Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sister is 7 Months Old

Hello World!  I am a happy girl!

We have not gotten official stats in a few weeks but this what they were at last check:

Height : 27.5" ( this girl is long!) 

Weight : 20lbs 12 oz 

Head : ?

Clothes Size : 12 mos! Which shocks me. I could not zip her 9 month jammers and just subconsciously refused to accept she was in 12 mos size. I was buying 12 mos sized summer clothes! arghhh! SO  now I am thinking she will be 18 mos by summer! She is a big girl. She never looks as big as Fenn did, but what she lacks in juiciness she makes up for in length. 

Milestones : She is sitting up now ( mostly steady)
 Grabbing at everything, and banging things together. She has really started interacting with her environment lately and will watch TV if it is on, watch the dogs when they are moving around and always keeping a skeptical eye on that brother of hers. 

Baby Gear : Exersaucer, Boon Spoons, Orbit stroller system

Toys : She likes things that make noise, crackley noises or bells and rattles. Poor little 2nd child syndrome means that is usually the wipes pack, or whatever is laying around! 

Diaper Bag - I don't even carry one with her! Diapers in my car or purse and nursing shawl.

Eating : We started solids and are still breast feeding. She nurses maybe 5 times a day depending on the day. I don't ever pump anymore unless i must for some reason. I got a Medela swing pump to take with me on our upcoming travels just as a security blanket really, but I do not plan on needing one. I pretty much always forget to pack my dang pump so I will keep this one in my suitcase!

Right now sister is eating Earth's Best Food Pouches, for 2 reasons:
 1.) I can't find the canister for my Beaba. ( I blame erik for that!) and 
2.) I am slightly worried that making all of Fenn's baby food is the reason he has eating issues. His OT assures me that is not the case but it is still hard to not worry about that.

Anyway she likes carrots, and peas and everything has to be warmed. It if its cold or room temp she starts blubbering her lips and doing raspberries so that it gets EVERYWHERE! Fenn never wasted a DROP of food, this girl tries to bathe in it.

Recently Fenn asked me what I was doing and  I said " feeding sister her peas" and he said " How about some A's Mom Mom " .. it took me 30 seconds to realize his little joke he made without even trying HA  He was mostly just disturbed that I would feed her the alphabet out of order!

Sleeping : Sleeping BEAUTY! That is what I should call our girl! I will never stop praising Jesus for how well she sleeps. NEVER.  She goes to bed every night at 6:30pm and gets up  generally around 7am. Sometimes 6:30 and sometimes 8. Her naps are not as great or very regular. Maybe 2 or 3 times a week she will take a 2 hour nap in the afternoons but mostly she takes a 45 min nap every 2 or 3 hours.

Teeth : None Yet. I do wonder if she is working on some because she has been drooling and chewing on her hands and she still holds the side of her head like Home Alone style. I have had her ears checked 2 times for this and she didn't have an infection so maybe her teeth are bothering her?

Diapers : Back in the cloth! we took a month off during the Holidays to lessen the stress but I am happy to be back in cloth now. We are still using Charlie Banana Pocket Diapers with hemp inserts, and I probably will never change that, although I do want some pink ones!

 Stomach Issues: I have gotten an overwhelming amount of emails/tweets etc about those probiotic drops and all of sister's tummy issues. I am HAPPY to talk to anyone about it because after those 6 weeks of pure HELL, I would always want to pull another momma through.  Because of all the public interest in this subject I am about to be detailed to the point of TMI so skip this section if you not into that. HA
I have stopped giving her the drops now and she seems to be fine without them. I think starting solids may have helped some with that, but I can tell by her poops and the fact that she is now very regular and not watery that she is better. She also doesn't  cry and act as if she were in pain, so all that to say that I think everything is normal now, and I won't buy the $30 a month supply for her but I will continue to give her probiotics, as well as everyone in the family because of all the research I did on this subject, I feel like it is better for overall health and immune system.

Health:  Sister had her 1st illness this month! An ear infection. I had no idea because she never had a temp, slept the same and ate the same. She started getting some gook in her eyes and I took her in for that which was just bacterial infection from her ears. :(  I felt so bad that she had been silently suffering and now I am paranoid about her being sick and me not being able to tell. Especially taking her on airplanes if she might have an ear infection 

We played dress up this week with some summer stuff I bought her and that was when I realized I can barely snap a 12 month bubble! Yikes!
**sidebar**Funny story but I was buying some bubbles on Facebook from another mom, and this heifer swoops in on our conversation and messages the seller and says she will buy ALL the outfits(that we were conversing about )because I don't want them and acted like we were friends and I was letting her have them. I was so STEAMED but looks like she did me a solid since sister is too big for them anyway! Funny how that stuff works out. I totally forgot how catty some women can be about baby clothes but that was a swift kick back into reality!

 Sister will be lucky if she grows up with a normal view of herself, because her daddy and brother both kiss and dote on her All day every day. She probably just thinks that is how all boys are. ( but she is pretty dang cute) 

She is a very happy baby. So much like Fenn when he was this age. Remember her mona lisa smile days? She was SO SERIOUS ! Pretty much, if you know how to change a diaper and feed and put baby in her crib to sleep, then you have her number! 

Sister is about to be an expert traveler since we are taking her to Disney and Orlando to meet her great grandparents, and then NYC in Feb. for Brooke's wedding! Packing for a family of 4 is a little overwhelming, I will report back on how that goes!


Erin said...

she is so adorable! love her smiles and updates...ur a great super mpm, Laura! <3

In This Wonderful Life said...

such a doll baby!!

time flies!!

she and sloane will be jammie twins 4 life, lol

grizaham said...

Couldn't get cuter!

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