Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sister is 3 Months Old!

Yay for my sweet baby! She is still such a good sleeper and happy girl!

Clothes: 3-6 months, closer to the 6 months
Diaper: Size 2 although we just started using our cloth diapers again. It is different with her than it was with Fenn because he was so fat,  they fit differently. I plan to do another cloth diaper post based on sister soon.
Weight: 14lbs 11 oz at last weigh in
Height: 24"

 Sister's Tricks : She has discovered her hands and likes to bat them around and make fists. She likes to smile, blow bubbles and make raspberry noises. She has finally gotten some head control ( not 100% but much better!)
 Eating: She knows how to take a bottle ( PTL) and does that for our babysitter Sherry. Other than that she nurses so I am not sure how many ounces she eats a time. She nurses every 3 hours during the day ( give or take) and none at night ( can I get an AMEN)
Sleep: Sister sleeps from about 6:30-7pm- 5:30/6:30 am. She was waking up every night at 3 am for almost 2 weeks and then started waking up twice a night so I chatted with my friend E and she was like yeah, that doesn't resolve itself... so we had to do a little CIO. That basically amounted to me putting her in in crib for naps awake and letting her fall asleep on her own. She would fuss a little but never really full on cry. After a whole day of that, she slept all night again that night and every night since! PTL!

Sister is enjoying her big brother, however she ALWYAS has some sticky spots on her face and in her hair from his slobbery kisses and whatever he was eating at the time !

Most Challenging Part of having 2 kids so far: I think managing the duel supper/bath/bed routine. Bubs generally gets home from work around 7:30/8 ish depending on the day so that time of day everyone is tired and we have lots to do all around the same time of day so it can get crazy.  ( Picture me taking Fenn to time out for something, and while I am carrying him to his room and he is screaming, Ralphie jumps up and eats Fenn's dinner and then our supper is on stove burning while sister is also crying and then both dogs are barking..ha ) 
and I also worry a lot about sisters head. I am so scared that brother will leave a dent in it with all the passionate kisses he bestows upon her.


Cary said...

I cannot believe this precious angel is three months old!! Glad things are going so well Laura and I can't wait to see her!! Love y'all!

In This Wonderful Life said...

She is so sweet!!! YAY for happy and a good sleeper, too!

Coralie Anne Farish Scott said...

Sister looks like Fenn with dark hair! Ha! I wish you'd post some side-by-side photos of Sister & Fenn @ Sister's age-

The Macons said...

She is one cute little chunka chunka! Glad ya'll are doing well :)

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