Friday, November 8, 2013

5 on Friday: Christmas Pajama Round Up

1.  I just finished reading this book:

and i LOVED it. so many great tips and common sense approaches which I love! Fenn has really benefited from this as well, but not without 1st fighting the good fight! We are still really focusing on doing things THE 1st TIME mom says, not the 30th...

2.  Christmas Jammers! It is time to get those together! Probably even late for that as these things go! I will never forget with Fenn the first 2 years, realizing how EARLY parents shop for holiday jammers! If you don't think ahead you are out of luck!

3. How cute are these FREE Thanksgiving Printables from Jenn at the Polkadot Posie? Click the link to download and print your own from her site!

4. Jo-Ann's Fabric has a 25% off entire purchase coupon right now ( even on sale items) and I REALLY wish they still had this burlap with gold foil dots still in stock. I am KICKING myself for not buying it when I first saw it for a runner and to make a table cloth for my children's table, because it is sold out everywhere and online now :(

5. These guys are so HILAR right now! Fenn is doing some hardcore pretending and role play type stuff where he sees a toilet paper roll and tells me it is a whale, or we have to "walk on our tip toes with a flash light and look for animals"... Now if I see a bottle and tell him it's a wolf he looks at me like I have lost my mind...  but he is all about some pretending and story lines in his playtime and I love it! It is so funny and interesting. That picture above is him playing with like 500 mini solo cups. He loves them.
Sister is enjoying some rice cereal and still trying to adjust to the time change. She is staying awake longer now too and real enjoys watching her brother.


Elise @ Cheers Yall said...

i love that fabric and have it from joann's!!! but i never thought of using it as a runner. brilliant!!!! love it!
happy friday! xx

Jessi Otey said...

That polka dot runner! Oh em gee I need it! Love the printables as well!

AWD said...

Question - what do you do to focus on doing things the first time mommy asks? I have tried multiple things and I know it's partly their age that they can't focus but I don't know if its something I should punish or just keep making her stop and focus!

and PS them laying tucked in bed together is so cute!

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