Thursday, October 23, 2014

Disney Ice/ Chappells & Warrens Visit /Titans Tailgate.

I don't know if life has ever been as busy as it is these days! We are having a good time and packing in some great stuff. I am a few weeks behind with this post, (which should actually just be an assumption from here on out since I have to sat that every time!)

We went to FROZEN ON ICE with Fenn which was awesome fun! It was nice to do something just with him and give him some special attention from both parents. The show was great and we ended up being there at the same time/show as Cousin Chloe! She was dressed up in her Elsa gown and having a blast.

Then our college buddy Martin P Chappell made it to town with his wife, son and new baby and we had a wonderful time catching up and eating dinner. I will never stop being shocked seeing our kids with our friends kids. I still can't believe we have TWO kids! ha
Fenn and Sister were excited about baby Arden.

Fenn and Everette. They were too funny! This boy is definitely my son because he loves when we have guests and especially if they have kids that sleep over. He always gets sad when they leave. Nothing like a  built in buddy for a few days.

Then some more of our favorite AU peeps came to town the next day, Wade & Andrea. We call Wade "BW or Brother Wade" and Fenn now calls him " Brovver Wave" HA and Andrea always brings trinkets for everyone, including the dogs so you know Fenn will never forget that she brought him some CHOCOLATE EGGS. (In fact, Marty and Eli brought the kids stuff too so it was like Christmas up in here. No wonder he likes houseguest so much ;)

Brovver Wave and Andrea also cooked dinner for us on Saturday and everyone hung out and grilled out and had a camp fire for the Auburn game with a beautiful LSU Victory. The Kelton clan ever came by for part of the game so Fenn had " his ladies" to play with as well. 

Sunday we did the big Titans Tailgate which was fun. Somehow we didn't get any good pics :(

 This picture CRACKS me up cause brovver wave ain't down with da babies.

Thanks to everyone for coming to visit and all the fun! 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Pearl Jam in Cincinnati

Big shout out to BeBe and PawPaw for sponsoring this 24 hour Parents Gone Wild Get Away. Erik and I zipped over to Cincinnati for less than 24 hours to enjoy one of our favorite bands, Pearl Jam. Mom and Dad made the long trek up here to watch our little peeps and  I think they all had fun and were exhausted by the end of it. 
(After the chaotic dinner time scene over here my dad did say I was an amazing woman, HA.)

It was made even more fun by the discovery of a casino! It was not a regular casino but we managed to find a similar game to my 1 penny fish slots in Vegas and spent some good time playing with 2 $20 bills. Erik won , as always. 

Avett Bros on the Riverfront and friends from Austin!

My pro little blog is sorely neglected, but there are only so many hours in the day! So just doing a little catch up for scrapbooking sake. Recently one of my best Auburn gals came to visit with her family and we had So.Much.Fun. Linzy, Adam, Maia, and Townes came all the way from Austin, TX!

 Shrinky Dinks! If you don't know what a shrinky dink is, please do yourself a favor and google it. 

Supper on the patio with glowing silverware !

Beautiful venue for an awesome band! Still love the Avett Bros. SO much. Excellent song writers and musicians

These guys were too cute. Poor sister was napping but she thought it was neat having another baby around. Fenn asks for Maia to come back at least once a day and this was like 3 weeks ago!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sister is 13 Months Old!

My little princess has had a great month. Seems the further from 1 she get's the happier she becomes. It is unbelievable how #serioussister has become so happy and sweet since her birthday. Everyone around her has noticed the change. 

Weight: 23lbs ( Fenn weighed 30lbs at this age)
Clothes: 24 mos - 2T depending on the brand. 

Eating: eating really well and most anything. She recently got like 4 new teeth that are helping with that. Finally is holding her own cup and drinking from a sippy cup. ( whew). She LOVES ritz crackers. 

Diapers: Still size 2 and still fits in cloth diapers easily.

Milestones: She is def so different than Fenn in the talking department. She says Momma, and Dada, regularly, and has attempted to say " cracker" and " doggy" a few times. She makes tons of noise to communicate and has "signed" more a few times in desperation. Most recently she signed " more" to me when a song she likes to listen to was over. She kicks and carries on for me to turn that song on over and over.  
Crawling like mad. She's def got that under control, and has started pulling up on her knees but she has yet to stand on her feet or cruise or even think about it. When I stand her up on her feet she gets pretty mad.
Drinking from her sippy cup. 

