Monday, January 13, 2014

Christmas 2013

Nobody likes to read about Christmas after the fact but I need to write a Christmas post for my records. 
Everything about Christmas was so much fun this year! I love all holidays and Christmas, Easter and 4th of July are my favs. I especially love that Peebs is old enough now to appreciate all my decorating and also to expect it. He is so sharp about remembering what I have done in the past or observing what I would normally do in any given situation.
He gets very excited about decorating the house, and tried to redecorate our Christmas tree 87 times when I was wanting to put it away. He calls ornaments " Decorations" and his tree in the playroom had basically every ornament we own around the bottom 12 " 

I was very much looking forward to Elf on the Shelf and what a let down that was! My boy didn't give 2 rips about that Elf. He refused to name him, and would only call him " the elf" and he would step right over him on his way to breakfast every morning without even remarking about his mischief!! So after about 10 days of that , we sent that Elf back to the North Pole.

We did lots of traditional Christmas-y type activities! Baking cookies, decorating gingerbread houses etc. I ordered the reusable Ginger bread house this year and it has already paid for itself by providing lots of snow day activity! He gets VERY excited about it.

We attempted Church on Christmas Eve and that was a riot! My boy acted as crazy as he could, army crawling across the floor, mimicking the girl next to us who coughed a lot,  etc. After 2 time outs and 3 spankings we decided to leave and drive around to see Christmas Lights.

Christmas morning he woke up and saw everything on display in the living room and was in awe. He said " Woahhh is that for MEEEEE?" ha His favorite toy seemed to be this drum set. He went back to it over and over again, but over all he really liked all of his toys. 
He got a tool bench and lots of wash and electrical tape ( because he LOVES tape), lots of chocolate coins in his stocking, a new Baby Signing time DVD, drum set, some stuff for his play kitchen ( wooden food, and dishes)

Sister just hung out and watched the action. She slept in till about 8 am! She got some clothes, a monogrammed toiletry bag, shape sorter and some Disney toys for our upcoming trip.

I made Blue Eyed Brides Breakfast Casserole and Pioneer Women's Cinnamon Roll casserole and had Krispy Kreme donuts for my boy and it was all SO GOOD. That Breakfast Casserole is def the best one I have ever had. We had a friend come over that morning for breakfast and then went to Bro & Shauna's house that night for a little Graham Family Christmas.

Erik and I tried to surprise each other this year and get gifts that were unexpected but liked and that is VERY challenging b.c Erik never wants ANYTHING I buy him. Last year I returned every.single.present. He will say he wants " trendy" clothes and such but he will never actually WEAR them ! ha Shockingly we both hit home runs! 

He got me this AWESOME iPhone case and I got him a pebble watch which he was unsure about at first but he really loves it now.  There were some other fun trinkets in the mix too and overall just a really awesome morning! How funny that our love language is geared around iPhone gadgets. HA

We made a solid commitment to make our front yard the jazziest yard in the hood next year. Normally we have more flair than our neighbors, but this year several people stepped up their game and put us to shame! I did some serious after Christmas clearance shopping and picked up an obnoxious amount of Christmas Decor and and really solid, really cool iPhone Christmas tree.    FYI the iPhone Christmas Tree is 75% off at Wal-mart. If you have kids or need an artificial tree this thing is the BOMB. We had planned to buy a fake tree this year and start using in the years going forward ( which I always swore I would NEVER do) but I am turning into my mother and caved because I don't like the mess, or the hassle of getting it here! 


Unknown said...

Love it!!

Cary said...

Laura, how about sharing the site for the breakfast casserole or the recipe please? And you Christmas pics of the chilluns are adorable!

grizaham said...

War Eagle!!!

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