Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mom's Get Away Weekend in Auburn!

Duuuudes! I got to go to Auburn last weekend for the Auburn /Georgia game and it was awesome. I love Auburn so much and miss it lots. I underestimated how emotional it would be driving back in town after all these years! 

Erik so bravely volunteered to stay home with both kids ( by himself!!) while I went to Auburn to witness one of my best gals from college get engaged! She had no idea it was coming, but we did and planned appropriately! 

It was really great to see my girls and get caught up with peeps like my buddy John, and Travis & Amanda who so generously got us a parking pass for campus!  We even ventured out to the War Eagle Supper Club!! 

This is really my 1st year to give 2 hoots about football. I never paid attention to it before, I always just tailgate and socialize. I never usually go into a game, and that was my first time being back in that stadium in YEARS, like 2004 when I first began dating Erik. Before bubs, football weekends just meant good money cause I always worked in the restaurant/bar business.
The irony of my new found football love and this INCREDIBLE game was that I missed the end of the game… you know…. THIS:

What in the WORLD was I doing you ask? ( this is the part that gets into TMI so if you are offended by such things quit reading now)  Still reading? ha I thought so….

What I was doing, was walking to our car, to use a breast pump because I had elephantiasis of the boobies. Not really. I had a clogged duct and WOAH was it aggravating. 

It started on Friday afternoon, I pumped when I got to town and thought that one boob still looked kinda big afterward but assumed I just had more milk in there. Saturday mid-day.. I could tell something was not just right and I kept pumping thinking that would help, and I would get 7 or so ounces but not much relief but I still did not understand what was happening. By game time I had a golf ball sized lump and it was hard, and things just kept getting bigger and bigger.  I was not technically in pain yet, but I was uncomfortable and very distracted by it because I am terrified of getting mastitis. Of course I was doing some googling….
But, my hooch Susannah saved the day when she told me at 10 pm to heat up a wet bath cloth in the microwave and put it on my chest to help break up clog , massage and pump out. I worked literally within 5 minutes and I was so relieved ( mentally and physically). I had spent pretty much the entire day worried and upset about it, and am SO sad that it got in the way of my moms weekend out….. Which is why I am sharing this story with the world. I thought that because I was not in terrible pain that something else was happening, and was not sure what to do about it. I hope that I can spare anyone out there that anguish, and also.. just wanna throw out this tip.. 

Keep some disposable hand warmers in your pump bag if you are traveling! That simple thing would have made such a huge difference! I mean, I was walking all over campus seeing people I had not seen in years with boobs up to my neck and one that was visibly much bigger than the other, and I could not hug anyone b/c it hurt! So I had to do some awkward fist bumps or shoulder to the hug! ha No telling what people were thinking about me! `

So Cliffnotes of my Auburn Weekend: 
- I missed my people, and they all survived and had a glorious time without mommy! They did not even care when I got home ! :(
- Auburn has grown so much but is still wonderful! 
- Taking a mom weekend with a baby still so young was probably not my best idea ever, but being there for Brooke's engagement was so worth it. 
- Keep hand warmers in the pump bag just incase, and pay attention to your body. If something seems wrong, it probably is. For the record, I attribute my problem to wearing bras  ( that were too tight) all weekend.
- I was depressed over missing the end of that FUN game! I am still sad about it!
-  I used to worry about taking my kids to concerts and when that would be appropriate, but never worried about sporting events and I can totally say that a concert is MUCH more appropriate for little ears that college football games. Holy Moly the language up in there!! and the anger!!
- Congrats to Brooke & Sam! Such a great couple and so fun to be there for such big moment!
 - War Eagle what a Game!!

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Cary said...

How awesome that the engagement was this weekend AND that you were part of that conspiracy!!!

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