 Sister has not been sick in quite a while, Thankfully! She has not had an ear infection since April. She had a temp & sore throat in June but since then all has been well. I am a little surprised by that because she has been to so many public kid places and day care and such. ( I still use probiotics and essential oils for both children to strengthen immune system). She is teething up a storm and drooling with runny nose because of that but otherwise all is well.  Teething has made her cranky on occasion and def gives her nasty diapers but it does not keep her up at night and over all has not been terrible.     

Books : 
She does not get near the reading time that Fenn did at her age. When she does she loves those JellyCat books that you can touch the different textures.

Jack in the Box, a Vtech Walker thingy from her aunt jade, Minnie Mouse anything. She really reacts to Minnie Moise, Jelly Cat Bunnies. She loves , loves loves them and chews on them more or less like a pacifier. She sleeps with 2 of them.

This is my favorite outfit of sisters, and you probably have noticed since she wears it all.the.time.  

This pic cracks me up. Any day that sister is in daddy day care with the 2 guys, she always looks pretty rough,tired and scrompled when I come home. 

1 Year Check Up

This picture IS EVERYTHING. Perfectly captions most days/moments. Sister has zero personal space and gets squished, squeezed and kissed 24-7.

And another great shot from daddy day care. Not sure why everyone was so saddddddz.

 #sleepingsister is so sweet and cute. If all babies slept as good as sister I could have a dozen more. Reading that book " Raising BeBe" was one of the best parenting choices I have ever made. Learning the pause was huge. Thanks to that, this sweet sister will just relax and play in her bed when she wakes up till I go in and get her. Amazing compared to her bro.

Baby Picnic. They all really liked looking at and touching each other. It was cute.

Finally mastered the Sippy cup. She still expects me to hold it for her 50% of the time, but she def knows how to use it and will guzzle her milk in one sitting like it's a bottle.

Getting ready for football season! We never have any access to Auburn clothes up here so I snagged this from Smocked Auctions soon as I saw it. My girl loves TV. She especially loves Baby Einstein, but also big kid shows. I turned on the movie " Frozen" today for Fenn and she started smiling and clapping and dancing, totally tuned in.

 Sister is all about the plundering these days! Dog food dish is her FAVORITE and she moves at lightening speed to get to it. She loves to get into anything she is not supposed to and looks so proud while breaking the rules.
She loves baths and is still battling her dry skin bumps. If I made stronger efforts to keep her constantly moisturized it would be much better. It is hard to get her to stay still long enough to get lotioned up.

One interesting thing about sister, is that for some reason I feel bad to get on to her. I noticed in my old blogs about Fenn I was correcting and disciplining him with no problem. I don't know if it is because she is a girl or what but I feel so bad when I make corrective noises at her for trying to say, plunder my china cabinet. She is just so much more tender then he ever was it is an interesting predicament. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fenn Turns 4

I have yet to get too sappy about my boy growing up, until this year. This 3-4 has been the BEST , most FUN year with him yet, and it makes me sad to put a bow on it. You can literally see the transition from little boy to KID. And what a KID he is!! He is so full of personality and creativity and sweetness and ENERGY. I see lots of my dad in him, and lots of Erik too. 

( will update after his 4 yr check up)

Clothes: 4T is a perfect Fit, but buying 5 for fall. Shoes are 12.5 or 13

- Dressing himself. He could do it before but refused. It was a crazy screaming scene to get dressed last year, and now he wants to do it himself. hooray for progress! 
- Counting to over 100
- Speaking random languages he picks up off you tube.
- Saying the ABC's backwards and at warp speed
- talking about every shape under the sun and how many sides it has. I don't know where all this obsession comes from. He memorizes EVERYTHING. Decagon anyone?
- He is just now getting into storyline type play. I think little girls do it at like 2, but I have noticed him lately acting out scenes with his toys, and generating a whole story and plot. So funny and cute!
- Social behaviors have come a long way! I have witnessed him several times just go up to a kid and ask their name and then say " You wanna pway _____ whiff me?" Generally gets along with most kids now ( instead of pushing on the playground etc). 

Sleep:  Bedtime these days is 7:30-8pm. We have bent on that a lot this summer and live to pay for it. He gets super whiney and difficult on lack of sleep. He wakes up about 6:30 am every day.  We are back to using the Tot clock to try and keep him in his bed till 7am. NO NAPS! What used to be my daily moments of heaven, are now avoided like the plague because if he naps he will be up till midnight.
Gone are the days of easy bedtime too I think, he has been protesting and crying and acting all kinds of fool when we say its bedtime.  He also wants us to lay down with him, and not all nights but most will cry out for me about 4am-ish.
He has told me recently that he is " scared of the dark" when I asked why or what he was talking about , he told me " a giant beetle bug and a giant ant live in my closet and come out when it is dark" So I opened the closet and sprayed lavender water AKA Giant bug spray and told him they died. He seemed really satisfied with that and said " Thank you so much momma" 

He will be attending Harpeth Hills Church of Christ Mother's Day Out Program again this year, 3 days a week.  That place is amazing and was such a blessing to us last year during our tough months of transition. I am so excited for him to return now as the bright and well mannered little boy instead of the wild one who disrupts the class every day.


