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What's in My Bag? Purse & Diaper Bag Organization...

 If you enjoy reading those " What's in my Bag?" articles , then this post is for you, with the added Diaper Bag version. 3 years ago I did a post like this and it still to this day is one of my most popular/read posts! No idea why, but here we are for round 2 . 
 The items I used below are from PishPosh Mommy and they provided them for me to thank me for the review from 3 years ago. They have lots of fun patterns and colors but I chose this really fun Pink one for sister. 

These days, with Child #2 I am really into the " less is more" with diaper bag essentials and I prefer to use my regular handbag as a diaper bag when possible. Having the bag organizer from pishposh makes that super easy because I can just take it out and leave it at home, or with the nursery ( wherever sister is) and not be carrying around 2 bags all the time.#winning

So Here is a pic of the beginning stages: handbag, organizer, nursing cover, wet bag.

First things First, They now have nursing covers in their line up and what is cool about this one, besides that it folds up small is that it has a pocket inside on the right that is perfect for putting things like nursing pads while you nurse.

I did a few different pics just to demonstrate what all you can pack in this thing! 
Below is an example set up for a baby:
Lovey, Sofie, Nursing Shawl, burp cloth, diaper changing pad (diapers and wipes inside), paci, bottle, rattle, facial wipes, lotion, aquaphor, gas drops, nail clippers.. 

And Option B: Baby & Toddler Set up:
Diapers, Nursing Shawl, Burp Cloth, Bottle, Sofie, Snacks, Mashpack, Sippy, & Pullups

Option C : My Actual Set up ( baby and Big kid)
 It is comical really the difference between what I carry for AC and what I carried for Fenn. (You can see Fenn's packing job HERE. ) but with Sister I really just need diapers and nursing shawl 90% of the time. If I am going out all day, then I would take Fenn a Sippy and a extra set of clothes JUST incase! and maybe sister a bottle and extra outfit?

 Inside it has 2 elastic pockets for bottles/cups and some slip pockets and a zipper pocket.
 Here is a pic of my mom items that go in the bag as well. I just float them around the pishposh insert so that when I need to remove sisters stuff I can and all my stuff stays in tact. I almost always carry a bottle of water as well. Breastfeeding makes me thirsty like WOAH. Not pictured are my keys which I keep clipped to my bag strap with a carabiner like a good ole redneck. :)
and here is inside the bag with it all packed up with both mom items and sisters items.

All of my bags are the same bucket type shape so this insert works well for all of them. It is made to flex ( not structured) into whatever bag you have.

FYI: There are pockets all along the outside on the front and back of the insert

All of you cloth diapering mommas out there, their wetbags are super cute and just the right size. ( It has both a wet and dry pocket). This was super handy to contain the mess ( and smell) on an airplane back in the day when peebs decided to have his 1st blow out and mess up not one but TWO outfits 5 minutes prior to boarding!

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The Macons said...

That is so cool dude! It is hilarious how much less shit you have! Ha!

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