Thursday, September 26, 2013

Introducing Campbell's Wisest Kid and the Best Rice Recipe You Will Ever Find!

I am working with Campbell's soup to share with you guys some fun new things! I have been eating Campbell's soup FOREVA! Back in the day our school would collect the bar codes to turn in, then in college when my bro lived with me he would always make himself soup since my mom was not there to cook him 3 meals a day.
 Now I use it in recipes all the time. I even have some awesome vintage Campbell's soup mugs to enjoy on a cold winter day! 

So for you guys here are 2 fun new things:
a widget
a recipe!

The widget is this funny box you see above where you can share one liners from your kid/s. They can be funny/wise or just random but it makes it easy for you to load them to share with others and it is fun to read the other entries. #thingskidssay

Fenn Graham
3 yrs Old
 "  I put the noodles into my tummby and it was dewishcious "

Below is a recipe for baked brown rice  that uses Campbells " Beef Consume" and it is fantastic. Every time I have made this, someone asks me for the recipe.

You can see my assistant hard at work. He loves to mix ingredients when I cook. He also peels the onions!

Baked Rice

from Momma
time 1 hr

category Side Dish
cuisine Southern

1 Cup uncooked rice ( jasmine)
1 Stick Butter
2 Cans Campbell's  Beef Consume
1 onion Chopped

1. Melt butter in microwave, combine with 2 cans beef consume
2. add one cup of rice & onions
3. Bake at 350 for one hour covered

notes:• Do not use brown rice for this
• Add a chopped sweet onion if you feel like it and or a can of mushrooms

   Through their recipe destination , Campbell’s gives you a fresh way to delight your family (new, kid-friendly recipes like Mini Chicken Pot Pies, and fun ways for your kids to eat tomato soup or chicken noodle soup). Check it out!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sister is 3 Months Old!

Yay for my sweet baby! She is still such a good sleeper and happy girl!

Clothes: 3-6 months, closer to the 6 months
Diaper: Size 2 although we just started using our cloth diapers again. It is different with her than it was with Fenn because he was so fat,  they fit differently. I plan to do another cloth diaper post based on sister soon.
Weight: 14lbs 11 oz at last weigh in
Height: 24"

 Sister's Tricks : She has discovered her hands and likes to bat them around and make fists. She likes to smile, blow bubbles and make raspberry noises. She has finally gotten some head control ( not 100% but much better!)
 Eating: She knows how to take a bottle ( PTL) and does that for our babysitter Sherry. Other than that she nurses so I am not sure how many ounces she eats a time. She nurses every 3 hours during the day ( give or take) and none at night ( can I get an AMEN)
Sleep: Sister sleeps from about 6:30-7pm- 5:30/6:30 am. She was waking up every night at 3 am for almost 2 weeks and then started waking up twice a night so I chatted with my friend E and she was like yeah, that doesn't resolve itself... so we had to do a little CIO. That basically amounted to me putting her in in crib for naps awake and letting her fall asleep on her own. She would fuss a little but never really full on cry. After a whole day of that, she slept all night again that night and every night since! PTL!

Sister is enjoying her big brother, however she ALWYAS has some sticky spots on her face and in her hair from his slobbery kisses and whatever he was eating at the time !

Most Challenging Part of having 2 kids so far: I think managing the duel supper/bath/bed routine. Bubs generally gets home from work around 7:30/8 ish depending on the day so that time of day everyone is tired and we have lots to do all around the same time of day so it can get crazy.  ( Picture me taking Fenn to time out for something, and while I am carrying him to his room and he is screaming, Ralphie jumps up and eats Fenn's dinner and then our supper is on stove burning while sister is also crying and then both dogs are barking..ha ) 
and I also worry a lot about sisters head. I am so scared that brother will leave a dent in it with all the passionate kisses he bestows upon her.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Parenting Woes..

It has been a rough week over in grizawood parent land. I find myself doing lots of online research and then  I remembered the good ole blog and thought I would chat about things on here and see what kind of feedback I could get.
Sister and I have both been sick with either a head cold or allergies? Not sure but either way it stinks. I took her to the doc just to make sure that she didn't have an ear infection ( she did not) but for the most part I am gonna try my best to more natural medicines with her when possible ( more on that later). 
Anyway,... Back to my first born as he is the challenging child  this week. I am really at a loss about what to do with him these days. It has become clear that this adjustment to having a sister and to starting a new school really is much harder on him than I ever expected. 

