Saturday, December 21, 2013

Seeeeester is 6 Months Old!

Little Anna Clarke is growing up so fast. I say that every month/week and it's super cliche cause it's super true. I can not believe she is about to start eating baby food!  I think having a 2nd child is like hitting the fast forward button on life!
This post is full of a bajillion pictures because I love being able to look  back on this stuff and I want to be able to remember all her cute Christmas outfits. Sister is my new barbie doll.

This hat looks hilarious to me. All my babies have big heads so its hard to ever find hats to fit them !
She has discovered her tongue and loves to stick it out and blow raspberries

She is pretty smiley. She still loves this mat lots.

and she looks pretty skinny in clothes , but she still has lots of chuck and rolls i LOVE. She has lost some of her hair but still has a good bit.

She has lots of expressions and makes some funny sad faces. She is very hurt by scary noises. Her dad does this to her thinking it's funny and then she burst out in tears and they both feel sad! Fenn liked all that noise and crazy, but sister finds it offensive.

And she is still taking daily probiotic drops. Below is a pic from a day when I forgot to give them to her for a few days. She was not feeling too good and basically cried any time I put her down :( so we still giving drops. Not sure when I will be able to drop those, or if I should. 

Brother amuses himself with her regularly. I left the room and came back to this ! Lucky for me, she enjoys all his company and tricks. She ALWAYS smiles when she sees him or he is talking to her. He is obsessed with her and kisses her 10000000000000 times a day. in fact she never has a good hair day cause he always leaves behind traces of food and drink in her hair.

Juicy little Legs

She loves for people to talk and sing to her , and does not amuse herself for very long on her mat or saucer like her brother did at her age. This girl ain't no wall flower!

She is enjoying rice cereal and oatmeal and about to embark on her baby food journey!

She sleeps from 6:30pm - 5:45 or 8 am just depends on her mood I guess! Naps are still not great. 45 mins long and generally one 1.5 hour nap in the late afternoon.

Wearing 9 months but mostly 12 months because of length or width depending on designer. Her feet are still super tiny and skinny which is funny on her plump little body.

Although I can't get a decent picture, she has the most beautiful blue eyes. I think she will have her Aunt Julie's eyes. 

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Cary said...

Laura, Miss Anna Clarke is absolutely beautiful and has a beautiful, bubbly personality! Love you and yours and hope you have a very merry Christmas!

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