Friday, January 10, 2014

Fenn's Prayers

Bed time has gotten pretty rough over here lately. Gone are the days of reading a story and leaving the room with a boy going to sleep on his own without objection. 

Now it is more like chase him to catch him and drag him to bed, have a meltdown about going to bed, finally decide on a story and read that, then cling to parent for dear life begging them not to leave the room. Then crying, then trying to sneak out, then asking for crackers and water, then calling us back again for hugs, then kisses, then hugs again. You get the picture. 

Last night he begged me to lay with him for a few minutes then he held my hands and kissed each one of my fingers while I was laying there! ha Tonight he called me back for THIRTY hugs and counted out each and every one.

So it can be quite entertaining, endearing and maddening all at once but the sweetest thing is when he says his prayers. Tonight this is what he said 

" God our Fadder, Thank you Mommy, daddy, Frosty the snowman, Bebe, PawPaw, 

He adds different people in every night but he always thanks God for Frosty the Snowman, and usually also says "and marshmallow cream frosting" HA

He is killing me with all this! I love this age so much! 

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