Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Breakfast With Santa

Saturday our neighborhood club hosted a Breakfast with Santa and that is the 1st time we have ever done anything like that. It was super fun and funny. I was STARVING so the pancakes were much appreciated! and getting 2 kids to santa without waiting in line in the mall was awesome! They had someone taking pictures for free that they emailed to us I am so thankful! 

This guy here was NOT sure about santa, and would not even eat pancakes because he wanted to play air hockey with the older boys. He kept saying " Hey guys, Fenn's turn!!" HA  Santa played with him and that helped warm him up. 

Sister didn't care 'bout no santa! She barely made a smile . I wish I had worked harder to get her to smile and asked Santa not to cover up her cute Christmas jammers with his hand! LOL She had a nice case of hat head too cause it was Coooolllld here that day!
  Then Fenn decided he didn't like Sister getting all of that attention and jumped on me like a spider monkey but refused to look at the camera!

And then a group shot just to get him to sit near Santa but still , no eye contact with camera. He is getting to that sassy little stage where he he tries to refuse taking pictures. Good luck with that little dude! I will never let him get away with that.

My SIL calls this his " Mean Muggin Santa pic" and its true! Santa was trying to lure him over with a Candy cane ( which is interesting since he doesn't eat candy canes) but It still worked!!

Smiling was a stretch though! ha

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