You tube. I do not know how he discovered or learned to navigate you tube, but he masters it and learns SO much on there. Both random and useful knowledge but I say this first because all of his interest are things he picked up on you tube. Busy Beavers is his fav. you tube channel, full of educational songs.

I thought we had managed to skip the train obsession but I guess not. He is SO into them now. He watches all these Thomas the Train videos made by this random dad and his son and he knows all the names of the trains and such and so I bought him a huge grab box off craigslist and he plays with them, basically all day long.

Marble Run. Another you tube sensation and mostly is an asian thing I think. He watches these videos of these Asian kids making marble runs and they always say something, in what I think is chinese and he will say those same things when he plays with his marble run. As soon as I can find those videos again, I plan to share them so y'all can tell me what they are saying! 

Kinder Eggs. I had never heard of them till he discovered on youtube, then I asked about them in instagram and you guys educated me! Italian or european chocolate eggs with small toys inside. Super hard to get in the US but we managed to get some for his birthday and that blew his mind.

Play Dough
He has always liked play dough but even more so now that he has watched people narrate making all these items on youtube out of play dough. so weird.

Magnet Blocks, blocks of any kind are still pretty fun. He is starting to show interest in super heroes and disney characters which he also , You guessed it, learned about on you tube. and all that sounds like he watches a ton of you tube, but he doesn't. he will be really into it for a day or 2, then not pick it up for a week or 2. But when he watches it, he REALLY absorbs.


It's just like most of you always told me! It's hard to believe there were ever days of him not talking.He talks NON stop. and if he is not talking, he is singing. He still has a lisp with certain words which is so cute to me, but I know I need to start correcting it. Generally " L" is hard for him and is said like a " w".  He also has some Fenn-isms which I can kind of get used to and not notice but since we have a regular nanny around this summer, she notices them, which makes me notice them. 
"Carrage" = Garage   "duck pie" = fudge round " ssert" = dessert  

Right when he is getting in trouble he looks at me and says " But mom, i fink I wuv you"  

Regularly he tells me " just a wittle minute momma" 

He has been calling me " Honey Mom" which made me DIE laughing the first night he broke that out. " OKAAAAAAY Honey.. mom" the inflection was awesome. I don't know who he picked that up from, because Erik and I say " bubs" not honey. HA

TV Shows:
Octonauts are finally starting to appeal to him. 
Baby Einstein. He still loves these!
Paw Patrol
Sherriff Callie 
Jake & The Neverland Pirates

The Little Critter Series Dominates us for the past 6 months. CoCo gave him a Little Critter Anthology back in January and he loved it so much we bought several more from the series. 
"Just me and My Mom" 
"Just me and my dad" 
" Just a Little Storm"
"Just a Little Music"
" The Best Yard Sale Ever"

And some random books we get from the Dolly Pardon Imagination Library Mailing. Luke goes to Bat, Molly Lou Melon, Ladybug Girl.. 

We have made some good progress with eating this year, but it is still no where near where I want to be. I have been mulling over the idea of throwing down the hammer, rather than catering to all his food preferences. Not sure yet. 
He currently eats " Lucky Charms, Pizza, Apple Sauce, Yogurt, Honey, Turkey ( but only boars head with a pepper mill edge), buffalo pretzels, Sweet Potato Mash Packs,  Ritz Crackers, Graham Crackers, .... I think that is it.

He finally understands and goes along with the " if you want dessert, you must eat ALL your suppers"

Funny Behaviors

He has picked up my saying " Get your Goat" and says " Hit your goat" and tries to physically tickle in order to " hit your goat"

He told me last week when I was changing clothes that he " reawwwwwwy reawy likes my boobies. They gone grow bigger soon"  WTH man! That was crazy, and random and I had to leave the room to laugh.

He is really into "picking up rubbish" in a train called " Toby". He also notices and comments on trash on the street. We were cruising flip houses in the ghetto one day and he was VERY vocal about all the Trash "EVERYWHERE Momma." Funny how much he notices because he is always looking. I never see stuff like that either because I am used to it, or preoccupied.

