Monday, October 28, 2013

Sister is 4 Months Old!

All that stuff they say is true! Time is flying by for my sweet girl. She seems so big now, and LONG! She had her 4 months check up  this week. I asked our pedi to do the usual and check all over her head to make sure brother had not banged her up! He also checked her mouth for teeth because she has been a smidge more high maintenance than usual and has bitten me during nursing a few times. She is also drooling and constantly chewing on her hands, which funny enough was exactly what the hand out in the pediatricians office said she should be doing at 4 months. 

Height: 25 1/4 (83%)
Weight: 16lbs Even ( 84%)
Head:16.42" (81%)
Diaper : Size 1/2 in disposable and OS in cloth diapers
Clothes: 6-9 months depending on the brand. She has my arms which means that all sleeves come to about her elbows.
Her growth is slowing down a bit ( now in the 80th percentile)  which I am kind of excited about. Just the possibility of an average sized baby instead of huge one, is a game changer with baby wearing, baby equipment like car seats and swings, clothes, diapers...  and just general life.

Sister remains a great night sleeper. She was on a 7-7 schedule but we got off schedule last weekend ( :() and have yet to regain that wonderful stretch so now she is a 6:30a-6:30p kind of girl. I am so happy she sleeps all night! Naps are not great or predictable, however she has combined 2 of her 45 min naps into one longer mid day nap ( most days) . Other than that she is up for an 1hr 15 mins and down for 45 and up again..  
She is always so happy to see me when I retrieve her from her crib.
Sister has never been a swaddle type of girl ( I attribute that to all her stomach issues earlier) so she sleeps in a sleep sack every night/nap.

We need to try rice cereal soon, we just have not done it yet. She is still nursing exclusively every 2.5 or 3 hours. Her tummy issues are still better, but there are days I can tell when it does bother her some, and I am not sure if it is because I forgot to give her the drops, or if it is something I ate. She is not crying about it but just  has gas and such that makes her seem uncomfortable.

Lately she has been crying when other people hold her for longer than 30 seconds. I have no idea what that is about but she does it with every single person! So maybe she is a momma's girl right now. She is def. sensitive to loud or unexpected noises ( but somehow the incessant dog barking does not bother her). 

No rolling over yet, but she does try. She gets about half way there and freezes. She is batting at and grabbing toys on her mat and monkey chair like crazy. She talks and gurgles a lot both to herself and to people when they talk to her.

Above is a list of our most used baby items,  and really that is the only things we use. It is RIDICULOUS the way we have simplified for the 2nd child. I really like it!  So here is what I did differently this round.

1. Kate Spade changing pad. I used this with Fenn and still 3 years later I am confident that it is the best changing pad out there. It has pockets that hold diapers and wipes and a large mat for changing and it folds up small enough to keep in my purse and its easy to clean/wash ( and its solid black so it is not tacky).  Overpriced? Yes..  Worth it? You betcha! ( it came with a diaper bag, but it is sold separately some places)

2. Baby Einstein Play mat . I realized with Fenn that this gets lots of use and it needs to be interesting so this is the one we got sister and she does indeed love it and spends lots of time on it.  Boppy also makes some great play mats/gyms.

3. Baby DeeDee Sleep Sack. I used with Fenn, and still think its the best one out there. It is just like a duvet, but in a baby sleep sack version. Plus it is cute.. The one we use has a glow in the dark zipper for night time diaper changes when needed. 

4. Tacky Bounce Chair. I never used a chair much with Fenn, but with sister, I need a chair to stick her in for lots of different situations and this thing gets a work out. I use  it in the bathroom for her when I am bathing Fenn, etc. I realized with Fenn also that the tackier the chair, the more babies liked it and found it interesting so this time around I made sure to get a  hideous one with fun toys. We just started using the toy bar this week and she totally digs it.

5. Orbit Baby System. In my planning of children, I assumed that I would have them both in a stroller when we went around and that was a big reason I got the Baby Jogger City Select ( which we have used TONs and LOVED) but when Sister came around I realized that most of the time it was just she and I running errands because Fenn was in school, or with his daddy or just wanted to walk and it was kind of cumbersome getting out the big guns for only one babe and a quick jaunt, so that is what prompted the stroller swapping. I sold my City Select and the 500 accessories I had for it and got the orbit baby and we love it.  Probably so much so, that I should give it it's own blog.

