Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Fenn is 3.5 Years Old!


Weight: 42lbs
Height: 40.5"
Clothes Size: 5T
Shoe Size: 12
Bedtime: 7pm SHARP till 6:30am
Naps: NO more naps :( so we have " quiet time" in his room and I give him the iPad so that he doesn't fall asleep. If he naps he will be up till midnight
He is doing much better with eating these days but it still requires lots of work. He still loves noodles and buffalo pretzels. He will now eat some deli meat, cheese, apple sauce, Sweet potato mash packs, crackers. He will try various veggies nuts etc but won't voluntarily eat more than one piece a meal.

Being 31/2 is no joke! Fenn is really blowing my mind lately. ( and making me laugh, and for the 1st time really ever, making me raise my voice more than I care to). 

He is so smart these days, with his shapes and letters and writing, and memorizing things. He can count to about 46 last I checked. He knows how to count and recognize some money. He knows his right from left, the months of the year, some days of the week, LOTS of songs and random information. Lately he has been telling me random things in spanish, like sentences, and if I answer he will answer me back , in spanish! So weird. It was especially funny when he got in trouble for being sassy in English and so he decided to be sassy in spanish like that would be OK.  I think he learned this stuff at school in the enrichment class. 

He is keenly aware of all of our habits and ways. As my Nonie says " He keeps this house going" If the oven beeps he is telling you food is ready, if sister makes a noise he is telling me what she needs and why. If the fridge is beeping he is hollering to me that the fridge door is open. If I am not drinking coffee right when I wake up, he is asking me where is my coffee. 
Tonight I told him " Thanks for throwing that stuff away buddy" 
he said " just doing my job mom mom, just doing my job " Hilarious!

He recently had a " Donuts with Dad" breakfast at school and the paper he made for Erik was hilarious. He listed Erik's age as 2, favorite food as " salad" and favorite TV show as " football".  He gave him this framed picture below and we put it on Erik's night stand. Later we noticed that Fenn had relocated it to the built ins in the Living room next to other framed pictures.

I think this is his season for mimicking. Generally I think that is supposed to start at 3 but seems to be really hitting home for him now. He has been mimicking all sorts of interesting behavior like some of Erik's expressions and saying " WHAT THE HECK" with the same inflections. 

We just spent a week with my brother ,and for the last few days of the trip and several days after I noticed fenn spitting everywhere, CONSTANTLY. I wondered what was going on and why in the world he was suddenly obsessed with spitting. He was even spitting into a cup n the plane ride home.  THEN I caught him shoving tiny bits of balled up paper in his mouth and it hit me, he was mimicking my brother dipping!  gross! But also funny. He had really been paying attention to him I guess, because he has mad skills now! ha

We had a couple of good months but He is back to getting into trouble at school randomly. I can't quite crack the code for what brings that out, other than to just guess maybe it is related to too much sugar, or lack of sleep or both. Post Disney World he has been on a rampage!

His current interest are :
- anything to do with letters & numbers. He loves counting, trying to read and write. 
- The Radio City Rockettes and all Christmas Music
- Still really into Frosty the Snowman. He prays for him at night and sings about him during the day.
- Henry Hugglemonster on Disney Junior., Lady & The Tramp Movie & The Discovery Channel.
- dress up clothes
- his play cash register , playing grocery store and playing postman where he delivers packages to me repeatedly
- still likes art projects 
- Helping me cook , or in general helping Erik or I do any kind of job. He likes to stay busy! 

Funny things he says : 

-  Lately any time you ask him why he did or said something , he will say " Because it's Wednesday!" or he will say " Nuffing" ( nothing) He pretty much will answer any question with " Because it's wednesday" and he gets IRATE if Erik tries to tell him it is not Wednesday but Monday or whatever day.
-  He asked me this morning if " he could have some water from my booty" ( he was referring to sister nursing) I told him that was a boobie not a booty and that only people with no teeth got to do that. He seemed satisfied with that answer.
- He has picked up some new phrases from school " It's not my fault" and " but its not fair" he says in the right context although I am not convinced he really knows what he is saying. 
He has learned some serious pouting/sassy body language lately and will stomp his feet, fold his arms up and poke out his lips and if he is really mad he will shout out " Hiiiiiiiiii-YA" ( like a karate saying) which KILLS me. I can't stop laughing about it. He is not allowed to sass back to us when we have reprimanded him and this morning after a chat with me he whimpered " i really want to say hi-ya"  HA so I let him yell it out. 


He has picked up a really sassy mouth lately. He will cover his ears or try and cover my mouth when he doesn't want to hear something, and sometimes will also say " Mom mom no more talking to me OKAY?!" 
Very annoying and disrespectful!
He also says " I NOT" to things when we tell him what to do when he doesn't want to do it.
He had been really fighting bedtime but lately is doing better. I found a printable nighttime routine online and told him it was a map for bedtime with instructions ( he likes maps and instructions( recipes) ) and that got him really excited. 
Now I let him put a check mark next to each item on the sheet as he completes it, and he is so happy to go along with it all. 

Big Brother:
still loving his sister but def having some jealousy issues. He does lots of baby type behavior ( noises, back to eating those baby food pouches, asking me to hold him, wanting to be rocked, laying on her mat batting at the toys LOL). 
I love watching him try to teach her things and explain things to her. Too cute and sweet. Trying to soak that in before she is messing with his toys and he is swatting her.


The Macons said...

Ugh Scarlet has picked up the stomping those feet and sighing when she doesn't get her way, she has GOT to be learning it at school and it drives me mad! I can only imagine how her tude is gonna change when Miss Annie comes along :/ That pic of Fenn & E at donut day is THE CUTEST ever.

grizaham said...

Pretty awesome kid!!

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