Friday, November 22, 2013

5 on Friday :

Another Friday Brain Dump!

1.) Praise the Lord and Pass the Sleep!  We have had months  of Fenn changing his sleep habits and pretty much nightly either waking up to go to the bathroom, or yelling out like he has nightmares... some nights waking as much as 5 times. Totally sucked! Especially since we had a newborn sleeping through the night!  I finally started charting everything to see if I could find any common factors in the days of good sleep, and as it turns out the game changer was what time we put him to bed! We had been putting him down at 8pm and now we have brought the nap back and put him to bed at 7. On days when he does not nap, we are leaving the room at 7, and on days when he has had a 2 hour nap or so, we start bed routine at 7 but the trick is to make sure he falls asleep BEFORE 8 pm.  Dang it feels good to sleep all night again ! 

2.) I saw on Instagram one of my friends wrapping up her Christmas books and she was gonna let her boys open a different book every night before bed, which I think sound alike so much fun. Currently we have about 6 Christmas books.. ha but I plan to visit McKays Used Book store and remedy that.  Can I have some suggestions for fun Christmas books for kids? Especially any that incorporate Jesus. Over the Big Moon blog did a write up on this with pictures and a list of books! Read that HERE

3.) Are y'all watching Teen Mom? Did you see that finale/reunion? That mess with Devoin is the wildest it's ever been on there! and to find out that Josh was on pain pills explained ALOT! I had no idea but it was wild t
o see the difference in his personality with his head injury/pills and then clean.

 4.) I finally found my burlap fabric ( on ebay) from JoAnne's ( and big Thanks to Michelle who called me from a store she found some in!). I sewed some ribbon around the edge to make it  the Thanksgiving table cloth fro my kids table. LOVED that Everyday Cheer blog did a post with FREE Thanksgiving printables for the kids table this year. Notice that we finally put Fenn at the table now instead of his high chair! ha 

5.) Baked Buffalo Chicken Fingers Recipe! I made this the other night just sort of by chance and its as Good!!

- Chicken 
- Butter or Olive Oil ( depending on how healthy you wanna be)
- Ritz Cracker 
- Buffalo Pretzel Chips

What I did was cut up organic chicken into strips, dredge in olive oil and then roll in smashed up buffalo pretzel chips and bake at 375 for 20 minutes. That way you have a healthier version of wings! BUT if you wanna really go all out you could use butter instead of olive oil and mix some smashed Ritz crackers with the pretzels! Either way it is relish! 

Those smashed up pretzels are also good as a casserole topping!!


Dawn said...

Love the table cloth! :) Such a fun Thanksgiving kid's table! :)

Elise @ Cheers Yall said...

ooo girl those baked buffalo chicken fingers look amazing!! love that you used that fabric as a table cloth too. so lovely! xx

Lobster Meets Peach said...

We love Pretzel Chips...I never thought to bake with them. Thanks for the great idea!

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