6. Kiinde Breastmilk system bottle warmer. I have the whole system ( thanks to some sweet and generous friends in Bham)  which I think is brilliant , but the bottle warmer is something we use a lot to thaw and heat breast milk from the freezer. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tip Tuesday: Case Round Up for iPhone 5s


How about a round up of cute new cases for the 5s? After writing this I realized I must like gold cases! ha

Kate Spade $35 Nordstrom

Marc Jacobs $42 Nordstrom

Marc Jacobs $38 Nordstrom

Kate Spade $40 Nordstrom

Kate Spade $40 Nordstrom

Genuine Gemstone Case from Casemate in Turquoise $150
CaseMate Golden Tortoise Shell $50

CaseMate Studded Case $35

Friday, October 18, 2013

5 on Friday

Finally doing this link up on an actual Friday! I have been wanting to do it forever! Linking up with another Nashville Blogger Natasha, and sweet Darci

1. I love all things planner/printable related and recently stumbled across this chick in my instagram feed that makes awesome calendar pages.. and for only $10! When is the last time you bought a chic calendar/planner for $10? They come in 2 sizes and are on Etsy if you are interested! 

2. In Celebrity news and shallow  discussions, I am so into the Kim/Kanye baby story. Did you guys see him on Jimmy Kimmel? I normally HATE Kanye because he is so obnoxious, but that was the best I have ever seen him be. Real. and  perhaps he has some social anxiety.... 

and I am so sad about the Khloe/Lamar Split, and the Kris and Bruce split. She is crazy !! Bruce is awesome.

and in RHWNJ news.. I think Teresa is only trying to mend fences because perhaps her attorney told her it would help her case if she appeared more likable and had less enemies.. her behavior on that reunion show was interesting. I also don't know how she could deny being involved with all those crazies like Penny.

and also, i bought Miley's new album and it really is great. I love it! if you think T swizzle takes a dig at all her former boyfriends in songs, then Miley put a hurtin on Liam with this album! 

3. Fenn has told me REPEATEDLY he wants to be a butterfly for Halloween. I had planned to get him a woody costume from Toy Story and need to order that stat! 

4. If you have someone you really want to stick it to in a passive aggressive way, let me tell ya, go online, fill out some sort of mortgage application and give their phone number.  Some dude named Barry did that with lending tree and gave out my cell number and I have been bombarded with calls, especially at night for about a month now. No matter how many times I ask to be removed from the list , its like a billion different companies calling.

5. Fenn had his first sting this week :(. He and Erik were playing outside and stepped on a underground hornet nest  ( Or yellow jacket ?) anyway.. they came running inside screaming. Fenn had one sting on the face and Erik 3 on the leg. While I was doctoring them up, hornets started pouring out of Erik's pants! Literally! He had on scrubs and I guess they flew up the leg? and I had to shut Fenn up in the bathroom while I ran around the kitchen swatting hornets with my silicone spanking spoon. Fenn has talked about those " bees" all week. Never a dull moment!

and that is about as random as it gets! ha 

Friday, October 11, 2013


I recently have started going to these monthly meetings call " Moms and More" which is basically a Christian Women's club. My friend Rebecca invited me and did a gentle urging which I  appreciate because I really struggle with making commitments basically anything, especially organized ,ongoing type things. I can't even commit to a hair appointment..  Those who know me personally know that this is not new. Anyway, I say all of that to say I am really enjoying it. The speakers/topics have been so inspiring and I have been meeting lots of new people.

So after my first meeting I had planned to blog about it, but never made the time. Then several of my " blog friends" went to some sort of conference and I could tell through all sorts of social media that they really got inspired and took some action to bring some real substance to the blog world and I have loved seeing that. You can see a sample of what I mean HERE. I love that they were taking their very influential roles/blogs and using that platform to inspire, uplift & lead their fellow women.  I love that all of us internet women who may not have tons of time to go to different bible studies or conferences in person,  can connect online and challenge one another in our walk. 

Courtney from Lil Iight O' mine has challenged us this week to admit our #onebigtruth.  That for me, is hard, and it is big. I can show pictures of my " leftovers" all day long and tell you how much I love to shop or how challenging my child is, but getting down deep in my soul and admitting things, and discussing spirituality is H.A.R.D. for me. ... and I am gonna do it anyway. So you can consider this one of those blogs that is long on words and short on pictures ( my least favorite kinds ha)

Our 1st Moms & More meeting was about teaching our children contentment. It was fascinating in so many ways, and I can cover those in another blog, but what happened in that meeting was God confronting my #onebigtruth. 
Ready for it?

