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2 Kids In the City! NYC #BSinBK

** I never finished writing this weeks ago but am publishing anyway **

We took both kids to New York City last weekend to see one of my best girls from college get married! It was a crazy experience and oh so fun!

The trip started with our flight being delayed by 11 hours. ELEVEN HOURS in the airport with a 3 year old and a baby. Awesomesauce.  But we made it.  And you know, God totally has a sense of humor, because while I was sitting next to the airport play area watching Fenn thinking about how crazy that all was, a family comes up with over 8 kids! ( I stopped counting once I got to 8 because they were all moving around so much ) but dude!!  That really put things into perspective.  The upside was that both kids were exhausted by the time we got on the plane and were so calm and good. Some nice person commented on how our kids were the most well behaved kids they have ever flown with! ( don't worry, they made up for that on the return flight)

We TOTALLY learned from our mistakes when we flew to Orlando last month. 

  • Airport parking. This time, we parked in one of those paid lots that shuttles you to the airport and that was SO MUCH BETTER than us parking our selves. We all stay together the whole time, and we don't have to lug 18 suitcase and a stroller through the weather. This was really HUGE in terms of keeping the morale up.
  • Pack less. Also kind of hilarious that this time I totally stripped down my flight bag, and we got stuck for 11 hours so I ran out of baby food and what not. Just FYI, the airlines have that stuff behind the scenes so they gave me a huge pack of wipes.  But still, packing one backpack with my stuff, and the kids stuff all in one place was nice. 
  • I packed a huge duffel bag that we checked ( we checked all luggage) with a pack n play, travel high chair, go pod. It was nice having baby gear when needed because we rented an apartment there. We gate check stroller and car seat ( which snaps onto stroller ) 
  • We practiced really good and strict discipline before and during trip. Every kid is different, but for Fenn, he is not the kid that does well with getting a break or bending the rules because we are out of town or having fun. I always wanna break out and let him eat sweets all day or whatever because it is fun, but I know I will regret that later so we kept it real, even if that meant letting him scream to high heaven in  the museum because I put him in the corner for being disrespectful. and let me tell you , this was no small scene. He was loud as HADES in that corner and it saws totally embarrassing but I have learned that once he realized he no longer holds that power (to act awful in public because I am too embarrassed to publicly discipline or I am trying to avoid a scene) he rarely acts awful in public anymore. 

I was really shocked at how much we all enjoyed the trip and just traveling in general. If you are thinking about doing something like this with your kid/s i really want to encourage you because it rocks their world! Especially a busy body like Fenn. He was so much better behaved on this trip ( only 2 meltdowns), because he stays busy and interested. All mundane things are fun all of a sudden because you are experiencing them through your child. 

Fenn loved the subways, buses and taxis. LOVED! He liked watching people, seeing those random musicians play on the platforms, seeing those nasty rats run the tracks, the noise, the moving trains... SO much stuff he would just sit there very quietly and awe struck. So that serious face he is making in the pictures is a look of amazement! 

He loved that apartment and being up so high looking out the windows. He was eye to eye with a huge tree, and could see lots of ambulances, and taxis drive by and just watch all the movement. He told me the morning we were leaving, " I don't wanna weave the city" HA He also called it " New Pork City"

We did not pack any toys and that did not matter because he created his own! Like this drum set he made from kitchen dishes HA

China town blew his mind and we let him purchase his own souvenir , which if you follow me on instagram you know was a black leather fedora that he wore EVERYWHERE. He got lots of compliments on it too which was very exciting for him. So many people give sister all the attention and that hat helped even it up. He rarely ever asks to buy anything no matter where we go ( he def gets that from Erik and NOT from his momma, who wants all.the.things.) but he asked for a Bubble Guppies water color book in the airport, a view finder from the top of the rock, and that hat, all of which he LOVED and is still playing with.

Even sister had a great time. She love strangers just like her brother and would stare people down and force her way into their conversations so that when they finally acknowledged her she would give a big gummy smile and win them over and then they talked and played with her till they left. This happened over and over.  It was pretty funny and cute. Glad she was practicing her social skills. All that visiting would wear her out. We took her around in her stroller mostly , which I really debated thinking the Ergo might make more sense. At the end of the day, she is 21lbs and that was a TON of walking basically a 12 hour day of sight seeing so it was really nice to have somewhere for her to nap and give my back a break. It was not always easy navigating a stroller, especially in crowded places like china town and on the bus, but we made it. 

The people of NYC were shockingly polite,considerate and helpful toward our whole family thing. So many times people would give us their seat on the subway or bus or help us move the stroller around etc. Men and women of all ages. Then we got home to the sweet, polite south where FIVE employees for Southwest airlines stood there chatting next to the plane and watched me holding a baby with one arm, a 2 bags and 3 year old with my free hand and trying to unfold a stroller. They never offered to assist with anything. HA 

I say all of that to say we had a real good time! I wish I had finished writing this back when we had just gotten home, cause now over a month later.. the details are already fuzzy HA ! 

My girl had a very unique and cool wedding, and it was my first time ever to go to a jewish wedding and I loved that song ( don't know the name) but the bride and groom were in the air in chairs and everyone was dancing and singing beneath them. That  was super cool, AND... the groom , WROTE .. and SANG her a song at the alter!! That was mind blowing to me because I can barely speak in front of a crowd, much less sing an intimate love song! We were all really impressed and moved by that. They are such a perfect match and it was fun to be a part of that celebration for sure. Even if I was wearing boots with my dress ( because when I got my new dress and shoes out to put on 5 minutes before walking out the door, BOTH of my new shoes were for the left foot!!!) HA

PS.. After coming home we got a " Little Critter" Book about Mommy and me and it was all about a trip to New York. Great book to get if you plan on taking a little one to NYC.

Natural History Museum
( I have never been before and we loved it! It is HUGE. I wish we had done it in the morning and not afternoon because Fenn and sister were both reaching their limit as this point)

Cupakes from Magnolia Bakery  ( we were not impressed. They didn't come close to Ivy Cakes here in Nashville)

Huge thanks to CoCo who joined us on this trip to help with the kids when we were at the wedding! Fenn had a great time with her and clung to her lots and always worried about where she was.. 

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