Saturday, March 8, 2014

The History of Our Dining Room and Picture OVERLOAD!

I have been working on our dining room for years! Below is a series of pictures over the years! 

 It started in our old house back in 2008 with this antique furniture we bought at various flea markets and Goodwill. I love love love that the chairs are not all the same. :

Then I Painted all of them like this and they look great together! ( Tabu by Porter Paints):
Then I recovered the seats like this:

 Then in 2009  We Painted the room ( Porter Paints Oyster Shell) I bought a different table at Goodwill and painted it and added a Chandelier ( from West Elm) :

 Then in 2012 we moved!   I bought this sideboard off cousin Marshall ( he had already primed). I  was pregnant with Sister so Mom and Bubs painted ( Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ( Duck Egg Blue).

 Which called for recovering the Chairs ( i think this was my 3rd time to recover them )

And some new lamps from Homegoods :

In 2013 We finally bought the Dining room Table I had lusted after for years! 

and a China Cabinet off Craigslist. I sold the one we had in there and bought a different styled one with that money.  

The 2014 Plan is to Paint the china cabinet, the room, change the art and light fixture (depending on the budget! ) Choosing a paint color was HARD! @jessidesign gave me lots of great counsel and 4 colors ranging from brave to boring. I put all of them up on the wall to think about and see how it felt. ( and take instagram votes)

 This was Sherwin Williams " Spare White"  and Benjamin Moore "Wedgewood Gray"

 And Sherwin Williams " Blushing" and " White Dogwood"

I wanted something really light and clean looking to brighten the too, but it had to go with the blue sideboard and the painted chairs and china cabinet! I loved the peach and thought that would be super cool and different, but thought the grey might flow better with the rest of my rooms all connected to this one So I chose # 3 on the list (not pictured above) " Repose Grey" from Sherwin Williams :

and the paint color actually made this light fixture tolerable ( where as before I hated it). You can also see the painted China Cabinet which looks SO MUCH BETTER!! I get lots of questions about painting furniture, but I would not say that I am an expert on that so please google for the 4-1-1 but basics are : 
1. Sanding
2. Priming
3. Painting with Oil based paint

There are so many variations of that and rules change if you use chalk paint etc but for me, I think Oil based paint works so much better for furniture because it is a more finished look that doesn't flake or chip etc.

So that brings us to where we are now! Looking good but still not done. I was too lazy to style this or worry over the smaller details. This post has already taken me 2 days to write so I am ready to be done! 

Mirrors from Ballards as discussed via Instagram: 

A local artist did some work for the wall. I think it might have been more fun had I not blended it so I will likely let him have another round. Just thinking it over.

The light fixture I intended to order sold out while it was in my cart!! How does that even happen? grrr so that is still in limbo.

 I would love for any people with suggestions on things to leave links in the comments! I had so much fun hearing everyone give feedback on instagram! 

If you are not following me on instagram and you wanna join the party look me up  @lg2006

........ To Be Continued...........


Courtney said...

Looks great!! I liked the peach, but the grey is really nice too. I love that Fenn did the art. Can't wait to see more!

melissa said...

So fun to see how it's changed throughout the years! I need to follow your lead and recover our dining room chairs. I think it would go a long way to sprucing up a set I'm not in love with anymore. Not to mention how Blaire stained the heck out of a few of them. Toddler eating on an upholstered chair - what was I thinking?!?! I love your blue buffet and having custom art work by Mr. Fenn is awesome!

Andie said...

I love the gray! I think that it would really bring it all together and that way if you change your mind in the future, it is neutral enough to go with anything!

everything looks great so far! Love that Fenn did your artwork! I need to try that with Andrew! LOL

Anonymous said...

I really like your dining room. Looks great. I'm just wondering why you didn't take that West Elm Chandelier with you? I just ordered one similar to it.

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