Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tip Tuesday : iOs 7 The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

 Sooooo much Internet chatter about iOs 7 ( The new iPhone/ipad software ) and the new iphones. 
This is my 1st year EVER to not upgrade on day 1. I actually would not upgrade at all except that Bubs phone is ruined so we need one new one in this house. #useacaseatalltimes

So first of all, let me  just say that updating your software is not a choice. Tech is always moving forward and it will always get updates. If you want your phone to work the best it possibly can, you need to keep everything up  to date. ( Software/itunes/apps) so you can prolong, but not altogether avoid updating.. 

Next, I just want to point out that the update is nothing to be scared of. It does look different but most things work exactly the same. A few things did change and those will quickly be learned.

Here are a few of my favorites:

#1. The weather app  looks pretty! 
 #2  There is a new way to close all your open apps or easily multitask between apps. I love this feature. To see all your open apps/pages just double click the home (round) button. If you want to close something quickly touch that page and jerk it toward the top of the phone.


#3 New Backgrounds and sounds. I love all of this. Apple was LONG overdue for some more  modern techie alerts and ring tones.

#4 The Command Center. Super convenient and again LONG over due. This is the way that you can easily access things like flashlight, wifi mode, Airplane mode, screen brightness, blue tooth, etc. To see this screen quickly swipe from bottom to top.

You can watch this video from apple to easily see the changes in action : 

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melissa said...

I always love your Apple/tech updates - so helpful! I have to admit I haven't updated my phone or iPad yet. This will be helpful when I do! Thanks!

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