He loves doing chores and does them quite well.

He loves wearing hats. 


  • He has been so much better behaved these past 6 months or so. Very sweet and fun.
  • He has learned how to WHINE and has been doing that lots when he is overtired or when he gets sent to his room.
  • Finally, he cares enough about toys that I can take those away as punishment when needed, and that REALLY gets his attention.
  • Something we still really struggle with is having him not interrupt, ESPECIALLY if I am on the phone, and taking NO for an answer. He will drive you MAD with all his appeals. 
  • He is pretty good with sister for the most part. Every now and then I catch him dragging her by the neck away from his trains, or stealing her toy just to make her cry, but 75% of the time he enjoys her and talks to her in a high pitch baby voice just like we do. HA 
  • He has picked up an very annoying habit of telling me I have " hurt his freewings, and need to say sorry" whenever either of us disciplines him.  This week he topped that off with telling me that I had "hurt his freewings in purposes" :)
Last year in this update, I had to write about Fenn's first trip to the ER and getting stitches, and this year he also had an accident almost the same day! He ran over his finger in his easy rider car and ripped off his fingernail ( it hurts me to type that !BLEHK) He was pretty cool about it. It happened with Ms Weeeee ( Lee) and he cried until she gave him popsicle and he let her clean it. I took him to the pedi and he said it was fine but would be painful and slow healing. My poor tough little dude!! It was disgusting looking for about a week and is finally able to be without a bandaid.

It amazes me the difference in this past year from the one before it. 2-3 was so full of challenges and hard ships ( I am sure that was somewhat jaded by my pregnancy) but this past year, everything was *mostly* awesome. 

He had some behavior issues at school for 2 months which wore me out but after that he has just been so fun and easy, and intelligent and interesting. Where it was so hard to have all day with him at home before, now I look forward to the fun we can have now that he can understand and interact so well.

SO it makes me sad to say goodbye to this wonderful year of watching my boy really blossom, and as cheesy as it sounds, I literally do thank God every day for this perfect and healthy child he has given us, and for this phase of life that is so fun, challenging, interesting and will probably be referred to, in the not so distant future, as the best years of our lives.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Fenn's 4th Birthday Party

I resolved this year to be better with birthday parties, and failed miserably on my boy's special party. The week of his "party" my neighbor reminded me.. " you know Saturday is the party right?! Have you called and found a place etc?" and it hit me like a ton of bricks!
I was late to plan, invite, reserve a place , blah blah blah. I originally planned to have a water party at our house, but as luck would have it, that weekend in JULY it was COLD and rainy.
So week of the party I ordered a "Sunshine" Cake per Fenn's numerous requests for a " Sunshine party" ( which reminded me of how he wanted to be a "butterfly" on Halloween when there is no such boy butterfly costume available. ) That kid knows what he wants, let's just say that!

Anyway... long story long.. the sunshine cake was lost in translation ( literally...person who took my order did not speak great English. ) so we ended up with red cupcakes with ants on them and a party at Monkey Joes. I forgot to invite probably 1/2 of our friends ( sorry guys) but it's hard when I am working 15 hour days to be that productive at night! 


Fenn loved his party, and was surprised I think, when he realized it was HIS party. I will never forget him coming into the party room to hug me and tell me thank you for his "parwty" and then he told me later in the bathroom " Momma! you reawwy surprised me with my parwty"! Cutie

He has been telling me ever since that party something about "sitting in the coach" which i thought was some Thomas reference.. but turns out he was referring to the inflatable THRONE that he sat in at the party table LOL

Paw Paw and Sister having some fun!

These twin beauties are from Fenn's class at school and the one on the right was his best friend this year. She is the female version of him and wide open and SO cute! 

The arcade was a big hit and paw paw loved seeing the kids go so crazy. I got to practice my old school skills at the grab machine and won't at least 5 if not more spiky balls. Not gonna lie... I was pretty proud! ha

Cousin Chloe with the ball her daddy won! 

and sister missed her nap that day so she took a quick snooze in the Ergo Baby Backpack. She is a good sport that sister!

So I guess the end of these story is , I didn't have any decorations or balloons or the chalkboard or even a cute cake for heaven' sake or a nice outfit for my boy , BUT he loved his party and we all had a great time. SO I guess it worked out OK, but one day I would like to have him a planned party, with a legit them and goody bags and all that fun stuff. 

Fenn got a bike for his birthday, but he was SO not interested so I am thinking of returning it. He got this cool car for his birthday earlier in the month and prefers it to anything else. 

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