  • He has started carrying around " BluBear" with him everywhere he goes.. I mean like everywhere... almost attached to his body. Before, bluebear was something he slept with at night and then forgot about for about a year, and now all of sudden he is important again.. more important than ever. I guess that is why they call things like blubear " transitional objects"
  • He has been wanting to stay at home a lot or telling us he wants to go home, which is really unusual for my outgoing, people loving and social boy! He has never really had separation anxiety or cried when I have left him places before and now he seems so timid. Hiding behind me.. clinging to me.. wanting me to hold him 24-7 , sit in my lap etc.
  • Has been getting into ALL SORTS of mischief.. and he is proud to show me or tell me about it. He can do insane things in 20 seconds... If you follow me on instagram then you get to see about 20% of his shenanigans. I am documenting them so that I can make a book to show him when he is older.. because let's face it, no matter how annoying it can be, it is pretty dang funny. .
  • He has started having HUGE, and LOUD tantrums.. or not so much tantrums as just crazy reactions to getting into trouble or going to time out. It is totally fake, but still really loud and stressful.
  • He got in trouble at school this week for pushing his classmates. UGH. This is a re-occuring problem because he gets impatient with other kids when they don't go down the slide etc fast enough so he can have his turn and he will start pushing them. He also wont participate in circle time. This makes me crazy. I loved his little out going and fun loving personality and for him to be so combative right now makes me sad. 
  • Oh! And on top all all these behavioral changes, he is trying to drop his nap. He rarely EVER naps anymore even though I let him have 2 hours in his bed for " quiet time" but then by 5 is SOOOO tired and if we don't get him asleep by 8 then he hits a whole new crack wave of energy and acts insane! ( moving all his blankets from bed into the hallway and hooting like an owl) 

So I am brushing up on love and logic again and trying to be really creative in dealing with all this. I have already been trying to downplay sister as much as possible and give him plenty of affection and attention but that was not effective as all of the above seems like desperate attempts for attention so now I am practicing some really intense one on one times when sister naps where i don't have my phone , TV etc going and its just he and I and I let him lead the play time.
I also have started taking toys that he throws or misbehaves with and putting them out of reach into toy jail and he can win them back by doing nice things/chores. 

So just wondering what all you guys out there who have " been there/done that" have to contribute to this? Discipline ideas or ways to help him adjust to his new life. I know all these changes are really big, and I am sad that he is having such a hard time.

And While we are at it: 

Sister is almost 3 months old! Does that mean she should be napping 3 times a day ( 9am, 12 & 3Pm) for about an hour each time or what? She sleeps from 6-6 or 7-7 each night ( little dream baby angel! ) What about feeding schedule? . It is kind of hilarious how much I can NOT remember of when Fenn was a babe.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What's in My Bag? Purse & Diaper Bag Organization...

 If you enjoy reading those " What's in my Bag?" articles , then this post is for you, with the added Diaper Bag version. 3 years ago I did a post like this and it still to this day is one of my most popular/read posts! No idea why, but here we are for round 2 . 
 The items I used below are from PishPosh Mommy and they provided them for me to thank me for the review from 3 years ago. They have lots of fun patterns and colors but I chose this really fun Pink one for sister. 

These days, with Child #2 I am really into the " less is more" with diaper bag essentials and I prefer to use my regular handbag as a diaper bag when possible. Having the bag organizer from pishposh makes that super easy because I can just take it out and leave it at home, or with the nursery ( wherever sister is) and not be carrying around 2 bags all the time.#winning

So Here is a pic of the beginning stages: handbag, organizer, nursing cover, wet bag.

First things First, They now have nursing covers in their line up and what is cool about this one, besides that it folds up small is that it has a pocket inside on the right that is perfect for putting things like nursing pads while you nurse.

I did a few different pics just to demonstrate what all you can pack in this thing! 
Below is an example set up for a baby:
Lovey, Sofie, Nursing Shawl, burp cloth, diaper changing pad (diapers and wipes inside), paci, bottle, rattle, facial wipes, lotion, aquaphor, gas drops, nail clippers.. 

And Option B: Baby & Toddler Set up:
Diapers, Nursing Shawl, Burp Cloth, Bottle, Sofie, Snacks, Mashpack, Sippy, & Pullups

Option C : My Actual Set up ( baby and Big kid)
 It is comical really the difference between what I carry for AC and what I carried for Fenn. (You can see Fenn's packing job HERE. ) but with Sister I really just need diapers and nursing shawl 90% of the time. If I am going out all day, then I would take Fenn a Sippy and a extra set of clothes JUST incase! and maybe sister a bottle and extra outfit?

 Inside it has 2 elastic pockets for bottles/cups and some slip pockets and a zipper pocket.
 Here is a pic of my mom items that go in the bag as well. I just float them around the pishposh insert so that when I need to remove sisters stuff I can and all my stuff stays in tact. I almost always carry a bottle of water as well. Breastfeeding makes me thirsty like WOAH. Not pictured are my keys which I keep clipped to my bag strap with a carabiner like a good ole redneck. :)
and here is inside the bag with it all packed up with both mom items and sisters items.

All of my bags are the same bucket type shape so this insert works well for all of them. It is made to flex ( not structured) into whatever bag you have.

FYI: There are pockets all along the outside on the front and back of the insert

All of you cloth diapering mommas out there, their wetbags are super cute and just the right size. ( It has both a wet and dry pocket). This was super handy to contain the mess ( and smell) on an airplane back in the day when peebs decided to have his 1st blow out and mess up not one but TWO outfits 5 minutes prior to boarding!

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