Friday, November 22, 2013

5 on Friday :

Another Friday Brain Dump!

1.) Praise the Lord and Pass the Sleep!  We have had months  of Fenn changing his sleep habits and pretty much nightly either waking up to go to the bathroom, or yelling out like he has nightmares... some nights waking as much as 5 times. Totally sucked! Especially since we had a newborn sleeping through the night!  I finally started charting everything to see if I could find any common factors in the days of good sleep, and as it turns out the game changer was what time we put him to bed! We had been putting him down at 8pm and now we have brought the nap back and put him to bed at 7. On days when he does not nap, we are leaving the room at 7, and on days when he has had a 2 hour nap or so, we start bed routine at 7 but the trick is to make sure he falls asleep BEFORE 8 pm.  Dang it feels good to sleep all night again ! 

2.) I saw on Instagram one of my friends wrapping up her Christmas books and she was gonna let her boys open a different book every night before bed, which I think sound alike so much fun. Currently we have about 6 Christmas books.. ha but I plan to visit McKays Used Book store and remedy that.  Can I have some suggestions for fun Christmas books for kids? Especially any that incorporate Jesus. Over the Big Moon blog did a write up on this with pictures and a list of books! Read that HERE

3.) Are y'all watching Teen Mom? Did you see that finale/reunion? That mess with Devoin is the wildest it's ever been on there! and to find out that Josh was on pain pills explained ALOT! I had no idea but it was wild t
o see the difference in his personality with his head injury/pills and then clean.

 4.) I finally found my burlap fabric ( on ebay) from JoAnne's ( and big Thanks to Michelle who called me from a store she found some in!). I sewed some ribbon around the edge to make it  the Thanksgiving table cloth fro my kids table. LOVED that Everyday Cheer blog did a post with FREE Thanksgiving printables for the kids table this year. Notice that we finally put Fenn at the table now instead of his high chair! ha 

5.) Baked Buffalo Chicken Fingers Recipe! I made this the other night just sort of by chance and its as Good!!

- Chicken 
- Butter or Olive Oil ( depending on how healthy you wanna be)
- Ritz Cracker 
- Buffalo Pretzel Chips

What I did was cut up organic chicken into strips, dredge in olive oil and then roll in smashed up buffalo pretzel chips and bake at 375 for 20 minutes. That way you have a healthier version of wings! BUT if you wanna really go all out you could use butter instead of olive oil and mix some smashed Ritz crackers with the pretzels! Either way it is relish! 

Those smashed up pretzels are also good as a casserole topping!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mom's Get Away Weekend in Auburn!

Duuuudes! I got to go to Auburn last weekend for the Auburn /Georgia game and it was awesome. I love Auburn so much and miss it lots. I underestimated how emotional it would be driving back in town after all these years! 

Erik so bravely volunteered to stay home with both kids ( by himself!!) while I went to Auburn to witness one of my best gals from college get engaged! She had no idea it was coming, but we did and planned appropriately! 

It was really great to see my girls and get caught up with peeps like my buddy John, and Travis & Amanda who so generously got us a parking pass for campus!  We even ventured out to the War Eagle Supper Club!! 

This is really my 1st year to give 2 hoots about football. I never paid attention to it before, I always just tailgate and socialize. I never usually go into a game, and that was my first time being back in that stadium in YEARS, like 2004 when I first began dating Erik. Before bubs, football weekends just meant good money cause I always worked in the restaurant/bar business.
The irony of my new found football love and this INCREDIBLE game was that I missed the end of the game… you know…. THIS:

What in the WORLD was I doing you ask? ( this is the part that gets into TMI so if you are offended by such things quit reading now)  Still reading? ha I thought so….

What I was doing, was walking to our car, to use a breast pump because I had elephantiasis of the boobies. Not really. I had a clogged duct and WOAH was it aggravating. 

