Friday, October 18, 2013

5 on Friday

Finally doing this link up on an actual Friday! I have been wanting to do it forever! Linking up with another Nashville Blogger Natasha, and sweet Darci

1. I love all things planner/printable related and recently stumbled across this chick in my instagram feed that makes awesome calendar pages.. and for only $10! When is the last time you bought a chic calendar/planner for $10? They come in 2 sizes and are on Etsy if you are interested! 

2. In Celebrity news and shallow  discussions, I am so into the Kim/Kanye baby story. Did you guys see him on Jimmy Kimmel? I normally HATE Kanye because he is so obnoxious, but that was the best I have ever seen him be. Real. and  perhaps he has some social anxiety.... 

and I am so sad about the Khloe/Lamar Split, and the Kris and Bruce split. She is crazy !! Bruce is awesome.

and in RHWNJ news.. I think Teresa is only trying to mend fences because perhaps her attorney told her it would help her case if she appeared more likable and had less enemies.. her behavior on that reunion show was interesting. I also don't know how she could deny being involved with all those crazies like Penny.

and also, i bought Miley's new album and it really is great. I love it! if you think T swizzle takes a dig at all her former boyfriends in songs, then Miley put a hurtin on Liam with this album! 

3. Fenn has told me REPEATEDLY he wants to be a butterfly for Halloween. I had planned to get him a woody costume from Toy Story and need to order that stat! 

4. If you have someone you really want to stick it to in a passive aggressive way, let me tell ya, go online, fill out some sort of mortgage application and give their phone number.  Some dude named Barry did that with lending tree and gave out my cell number and I have been bombarded with calls, especially at night for about a month now. No matter how many times I ask to be removed from the list , its like a billion different companies calling.

5. Fenn had his first sting this week :(. He and Erik were playing outside and stepped on a underground hornet nest  ( Or yellow jacket ?) anyway.. they came running inside screaming. Fenn had one sting on the face and Erik 3 on the leg. While I was doctoring them up, hornets started pouring out of Erik's pants! Literally! He had on scrubs and I guess they flew up the leg? and I had to shut Fenn up in the bathroom while I ran around the kitchen swatting hornets with my silicone spanking spoon. Fenn has talked about those " bees" all week. Never a dull moment!

and that is about as random as it gets! ha 


elise @ cheers yall said...

eee! YAY! found you on the linkup and i am SO excited to be following. you had me at cloth diapers and the cute little graphic of your fam. tie dye shirts? yes. always. and is it weird that i know i'm gonna cloth diaper (even though i'm not a mommy yet..?!)? ha!!

i'm typing this while i watch the kanye video. haven't seen it yet! woo!

happy weekend!


Sarah said...

how cute is that costume?!!? love it!

Laura @ My Thoughts-Uninterrupted said...

Be careful with the yellow jackets! We had a similar situation here. They do attack in multiples so you need to track down their nest and get rid of it! Ugh, they are such a pain. Michael and Ethan are pretty allergic (in fact I just got E an Epi pen) so we take stinging insects pretty seriously around here.

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