and he said she was fine, so I thought maybe her issue was teething.
Well after about 2 more weeks of runny nose, frequent night waking and overall fussiness she began running a high fever so I took her back in and he informed me she had a raging double ear infection and that she had it for at least 1.5 weeks! UGH! I knew she was getting another ear infection and am mad at myself for not following through cause we have have all suffered for it.

So my pretty princess is back on a 1o day antibiotic and is on the mend and already doing somewhat better. We have been traveling so hard to tell if her  frequent night waking is still ear related or from travel or all of the above. I am READY to get back on a schedule. 

 Also she seems to be getting kind of clingy, and fond of her momma! Oops! I need to be more diligent about leaving her with others so that she is comfortable with that. Hard to do when she is sick though :(

She goes to the church nursery on Sundays, and has started going to the nursery at the YMCA while i try to work off the rest of these nasty leftovers she gave me.  I had 2 lbs left a while back and now I have 6 lbs! YIKES.Its like the eternal baby gut that won’t go away and makes me look 3 months pregnant. It is driving me absolutely bonkers. 

Clothing : She is still in mostly 12 month stuff. some of it is too snug, but is still the right length so she can also wear 18 months. 
Diapers: She may need to move up a size in disposable diapers. They are getting harder to fasten. She is still mostly wearing Cloth diapers though and thankfully they still fit her well.  I just ordered her some pretty pink and purple ones from ebay .( which BTW if you like pocket diapers, ebay is a great resource because they are imported and much cheaper, I also like the style. )

she is sitting up well and moving all around on her belly, but not from actually crawling .. just pushing and pulling and rolling. She has been trying to push her legs under her to move and BOY does it make her mad when she realized how much effort its gonna take to propel 22lbs.

Still not feeding herself yet. She dives her head down on the high chair to pick up food with her mouth but will not use her hands to do it! 


She was eating about 2 servings of mash packs at each meal but lately has been less interested in food and in nursing which her pedi said is just normal for this age.  She smiles and kicks when she sees a mum mum though!  Currently I am only nursing her twice a day ( morning and night) unless something is going on like she is sick or feeling badly etc.  All those recent night visits have been nursing sessions. 

We are still working on a zippy cup, with a straw and using liquids other than milk as instructed by my instagram peers and that seems to be helping. My Nonie also said she drinks well from a regular cup so I may try that some. would be nice to skip straight to the WOW cup.

Speaking of the WOW cup, if you don’t have one you should check them out. We saw the infomercial 1 million times on sprout or somewhere, and I don’t know if that is why Fenn loves it or what but he calls it his “ wild cup” and pretty much only wants to use it. I like it because no spout to impair his speech development but no spills either so we can use it in the car and stuff. Babies/Toys R Us Carries them now too.

Baby Gear:

If you Follow me on instagram ( lg2006) then you know how much I love our CIAO Baby travel high chair. That thing is MONEY!  Folds up like a tailgate chair, light weight, small footprint both in use and storage, easy to wipe down, has a cup holder.. We take it everywhere! Even in the backyard when we eat dinner on the patio.  Its really wonderful!

Sister is now enjoying some Baby Einstein. It has been super helpful during her sick miserable days to combat the fussing. So of course she is enjoying the ilatch. We made great use of that on our 6 hour drive to Monroeville.

I have been writing on this for about 6 weeks now so its kinda choppy and repetitive but you get the picture! Gotta post it so I can get the 10 month one going now.

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