It started on Friday afternoon, I pumped when I got to town and thought that one boob still looked kinda big afterward but assumed I just had more milk in there. Saturday mid-day.. I could tell something was not just right and I kept pumping thinking that would help, and I would get 7 or so ounces but not much relief but I still did not understand what was happening. By game time I had a golf ball sized lump and it was hard, and things just kept getting bigger and bigger.  I was not technically in pain yet, but I was uncomfortable and very distracted by it because I am terrified of getting mastitis. Of course I was doing some googling….
But, my hooch Susannah saved the day when she told me at 10 pm to heat up a wet bath cloth in the microwave and put it on my chest to help break up clog , massage and pump out. I worked literally within 5 minutes and I was so relieved ( mentally and physically). I had spent pretty much the entire day worried and upset about it, and am SO sad that it got in the way of my moms weekend out….. Which is why I am sharing this story with the world. I thought that because I was not in terrible pain that something else was happening, and was not sure what to do about it. I hope that I can spare anyone out there that anguish, and also.. just wanna throw out this tip.. 

Keep some disposable hand warmers in your pump bag if you are traveling! That simple thing would have made such a huge difference! I mean, I was walking all over campus seeing people I had not seen in years with boobs up to my neck and one that was visibly much bigger than the other, and I could not hug anyone b/c it hurt! So I had to do some awkward fist bumps or shoulder to the hug! ha No telling what people were thinking about me! `

So Cliffnotes of my Auburn Weekend: 
- I missed my people, and they all survived and had a glorious time without mommy! They did not even care when I got home ! :(
- Auburn has grown so much but is still wonderful! 
- Taking a mom weekend with a baby still so young was probably not my best idea ever, but being there for Brooke's engagement was so worth it. 
- Keep hand warmers in the pump bag just incase, and pay attention to your body. If something seems wrong, it probably is. For the record, I attribute my problem to wearing bras  ( that were too tight) all weekend.
- I was depressed over missing the end of that FUN game! I am still sad about it!
-  I used to worry about taking my kids to concerts and when that would be appropriate, but never worried about sporting events and I can totally say that a concert is MUCH more appropriate for little ears that college football games. Holy Moly the language up in there!! and the anger!!
- Congrats to Brooke & Sam! Such a great couple and so fun to be there for such big moment!
 - War Eagle what a Game!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sister is 5 Months Old!

 **Daddy took this picture and he wants full credit**

Sweet Sweet Sister is now 5  Months old. She is such a different baby now than she was starting out. People often remark about how " happy" or " easy" she is which is funny to me because I would never use either of those words to describe her bc. I am still traumatized by our rough start! ha but she really is happy and sticks to her schedule!  Wake-eat-Play-Nap.

She is now staying away for 2 hours at a time and napping for either 45 mins or 2 hours at a time. Usually 45 minutes with one longer nap in the middle of the day.

Weight: 19 pounds ( give or take a few ounces. I weighed her at home)
Height: ?
Diaper Size:1/2 from Costco. We are using cloth diapers about 60% of the time, depending on the day and agenda. 
Clothing Size: 6-9 months, mostly 9 months. 

Eating : Around 30 ounces a day ( 3 ounces of that is used to mix in her rice cereal) and eating 3-5 ounces per feeding. She still takes a bottle like a champ and nurses well too. SOOOOO thankful she will take a bottle and hopefully that does not change!

Health: She still is very healthy and well. She has not really been "sick" yet but did have some sniffles a few months ago and has been congested sounding in her nose a time or 2 but it never changed her demeanor, sleeping, eating , nor did she run fever so I don't count that as an actual sickness.

Sleep: Still sleeping anywhere from 9-12 hours a night. Typically 7pm-6:30am 


She can roll over, but hardly ever does. She loves to roll to her side and hang out there: 

My first time away from sister over night was this past weekend when I went to Auburn for the Georgia /Auburn Game and the kids stayed with daddy! They had a great weekend and everyone survived! I actually don't think anyone even missed me! :(


Big Brother is still loving sister so much and his jealousy has pretty much subsided. He still kicks it back up anytime we are giving too much attention to sister, like when she is filming her dance videos! ha he will start screeching in the background.

Biggest Challenge with 2 so far: 
Getting them fed/ready for bed solo at night, or having them nap at the same time. So far, two is still more fun than hard. I am sure that will change when sister can walk, and they can fight but for now its sweet and fun.
 I get alone time with sister when PB goes to preschool and we all coexist nicely together when he is home. She LOVES him. Watching him, him talking to her, kissing her etc. She is very patient with his rough love.
 I am not sure these pictures adequately show off her fat rolls! They are so deep I have to make the effort to clean them very well so they don't chafe! 

