Monday, October 7, 2013

Friends & Weekend Pics

We love Fall around here. It is especially pretty and cool in Nashville this time of year, and it also means FOOTBALL and FRIENDS!  CB and our neighbors refer to Grizawood as a Bed and Breakfast cause we have lots of company in the fall, which I love! 
I was just telling my dad yesterday that having kids makes the social life harder to keep in tact, UNLESS you can talk your peeps into coming to you then it is easy and fun, and especially fun if they have kids and bring them with!  Fenn was exhausted this weekend and slept like a brick every night because sharing is extremely taxing he had a playmate 24-7.

Last Weekend The Warrens were in town. No pics of me and Andrea but she was here too ! They always bring us fun trinkets and brought Fenn and Sister a new Auburn outfit which is so exciting because there is very little Auburn anything in Nashville.

This past weekend we had Kp, his daughter Jewel (2) , Matt & Scott, and Millie & Seth in town.  We also had a playdate with Lainey Kelton, and social time with Marilyn and The Kibbers on Friday. So it was a BIG FUN weekend and we were all asleep by 9pm last night.

Erik cooked a huge breakfast every morning for everyone!
 Chicken Wangs!
 Uncle Scott bonding with Seeeester!

We watched the AU game on the back patio and it was so fun! We also grilled all weekend. KP and Seth both love to cook and the menu was meat, meat, and more meat.  We also had a fire in the fire pit every night and those kiddos rode plasma cars until their legs fell off!

We had lots of fake dinners and lunches. Fenn is really into play kitchens right now. He also called her " baby Jewel" ha all weekend.

and these are our local buddies. We hang with them all the time but I don't share enough pictures. Cory joked that this pic looks like a Ralph Lauren after school special. HA  They are like the 3 musketeers and poor Fletcher may be younger than them but he does his BEST to keep up.
  Walker & Fenn were born 8 days apart. 

***Edited to add pics!**
I totally forgot about September since I was writing this in October but one of my college besties was in town recently and our sons got to play together! I have not seen her son since he was about 15 mos old so It was really fun! 

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The Macons said...

Awww cute pics! Can't wait to come see ya'll and get some E-face breakfast!!!

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