Friday, November 1, 2013

5 on Friday: Shopping Edition

I am linking up with Darci & Natasha again for 5 on Friday! Let's just call this one the shopping edition. I am super excited about all the upcoming holidays and am making all sorts of shopping lists and watching sales!

1. I am obsessed with these Leopard Slip on Sneakers from Celine, and any knock off version that I can find, however... they are all SOLD OUT across america! Every brand! So I guess everyone else thought this was a jazzy shoe too! I rarely buy myself clothes, and even more rare shoes, but I need these in my life!

2. I just recently joined this group on Facebook for planner junkies ( had no idea that there was such a thing) but I have really enjoyed it. It is the ultimate resource for someone who loves organizing books like I do. So.. from that forum I learned all about the ARC system at staples and making your own planner... like Erin Codren but personalized details. This one is from iheartorganzing blog. She makes and sells printables in her etsy shop. 

3.  Speaking of Facebook, I just made a Facebook page for my blog. I never understood the reasoning behind that until recently.  I also just realized i had FIFTY FOUR unanswered messages on Facebook in some " other mailbox" I never knew existed. Lots of them were missed business opportunities and one particular guy scolded me pretty hard for not answering his Facebook message, and that is when I realized that Facebook is part of the business world these days, plain and simple. and a gadget and tech junkie like myself  needs to quit fighting the inevitable.... so PLEASE go and like my blog page HERE

4. I shared on instagram my new Thanksgiving Decorations this week. I have been looking for Turkey plates for my Thanksgiving table for at least 3 years! I finally spotted some in Southern Living Magazine and picked them up at my local Dillards!  The awesome glitter Turkeys are from TJMAXX. The picture does not do either of them justice, but we all know i stink at taking pretty pictures.

5.. I am sooooo excited to start decorating for Christmas!! I am obsessed with everything in the Pottery Barn Kids Catalogue. I especially want those Grinch Sheets for Fenn and Grinch Pajamas for me! ha and all the little kid table setting stuff. .. and an advent calendar ha I could go on and on.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Don't forget to "like" the igriza Facebook page!! thanks!

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Coralie said...

Laura, it is really hard to not start pulling the Christmas decorations outs! Kudos to you for having Thanksgiving decorations! Henry has Dr. Seuss sheets & they're super cute!

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