Post Pregnancy Body Update:
It's not too bad! I still have 5 lbs and lots of extra skin but all in all I am happy with it because I can wear jeans again ( i have to unbutton t hem after I eat, but that still counts right?!ha) I will have to take a pic to add later.  I read somewhere that every ounce of milk produced burns 20 calories so that puts me at about 600 calorie burn each day just with BF.

Friday, November 8, 2013

5 on Friday: Christmas Pajama Round Up

1.  I just finished reading this book:

and i LOVED it. so many great tips and common sense approaches which I love! Fenn has really benefited from this as well, but not without 1st fighting the good fight! We are still really focusing on doing things THE 1st TIME mom says, not the 30th...

2.  Christmas Jammers! It is time to get those together! Probably even late for that as these things go! I will never forget with Fenn the first 2 years, realizing how EARLY parents shop for holiday jammers! If you don't think ahead you are out of luck!

3. How cute are these FREE Thanksgiving Printables from Jenn at the Polkadot Posie? Click the link to download and print your own from her site!

4. Jo-Ann's Fabric has a 25% off entire purchase coupon right now ( even on sale items) and I REALLY wish they still had this burlap with gold foil dots still in stock. I am KICKING myself for not buying it when I first saw it for a runner and to make a table cloth for my children's table, because it is sold out everywhere and online now :(

5. These guys are so HILAR right now! Fenn is doing some hardcore pretending and role play type stuff where he sees a toilet paper roll and tells me it is a whale, or we have to "walk on our tip toes with a flash light and look for animals"... Now if I see a bottle and tell him it's a wolf he looks at me like I have lost my mind...  but he is all about some pretending and story lines in his playtime and I love it! It is so funny and interesting. That picture above is him playing with like 500 mini solo cups. He loves them.
Sister is enjoying some rice cereal and still trying to adjust to the time change. She is staying awake longer now too and real enjoys watching her brother.

Friday, November 1, 2013

5 on Friday: Shopping Edition

I am linking up with Darci & Natasha again for 5 on Friday! Let's just call this one the shopping edition. I am super excited about all the upcoming holidays and am making all sorts of shopping lists and watching sales!

1. I am obsessed with these Leopard Slip on Sneakers from Celine, and any knock off version that I can find, however... they are all SOLD OUT across america! Every brand! So I guess everyone else thought this was a jazzy shoe too! I rarely buy myself clothes, and even more rare shoes, but I need these in my life!

2. I just recently joined this group on Facebook for planner junkies ( had no idea that there was such a thing) but I have really enjoyed it. It is the ultimate resource for someone who loves organizing books like I do. So.. from that forum I learned all about the ARC system at staples and making your own planner... like Erin Codren but personalized details. This one is from iheartorganzing blog. She makes and sells printables in her etsy shop. 

3.  Speaking of Facebook, I just made a Facebook page for my blog. I never understood the reasoning behind that until recently.  I also just realized i had FIFTY FOUR unanswered messages on Facebook in some " other mailbox" I never knew existed. Lots of them were missed business opportunities and one particular guy scolded me pretty hard for not answering his Facebook message, and that is when I realized that Facebook is part of the business world these days, plain and simple. and a gadget and tech junkie like myself  needs to quit fighting the inevitable.... so PLEASE go and like my blog page HERE

4. I shared on instagram my new Thanksgiving Decorations this week. I have been looking for Turkey plates for my Thanksgiving table for at least 3 years! I finally spotted some in Southern Living Magazine and picked them up at my local Dillards!  The awesome glitter Turkeys are from TJMAXX. The picture does not do either of them justice, but we all know i stink at taking pretty pictures.

5.. I am sooooo excited to start decorating for Christmas!! I am obsessed with everything in the Pottery Barn Kids Catalogue. I especially want those Grinch Sheets for Fenn and Grinch Pajamas for me! ha and all the little kid table setting stuff. .. and an advent calendar ha I could go on and on.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Don't forget to "like" the igriza Facebook page!! thanks!

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