Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sister is 5 Months Old!

 **Daddy took this picture and he wants full credit**

Sweet Sweet Sister is now 5  Months old. She is such a different baby now than she was starting out. People often remark about how " happy" or " easy" she is which is funny to me because I would never use either of those words to describe her bc. I am still traumatized by our rough start! ha but she really is happy and sticks to her schedule!  Wake-eat-Play-Nap.

She is now staying away for 2 hours at a time and napping for either 45 mins or 2 hours at a time. Usually 45 minutes with one longer nap in the middle of the day.

Weight: 19 pounds ( give or take a few ounces. I weighed her at home)
Height: ?
Diaper Size:1/2 from Costco. We are using cloth diapers about 60% of the time, depending on the day and agenda. 
Clothing Size: 6-9 months, mostly 9 months. 

Eating : Around 30 ounces a day ( 3 ounces of that is used to mix in her rice cereal) and eating 3-5 ounces per feeding. She still takes a bottle like a champ and nurses well too. SOOOOO thankful she will take a bottle and hopefully that does not change!

Health: She still is very healthy and well. She has not really been "sick" yet but did have some sniffles a few months ago and has been congested sounding in her nose a time or 2 but it never changed her demeanor, sleeping, eating , nor did she run fever so I don't count that as an actual sickness.

Sleep: Still sleeping anywhere from 9-12 hours a night. Typically 7pm-6:30am 


She can roll over, but hardly ever does. She loves to roll to her side and hang out there: 

My first time away from sister over night was this past weekend when I went to Auburn for the Georgia /Auburn Game and the kids stayed with daddy! They had a great weekend and everyone survived! I actually don't think anyone even missed me! :(


Big Brother is still loving sister so much and his jealousy has pretty much subsided. He still kicks it back up anytime we are giving too much attention to sister, like when she is filming her dance videos! ha he will start screeching in the background.

Biggest Challenge with 2 so far: 
Getting them fed/ready for bed solo at night, or having them nap at the same time. So far, two is still more fun than hard. I am sure that will change when sister can walk, and they can fight but for now its sweet and fun.
 I get alone time with sister when PB goes to preschool and we all coexist nicely together when he is home. She LOVES him. Watching him, him talking to her, kissing her etc. She is very patient with his rough love.
 I am not sure these pictures adequately show off her fat rolls! They are so deep I have to make the effort to clean them very well so they don't chafe! 

Post Pregnancy Body Update:
It's not too bad! I still have 5 lbs and lots of extra skin but all in all I am happy with it because I can wear jeans again ( i have to unbutton t hem after I eat, but that still counts right?!ha) I will have to take a pic to add later.  I read somewhere that every ounce of milk produced burns 20 calories so that puts me at about 600 calorie burn each day just with BF.

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Amber said...

Traumatized - ha, this made me laugh because I felt the same way with Abby. Whenever people saw her they would comment the same, but I never saw it because after 3 months of colic and what turned into 18 months of not sleeping through the night I thought she was anything but happy or easy! :) In fact, I still haven't forgotten - hence the reason she doesn't have a brother/sister yet! :) Glad you guys are all doing well!!!

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