I am terrified. Living in Fear. That something terrible will happen to my family. I can barely type that out without getting emotional.  The psychologist within will tell you that this stems from what happened with losing Erik's parents in a tragic car accident. That was in our 1st year of marriage, and has been a string of emotions over the years, but I never thought something like that would EVER happen, in real life, in MY life.. 
And when it did, then I started feeling like anything could happen.. any crazy random terrible accident. When I was pregnant with Fenn, that fear amplified, and really the happier I became, the more it snowballed..  because I just feel like things are too good to be true, .. something terrible must be just around the corner... I am always waiting on the other shoe to fall.. and it has robbed me of my peace.

I consider my life/self to always be a work in progress, and this year when I blogged about my goals I purposefully  left out this one,( of getting ahold of my fear), and just recently.. when I went to that moms and more meeting, I realized I had done nothing toward that goal, and that really,  it is kind of a sin that I am not trusting God, and that he knows what is best for my life and will take care of me/my family.

Part of this fear, is always picturing these horrible things happening. That week  of Moms and More, I had dreamed about Fenn getting sister out of her crib and dropping her on her head and that she was convulsing and dying and he was hiding in the corner behind a chair and when I found him, he told me what he had done and I was freaking out about sister,  trying to call 911 and worrying what he would feel when he was old enough to understand what he had done.. 
I mean y'all.... that is seriously the stuff that flooded my thoughts both awake and asleep.. scary, terrible, things and it was making me crazy.Tormenting.
That day at M&M the speaker talked about that EXACT thing happening in her own family, except her 3 year old was hiding behind a toilet and not a chair. ... (her baby survived the drop and all was fine after a short hospital stay) but it really got my attention, and she was telling that story to make the point that we can not control our lives and our children.  We can try, but HE is really the one in control. That is when I started praying(daily) to let go of that fear and to trust God to watch over my family.

I can not tell you the freedom in giving that to God, and enjoying my life without that constant nagging fear. and probably once I have posted this, that admitting it out loud to someone other than myself, I am sure will be freeing as well. I still get a tinge of freak out sometimes, like the other night when Sister was sleeping for 12+ hours, I could barely enjoy that because I was worried about WHY was she doing that.. was she breathing etc..  but now I recognize that as the devil creeping in and stealing my peace, and my faith in God to handle my life, and I work on pushing those thoughts aside immediately rather than entertaining them. 

Anyway, I will share more about her topic on teaching our children contentment soon because I loved all the wisdom she shared on things I have not given much thought to!  
Any one else wanna share their #onebigtruth? Link up with  Courtney Defeo or Erin at Blue Eyed Bride HERE

Psalm 37:3
3 Trust in the LORD and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.
Psalm 37:5-6(#10 of 40 Bible Verses About Trust and Trusting)
5 Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him and he will do this: 6 He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn, the justice of your cause like the noonday sun.
Psalm 56:3
3 When I am afraid, I will trust in you.

Psalm 62:8
8 Trust in him at all times, O people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Friends & Weekend Pics

We love Fall around here. It is especially pretty and cool in Nashville this time of year, and it also means FOOTBALL and FRIENDS!  CB and our neighbors refer to Grizawood as a Bed and Breakfast cause we have lots of company in the fall, which I love! 
I was just telling my dad yesterday that having kids makes the social life harder to keep in tact, UNLESS you can talk your peeps into coming to you then it is easy and fun, and especially fun if they have kids and bring them with!  Fenn was exhausted this weekend and slept like a brick every night because sharing is extremely taxing he had a playmate 24-7.

Last Weekend The Warrens were in town. No pics of me and Andrea but she was here too ! They always bring us fun trinkets and brought Fenn and Sister a new Auburn outfit which is so exciting because there is very little Auburn anything in Nashville.

This past weekend we had Kp, his daughter Jewel (2) , Matt & Scott, and Millie & Seth in town.  We also had a playdate with Lainey Kelton, and social time with Marilyn and The Kibbers on Friday. So it was a BIG FUN weekend and we were all asleep by 9pm last night.

Erik cooked a huge breakfast every morning for everyone!
 Chicken Wangs!
 Uncle Scott bonding with Seeeester!

We watched the AU game on the back patio and it was so fun! We also grilled all weekend. KP and Seth both love to cook and the menu was meat, meat, and more meat.  We also had a fire in the fire pit every night and those kiddos rode plasma cars until their legs fell off!

We had lots of fake dinners and lunches. Fenn is really into play kitchens right now. He also called her " baby Jewel" ha all weekend.

and these are our local buddies. We hang with them all the time but I don't share enough pictures. Cory joked that this pic looks like a Ralph Lauren after school special. HA  They are like the 3 musketeers and poor Fletcher may be younger than them but he does his BEST to keep up.
  Walker & Fenn were born 8 days apart. 

