Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tip Tuesday: Great Toddler/Preschool App "Letter School"

Today for Tip Tuesday I want to review a really awesome and educational app for Tots and Pre-schoolers called Letter School. 

This was actually recommended by Fenn's occupational therapist a while back as a great app that teaches the correct way to make letters. I saw him using it in her office and I have to admit it was really cool and he was totally into it! 

It has 3 rounds with each letter where you trace and make lines then you are on your on to draw the letter. The picture below is sort of a connect the dots version but it will not let you just randomly connect them,  it only accepts proper letter formation.

It is 2.99 in the app store, fun, engaging  and educational. What more could you ask for in an app?!

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