Monday, October 28, 2013

Sister is 4 Months Old!

All that stuff they say is true! Time is flying by for my sweet girl. She seems so big now, and LONG! She had her 4 months check up  this week. I asked our pedi to do the usual and check all over her head to make sure brother had not banged her up! He also checked her mouth for teeth because she has been a smidge more high maintenance than usual and has bitten me during nursing a few times. She is also drooling and constantly chewing on her hands, which funny enough was exactly what the hand out in the pediatricians office said she should be doing at 4 months. 

Height: 25 1/4 (83%)
Weight: 16lbs Even ( 84%)
Head:16.42" (81%)
Diaper : Size 1/2 in disposable and OS in cloth diapers
Clothes: 6-9 months depending on the brand. She has my arms which means that all sleeves come to about her elbows.
Her growth is slowing down a bit ( now in the 80th percentile)  which I am kind of excited about. Just the possibility of an average sized baby instead of huge one, is a game changer with baby wearing, baby equipment like car seats and swings, clothes, diapers...  and just general life.

Sister remains a great night sleeper. She was on a 7-7 schedule but we got off schedule last weekend ( :() and have yet to regain that wonderful stretch so now she is a 6:30a-6:30p kind of girl. I am so happy she sleeps all night! Naps are not great or predictable, however she has combined 2 of her 45 min naps into one longer mid day nap ( most days) . Other than that she is up for an 1hr 15 mins and down for 45 and up again..  
She is always so happy to see me when I retrieve her from her crib.
Sister has never been a swaddle type of girl ( I attribute that to all her stomach issues earlier) so she sleeps in a sleep sack every night/nap.

We need to try rice cereal soon, we just have not done it yet. She is still nursing exclusively every 2.5 or 3 hours. Her tummy issues are still better, but there are days I can tell when it does bother her some, and I am not sure if it is because I forgot to give her the drops, or if it is something I ate. She is not crying about it but just  has gas and such that makes her seem uncomfortable.

Lately she has been crying when other people hold her for longer than 30 seconds. I have no idea what that is about but she does it with every single person! So maybe she is a momma's girl right now. She is def. sensitive to loud or unexpected noises ( but somehow the incessant dog barking does not bother her). 

No rolling over yet, but she does try. She gets about half way there and freezes. She is batting at and grabbing toys on her mat and monkey chair like crazy. She talks and gurgles a lot both to herself and to people when they talk to her.

Above is a list of our most used baby items,  and really that is the only things we use. It is RIDICULOUS the way we have simplified for the 2nd child. I really like it!  So here is what I did differently this round.

1. Kate Spade changing pad. I used this with Fenn and still 3 years later I am confident that it is the best changing pad out there. It has pockets that hold diapers and wipes and a large mat for changing and it folds up small enough to keep in my purse and its easy to clean/wash ( and its solid black so it is not tacky).  Overpriced? Yes..  Worth it? You betcha! ( it came with a diaper bag, but it is sold separately some places)

2. Baby Einstein Play mat . I realized with Fenn that this gets lots of use and it needs to be interesting so this is the one we got sister and she does indeed love it and spends lots of time on it.  Boppy also makes some great play mats/gyms.

3. Baby DeeDee Sleep Sack. I used with Fenn, and still think its the best one out there. It is just like a duvet, but in a baby sleep sack version. Plus it is cute.. The one we use has a glow in the dark zipper for night time diaper changes when needed. 

4. Tacky Bounce Chair. I never used a chair much with Fenn, but with sister, I need a chair to stick her in for lots of different situations and this thing gets a work out. I use  it in the bathroom for her when I am bathing Fenn, etc. I realized with Fenn also that the tackier the chair, the more babies liked it and found it interesting so this time around I made sure to get a  hideous one with fun toys. We just started using the toy bar this week and she totally digs it.

5. Orbit Baby System. In my planning of children, I assumed that I would have them both in a stroller when we went around and that was a big reason I got the Baby Jogger City Select ( which we have used TONs and LOVED) but when Sister came around I realized that most of the time it was just she and I running errands because Fenn was in school, or with his daddy or just wanted to walk and it was kind of cumbersome getting out the big guns for only one babe and a quick jaunt, so that is what prompted the stroller swapping. I sold my City Select and the 500 accessories I had for it and got the orbit baby and we love it.  Probably so much so, that I should give it it's own blog.

6. Kiinde Breastmilk system bottle warmer. I have the whole system ( thanks to some sweet and generous friends in Bham)  which I think is brilliant , but the bottle warmer is something we use a lot to thaw and heat breast milk from the freezer. 

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Anonymous said...

No, seriously - how do I teach my 7-month-old to sleep like that at night? Ha. He sleeps 7-7 usually, up twice. I'm so used to it that it doesn't bother me, but it sounds heavenly to get a full night of rest! Haven't had one in...well, over 7 months.

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