***Edited to add pics!**
I totally forgot about September since I was writing this in October but one of my college besties was in town recently and our sons got to play together! I have not seen her son since he was about 15 mos old so It was really fun! 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ahh the Seasons of Parenting ! aka a Fenn Update

Nothing humbles you like parenthood. I am saying that 1st so that it can be clear that I am aware of how this update is a "Season" just like my last update was. I now know (after a few years of practice) to never get too comfortable or too prideful because kids change all the time! 
So in my last update, I was so stressed with my wild boys bad behavior and adjustment issues to new school and sister. This update could not be more different! The atmosphere around our house lately is one of pure peace and joy! He is SO funny and cute with the things he is saying and doing lately! 3 really is the best age! He is minding us now ( On the 1st time, not the 30th) he hardly ever has to go time time out, and the fits are minimal.

What? You ask has brought out this calm and happy child? What on earth has changed him so? Spankings. There you have it.  Judge if you must. I won't get on my soapbox about parenting beliefs etc. Everyone knows what is best for their own child, and for us this was a real game changer. I will say that this was SUPER hard for me and for Erik. We may have all cried!

I also think he is really happy knowing what his clear boundaries are and what to expect from us. After this new regime, I noticed that he has not been taking "bluebear" everywhere with him, that signals to me that he is more secure.

I talked to tons of people about this issue because I was so torn and our children's pastor at church said several things that really resonated with me. One was "You must discern between Foolishness and childishness" as in Did he break the lamp while he was running around the house playing, or did he look you in the eye and then smash it with a baseball bat. HA  
He also recommended 2 books " Bringing Up Boys" and " Dare to Discipline by James Dobson"

We also changed up time out. Now when he goes to time out, he stays for a while, like 10 minutes unless he goes and sits on his bed quietly ( which requires him to stop screaming first) and then I will come and let him out, BUT whatever he was doing before he went in there, like painting, is not happening until he earns back the privelage of painting by doing some kind of chore or task. I care very little about how well he does the chore, only that he sees it requires work to come back from the tantrum.

It took 2 days of non stop time out, a few spankings and lots of lectures before he realized that we were serious. It didn't matter if  I was on the phone, had company or what, those were THE RULES. Once that was established he has been an absolute DOLL. But y'all? It was some WORK! I mean it was a fierce few days, but totally worth it now  that a 3 year old is no longer running this house. 

I know I have several friends with 3 year olds who are also making the adjustment of a new sibling, and this helped us so much with his acting out. He over all, seems to be doing better, and certainly things are much easier now that he is getting used to the idea that sister is here forever. He is playing by himself more, and not asking me to hold him 24-7 and he still loves her ( although I did catch him hiding pretzels behind her head once. Not sure what that meant).

So on to the FUN stuff!

What is he Watching ?
TOY STORY! Paw Patrol on Nick Jr., Bubble Guppies, Dora, The Lion King, Umi Zoomi and sometimes Octonauts.

We actually finally got him to watch a movie! I just put a few on his iPad and he found them on his own and started watching. Toy story is his FAVORITE! Thanks to my mom buying them for my nephew we have all 3 Toy Story Movies and lots of the toys. He also likes The Lion King a lot. Every few days we have a movie screening with a new Disney Movie and some popcorn and so far, no others are very eye catching for him. 

What is he Playing With?

His Toy Story Characters, Trucks and Cars ( SO MUCH), Mr. Potato Head, His Plasma Car, Musical Instruments, WhichyWant, Candles, Deoderant, Soap Bottles. He is soooo into hoarding and collecting things. Drives me crazy picking up 85 toiletries scattered through out the house.

Sleep: This dude has finally dropped his afternoon nap  ( cue the wah wah wahhhhhhh) I miss naptime! So instead he has 2 hours of " quiet time" in his room with a chose toy. 12:45-2:45. He wakes up about 6:20 on the dot every day and goes to bed at 8pm. He might fall asleep at 8:03 or at 9pm. We never know! He is still using and loving his TOT clock. Anyone who spends the night here knows all about that when they hear him screaming out early in the morning " The cwock turns yewwwow" ( the clock turns yellow) which means it is OK for him to get out of bed.
Sometimes he wakes up and instead of calling for us, he lays there talking in a robot voice     " I.NEED.SNACKS. ..... I.NEED.SNACKS. ..... I.NEED.SNACKS"  which made is laugh for days!
Right before our come to Jesus disciplinary action he had started crying about having to go to bed, but now he is back in the routine of just going and not whining about it.

Clothes : He has never had any opinion about his clothes at all, other than he would rather not wear any clothes EVER. ha  But he is wearing mostly 4T sizes and shoe is 11.5


This is still such an emotional issue for me. He has come SO far and I am sooooo thankful. When I think about where we were this time last year on this journey, and how I felt, and how deep my worry was about his future I am overhwhelmed with joy that he is talking. The more he talks and expresses, the happier we are! If any of you watch RHWNJ and see Jacqueline and her issues with Nick, that is how I felt! I know all of that stuff she is doing with him on the show because we did a lot of the same stuff here.
Here is a video from last October when  Fenn was not quite 27 months old. 

We had to force him to either ask or sign for things instead of just pulling me to it. At that point he was not even pointing to things really. He also was making very LITTLE sound at all ( other than crying)... and now...?

He is a CHATTERBOX!  Copying most of everything we say like yesterday when I didnt answer him fast enough he said "Mom mom! I talking to you" HA which is what I say to him when he is ignoring me asking him a question ha! He is also repeating lots of things he hears on Toy Story " Stop right there!" " What's going on in here?!" Yesterday he wanted some M&M's and I  told him it was too close to dinner and he could have them after dinner if he ate all his food. 3 hours later, after he head eaten his dinner he asked for some M&Ms and I was about to say no, before he reminded me " I did it! I ate allllll my suppers" HA he has never really repeated things from memory or brought up previous conversations before so that was neat! 
He is doing lots of what I call Doraspeak. As in he talks in phrases like Dora 
" Where is the blue bear? Do you see it? There is he is ! We did it! We found him" 

And Although he is telling me a lot about what he needs or wants, he rarely tells me how he feels about anything, or why he is feeling/acting a certain way. So if he has a tussle with a playmate, he never tells me why or what happened, he just cries or tries to push the kid ...

He loves to help us do anything! I give him as many chores as I can. Here he is helping me cook. He gets real bummed when I don't let him coat everything in salt. He also added a banana to our chicken casserole last week.

He started Pre-School! This has been a real big transition for him but I love his new school and his new teacher is so passionate about her job, and Jesus and is patient with my little bull dozer. His favorite thing at school is the playground and the kitchen set.

He likes to make little pallets all the time. He told me he was gonna sleep on the dining room floor that night. Not sure why ! or why he loves spray paint! yikes!
and... as soon as I had trained him to stop tattooing his body with paint and markers, I leave him with his daddy who lets him do just that! With an extra canvas!

He request to  take toys to bed with him every night. It always tickles me because it is not like hot wheels are extra cuddley you know...  It also gives me a laugh that he packs up all his tiny pieces in that tool box right before falling asleep! This week his bed toys are Mr. Potatoe head parts and he will be real specific " Mom Mom I need 2 potato heads and 10 pieces and the muscles ( which means mustaches)"  .  He has also learned the art of negotiation , so if we  say  "nooooo, only 2 pieces" he will say, " No, 6, No 8, etc"

Anywhere his daddy goes, he is not far behind. He wants to do everything he does! he also knows and tells me now if HIS daddy is working or gone running etc. 

I could go on and on about him because he is changing so much every day and blowing my mind with all his antics and funnies. I am LOVING this age and stage of life and I Can not wait to do so many upcoming things like Halloween & Christmas now that he gets it and can communicate to me his excitement or interest. He really enjoyed helping us decorate for Halloween yesterday and was not scared of any of the stuff including a 3 ft. spider! ha 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tip Tuesday : iOs 7 The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

 Sooooo much Internet chatter about iOs 7 ( The new iPhone/ipad software ) and the new iphones. 
This is my 1st year EVER to not upgrade on day 1. I actually would not upgrade at all except that Bubs phone is ruined so we need one new one in this house. #useacaseatalltimes

So first of all, let me  just say that updating your software is not a choice. Tech is always moving forward and it will always get updates. If you want your phone to work the best it possibly can, you need to keep everything up  to date. ( Software/itunes/apps) so you can prolong, but not altogether avoid updating.. 

Next, I just want to point out that the update is nothing to be scared of. It does look different but most things work exactly the same. A few things did change and those will quickly be learned.

Here are a few of my favorites:

#1. The weather app  looks pretty! 
 #2  There is a new way to close all your open apps or easily multitask between apps. I love this feature. To see all your open apps/pages just double click the home (round) button. If you want to close something quickly touch that page and jerk it toward the top of the phone.


#3 New Backgrounds and sounds. I love all of this. Apple was LONG overdue for some more  modern techie alerts and ring tones.

#4 The Command Center. Super convenient and again LONG over due. This is the way that you can easily access things like flashlight, wifi mode, Airplane mode, screen brightness, blue tooth, etc. To see this screen quickly swipe from bottom to top.

You can watch this video from apple to easily see the changes in action : 

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